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  1. Hi Dainis, thanks for starting this excellent website. I met you first in YouTube looking for urine-therapy. It is now exactly two (2) years that I practis such daily in the morning by consuming 1-2 high ball glasses of my own urine and applying some to my facial skin. It has helped to reduce pimples by as much s 90% and the internal application was done purely with “prevention” in mind. At the same time I started dieting and lost 22kg and due to the UT application – I am sure – I was able to maintain my ideal weight for well over one year now. It was referred to by an Indonesian friend of mine and I am very thankful to him.

    1. Andre, your story is wonderful, wonderful to hear. Thank you for sharing it. If you like, you can share your story under the “our stories” link, and we could even set up a profile page for you, where you share your success. Your skin and weight loss are testaments to your courage. Beauty and health are wonderful energies to experience and behold, and I can feel your joy just through this post. Many blessings and smiles to you!