what if your practice of urine therapy is used against you in a child custody case?

dear UT family,

what if your practice of urine therapy is used
against you in a child custody case?

what would you do?

do we have people on this list (medical doctors,
therapists, people who have had success stories),
who would be willing to write a statement that
relates to a parent’s practice of urine therapy
and how that relates to their ability to be a

as absurd as it sounds, because those who practice
understand its efficacy — those who do not –
view urine therapy as extreme.

please consider my question urgent.

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  1. i have had people decide i was crazy for my UT practice on myself. my dbf pretty much had said he would leave me if i didn’t stop! people just do not understand.

    it is several years later and my bf has learned a lot since then and doesn’t view it as crazy but a lot of other people still do.

    unfortunately, this is something best kept to ones self even when it could be used to help a lot of people. i have never once had anyone be open to it for anything other than skin use for acne.


    1. if you have a child together, your intimate partner will know. even if your partner is practicing ut or has experimented, you can be cornered into being an extremist. interestingly though, there is no conflict between ut and mainstream medicine, since much of mainstream medicine is based on ut. still, application of the ancient practice can be seen as extreme, even though such cultural perceptions come and go.

  2. It is helpful for UT minded people to have UT minded love interests. It is a bit like when, for example, the Catholic Church recommends that catholics should marry only catholics. It is not discriminative, but rather because a child is likely to be involved. If there is disharmony over how the child is raised, ie catholic or athiest or whatever, then the family unit is at risk and the heart and soul of the child is being fought over. My suggestion is to create a dating group on this site which brings together men and women who appreciate and understand UT, and are very open-minded towards it.

  3. As a person who has alternative views on life generally such as politics, religion, nutrition, health etc. i think with these views as well as my involvement with UT, all of these require a level of realism and wisdom in their promotion. We have the advantage of understanding the existing view points but also have seen the superiority of another viewpoint. I do not believe that such views can be promoted through so called “rights” but rather with reasoned explanations, facts and education. All of which need to be done in a gentle way. If an important court case decision about custody hinges on the UT, its probably better to answer by saying that you no longer practice UT and that you were experimenting. The alternative is to fight against established perceptions and risk losing the custody battle. Only an individual can decide what is more important to fight in such a situation.

    1. I agree with Tucker. There are a lot of positive things to be said about urinetherapie, but if someone wants to fight it, there are no reasonings that will do it, because they are not open for it.
      It is probably best to say you stopped and were experimenting and find a wasy to agree with the best interest of your child in mind.

  4. ok, what if you’ve written a book on UT or are otherwise publicly known to practice? lying is simply not an option. however, the claim is also use of UT on the child.

    UT for the child was initiated by the spouse who is making the claim against UT.

    not sure if that makes sense: the spouse who is now saying UT is extreme and endangers the child actually initiated the use of UT for the child.

    the spouse now labeled an extremist actually stopped the few UT applications for the child and continued personal practice, but not “shared UT” practice.

    initially, a mutual decision was made to try UT on the child — a rash disappeared and some cold symptoms were reduced — a few tries were made — the “accused” spouse felt funny about it and stopped. both stopped.

    but now the spouse who initiated the UT trials has successfully positioned the other spouse as an extremist.

  5. For every molecule of urea in urine, one mole (a chemical unit used to measure the quantity of a substance) of ammonium bicarbonate is produced along with one mole of ammonia, which could be used to absorb one mole of atmospheric CO2,” as explained by the author of the study, Manuel Jiménez Aguilar of the Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training of the Regional Government of Andalusia.
    After absorbing the CO2 another unit of ammonium bicarbonate is produced, which is used in China as a nitrogen fertilizer for 30 years. Jiménez Aguilar points out that “if applied to basic-calcium rich soils this would produce calcium carbonate thus encouraging gas-fixation in the ground.
    To avoid the urine from decomposing, the researcher suggests the possibility of including a small proportion of olive waste water (a black, foul-smelling liquid obtained from spinning the ground olive paste). This acts as a preservative. The researcher confirms that “the urine-CO2-olive waste water could be considered an NPK fertilizer (ammonia-nitrate-phosphorus-potassium).”
    The result is that the urine mixed with a small percentage of olive waste water can absorb various grams of CO2 per liter in a stable manner and over more than six months. According to Jiménez Aguilar, “CO2 emissions could be reduced by 1%.”
    The fluid created can be inserted into domestic and industrial chimneys (reconverted into containers to accumulate the urine-olive waste water mixture) so that the greenhouse gas passes through the liquid, increasing the pressure exerted on the CO2 and thus increasing its absorption capacity.
    As the scientist makes clear “these containers or chimneys should have a urine filling and emptying system and a control system to detect when the mixture has become saturated with gas.” When taken out of the chimney, the urine is stored in another container or can be channeled for its distribution and use as an agricultural fertilizer.
    Making the most of urine
    By applying this methodology as a greenhouse gas absorbent, the way in which industrialized countries use waste water and solid waste would never be the same again. The author hints that the whole water and waste treatment system would be reviewed to adapt newly built areas to a waste recycling and waste management system.
    “In developing countries this nutrient recovery system could be implemented thanks to its environmental advantages,” says the expert.
    Furthermore, urine recycling in every home would allow for nutrients to be recovered, leading to a lesser need for artificial fertilizers. Jiménez emphasizes that “if urine and feces are recycled there and then, as much as 20 liters of water per person per day could be saved and this would reduce waste water treatment costs.”
    The study suggests that urine should be recycled for it to be used as fertilizer liquid and that feces should be treated with solid organic waste to produce compost or solid fertilizers. The researcher also states in another study that is pending publication that the urine-olive waste water mixture can also be used to reduce the CO2 and NOx emissions of vehicles.

