T.O.S. and Privacy Policy

Our Terms of Service are quite simple: visitors take 100% responsibility for their own health and actions.

When registering here or signing up for our newsletter, or engaging with our community in any way: you agree to manage your own online identity. That means, if you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter, you’ll click “unsubscribe” yourself, and you won’t send an email asking to be unsubscribed.

You clicking unsubscribe takes 0 minutes of my time. You sending an email requesting to be unsubscribed (shoving your responsibilities onto others), takes 5-10 minutes of time. How respectful is that?

We are a community of mutual respect, and we will always facilitate your learning and well being. If you want to unsubscribe: click “unsubscribe,” and do not make other people manage your virtual identity for you.

After clicking unsubscribe, should you still receive unwanted emails from us, feel free to respond to the email and request a manual unsubscribe. We will gladly process your request after you’ve done your due diligence 🙂

We do everything we can to maintain your privacy, however, if you use your full name as your display name, then it will be available on the Web.

We have settings available for you to choose your display name. We urge you to manage your virtual identity properly.

Expressed more clearly: our site visitors take 100% responsibility for their own virtual identities. Should an issue arise, urine-therapy.org will do all it can to implement your wishes regarding your online identity.

The Internet is still in a “Wild-West” state, hackers hack, and snoopers snoop, and even though our team has, literally world-class top notch developers, programmers, webdesigners, etc. on it, we simply cannot fully guarantee your anonymity, unless you tend to your anonymity yourself. You can definitely use a good email address, because email addresses are easy to protect, however, if you use your real name here, all kinds of tech can figure out your real name.

We obviously want more people to know that the practice of urine therapy is powerful and popular — many publicize their practice openly and brazenly to help society understand itself better — and to help guide humanity in a powerfully positive direction. However, some practitioners are shy and private — and that’s OK too. You can use your best email address, and choose a nickname, for example.

Still, we do urge our members to come out of the woodwork and share their experiences with the world. UT is too much of a gift to keep hidden.

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