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  1. Resume:
    During the height of the AIDS crisis I conducted monthly seminars for ten years at the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender Community Center in Manhattan.
    The Garry Null Show Natural Living, nationally syndicated, had me as a guest 7 times and on my first interview Jeffrey Best was a guest as well. Jeffrey was the first person publicly recognized for recovering from terminal AIDS Syndrome by drinking his urine and giving up all medications. He had gained over 50 pounds in two months unfortunately I lost contact with him.
    Newsweek Magazine mentioned me on August 21, 1995 because of my book UROPATHY and my dedication to helping the AIDS community.
    I was a speaker at the 2nd international UT conference held in Gersfeld, Germany in 1999 with 400 participants from 40 countries and all information was simultaneously translated to 6 languages.
    Four years later, the same setup was held in Bello Horizonte, Brazil in 2003 with 700 attendees. I requested the time slot before lunch because 45 minutes, cut in half for translation, was not enough for me. Everybody brought lunch to the main conference room and stayed until the end of my presentation. Those who had a chance to meet me were grateful for the new, practical and effective information shared with them.
    The new contributions I made to the Urine Therapy community are :
    1,- The Universal Remedy, a simplified homeopathic preparation that dilutes a drop of urine Two Thousand times, and it is such a powerful stimulator that when applied under the tongue WITHIN 7 MINUTES eliminated the discomfort of all allergies… and stopped the pain of any infection including the pain caused by infectious types of cancers that develop in the Lymphatic system and spreads through its vessels such as Breast, Ovarian and Cervical cancers and many others.
    2,- What makes it so effective is the presence of the venomous toxins of all the pathogens in the body at the time the specimen is collected even in urine that was diluted so much. Those toxins stimulate the production and distribution of antibodies by the Hypothalamus gland. And the pain disappears because the body’s cells are no longer in danger after being shielded and then, they DE-ACTIVATE the pain alarm… which also means that the body started healing the disease.
    3,- The 4 Hour Cycle, when fighting a simple or compounded disease by fasting or looping, it is imperative to drink some urine or apply pure or diluted urine under the tongue at intervals of less than 4 hours in order to maintain immunity because… the protection will be gone after 4 hours and the pain caused by the disease will come back, unless the more invasive procedure is used.
    4,- Subcutaneous Urine Injections every 3 days, because I discovered that the pathogens that cause infections and infectious types of cancers have the ability of synthesizing a new venomous toxin in as little as 3 days.
    5,- The reason why the injections improve the immunity over stimulation by mouth is that they update the database of toxins that the hypothalamus must continue producing throughout the life of the person as evident in the protection against childhood diseases. That is UNTIL A NEW VENOMOUS TOXIN IS SYNTHESIZED BY THE PATHOGENS which is confirmed by the return of the pain alarm that will follow after the 3rd day unless a new subcutaneous injection is applied to supply the latest venomous toxins with which the pathogens are attacking the cells of the body.
    6,- Because of this contribution I was labeled a blasphemer during the conference in Germany in 1999. Urine is not the panacea portrayed to be. As confirmed by my own experience and that of the 25 doctors delegation from India that attended the conference in Germany, people who are not consuming adequate amounts of good quality salt will develop SALT DEFICIENCY DISEASES that cannot be cured by Urine Therapy because, if no salt is being consumed, there will be no salt in the urine of that person to satisfy the body’s requirements for healthy living.
    7,- Dehydration is the enemy. Hence, the same concept applies to proper hydration. The body requires a certain volume of liquids every day which varies from person to person depending on race, origin, genetic makeup and special dietary and physical training. For most people the volume of liquids required is half the body weight in ounces divided into 3 hour segments which becomes 8, the number of glasses of water suggested scientifically. The only problem is that bottle water, the type most popularly ingest in the 21st century, is harmful to us because it doesn’t contain the proper ratio of electrolytes needed to retain liquids. That is why people drink and then pee soon after and this is harmful especially for the ladies in our lives who hate using any other toilet besides the one at home. Therefore, it is imperative to add a pinch of salt to the water, juice or even the urine we drink when it tastes like water. Otherwise the body will be forced to conserve water and obtain water by any means possible.
    8,- In other words the body activates THE WATER CONSERVATION MODE the first step of which is to hold on to its waste so that it can extract the moisture out of it before it is dumped in a bowel movement. That is the reason why people who are dehydrated have such a strong and repulsive urine. They are the ones who resist UT more than anyone else and these people need to be educated because their health and wellbeing would be greatly improved by hydrating properly even if they never practiced Urine Therapy.
    This message is the most important for participants of the symposium to take home to their relatives and friends who would never accept UT until they get sick. Hydrate properly by adding a little salt to the water in order to avoid 150 common maladies and serious diseases and you will stay so healthy and you will never have to look into UT. As you know, many practitioners avoid drinking their urine when it is awful but a lot of times they don’t realize that they must hydrate when their urine is so strong that they cannot pass it down.
    If you are interested in selling my book Uropathy at your library, copies can be made available to you.

  2. I appreciate and value Martin Lara’s resume below. This is indeed very practical and insightful information. I am humbled and also proud of the fact that I introduced Martin to this community because he has so much compassion for people’s sufferings and this platform is a great vehicle for him to share his thoughts and expertise in Uropathy.