  6. Thank you Dainis for this very important question…

    I do not know the whole story here, but I do want to use my intuition …

    This is unfortunately a ticking bomb … it’s a fact up through the centuries that all the unknown is dangerous … And children are used as a drag issue between adults …First of all the most important thing here is the child. It’s all about child and not the parents …. And it’s ALL about what works and not to find fault. There’s plenty enough of documentation that UT has changed people’s lives totally for the better … There is also an endless amount of documentation that lives have been saved by UT … In addition to this, as it has over the centuries been practiced in different cultures and countries to improve health and prolong life … It is practiced as a general procedure in India … And children with lethal poison damage is healed just because tribal members have urinated to the affected part of the body …Internet is full of evidence that will be very useful in such a case … And best of all, there are infinitely many doctors in this time who recommend UT to their patients … On Andrew Norton Webber`s web page,there is a long list of documentation and witnesses attest from doctors all over this world …

    It’s about to present enough evidence, it is here that the energies must be used … For in this world of today we have unfortunately not come very far, we crucify still what ever we are afraid of …And in child welfare cases you lose pretty quickly if you stand out, but stand strong with a good lawyer, evidence and documentation … While I would always relate to the truth …. No matter how strange it sounds to the “normal world”… If you believe in yourself, this is your own truth, and then the rest will believe-for how to convince others when you are not convinced yourself??

    So how can this in any way harm or be used against a child welfare and wealth??? A child needs both her mother and father, as far as possible, as long as both parents are alive and both want the best for their children.There must be other things that are behind this.. For who can be able to deprive the child of one of its beloved parents.

    All I can really say is that, if this had been me in the same situation I would have obtained all the documentation I could, and hired a very good lawyer …

    I want to share with you all that I started with UT in February this year, I immediately shared with those around me, family and friends …. Everyone in my circle are aware that I’m a health freak and that I live a holistic life style and because of my honesty, they have always accepted that I’m a little out of the ordinary … But still I an loved for who I am…
    Anyway, I was pretty excited about how their reaction would be in this case 😉

    So I showed them the same thing that convinced me about UT …. I presented them to Andrew Norton Webber’s wonderful home page on distilled water … And since distilled water is so wonderful and it is proved that urine is even better, it was an easy matter …. Most of my circle goes on UT today …. The remaining few, say, not unwilling, but will try distilled water at first and then go slowly over to use UT …. Not one has said no …

    For me personally, it is not about to convert others, persuade or be right, it is all about what works for me and my health and MY LIFE … But that I respect fully do share openly in honestly what I am doing, has been many rewarding experiences in my life … I do not give advise on anything on less I am asked, but I do share from my own experiences and I find it important to respects the opinions of others, for everyone of us is entitled to our own truth ..

    I am an honest person, but because there are children involved in my life, I feel the importance of being open, then our family is avoid to be the subjected of speculation that now is common in our days …In full disclosure I invited everyone to a new admit meeting … And they all came and there was no outbreak, but mutual respect ..I will never live my life their way or in a lie , I will live my life my way … My motto is ” accept me as I am, I’m living my own ruth and you are living yours” …..

    Here is an innocent child …The main thing to do for this child’s rights is to find documentation ….

    Tony Scazzero, has released a wonderful book “Drink Your Own Water” and the best quote I like from his book is: “In the future, people will not believe they took toxic drugs when they had the most natural cure right inside their body.”
    – Tony Scazzero

    Tony has given me over 80 links to several veb pages that all have wonderful documentation , information and deeper insights…I will give this to the Admin via e-mail if it is needed….. I have two links to Tony’s book, he has a free section and a link where the real book is for sale…I will post those on below.

    I do sincerely hope that my reply was helpful , I wish to add that my children use urine automatically on burns, insect bites and nettle sting, something we learned when we lived in india. And my children encourages their friends in needy situations, which is well received …A few months ago, a friend of my youngest son, multiple bee stings on my eyelids …. They swell up fast and it all became very painful …

    My 6 year old son followed the boy home and told his mother and father to help the boy to pee on a cloth they could connect with his eyes …Startled and naturally enough the parents came to me and asked what this was of nonsense …….

    I could hear the boy’s screams all the way to our house and said … What’s worse, the fact that the boy writhing in pain because his eyes are burning, or that he gets his own urine in the face that will actually help him very quickly …. They asked me to join to help with this and it was not long after the boy got the cover that the pain disappeared and his eyes become naturally while we drank a cup of tea. This is hove quickly it all disappeared …

    I am sending my best thoughts and love on this issue that it now resolved in peace and love and for the best interests for the child and that the child will keep the father …

    Always with LOVE and in the utmost humility 🙂

    –Pearl Shanti

  7. Dear “Anonymous Parent,” all my support to you, I would recommend to get all the books available, all the testimonials available and even your own testimonial in your defense.
    Love, Ivan