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OK folks, anything UT-related goes here. You can ask about UT, about this site, about the upcoming membership community and when it will be launched, etc.ย 

Three ground rules for posting and participating: kindness, honesty, and consistency.


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  1. Hello

    I am wondering how healthy your food must be when you drink urine?
    What kind of things do you eat ?

    Annette from Amsterdam

    1. You are to use Vegetarian food and dry and fresh fruits and fresh vegetables
      you should not use so you can be benefited more

      1. I feel that it is important for people who practice UT to really “feel in” to the food they eat…to the repercussions of consuming what they consume. For me, when I started UT, I was still eating meat, but I had a horrible experience with some bacon wrapped sausages. I could literally hear the animals bleating, their pain, their fear. It was AWFUL. That was the last bit of meat I ate. It was at the Cafe Mozart in Vienna. When you begin to “feel in” to the food you eat…and then taste the urine afterwards…you will begin to make the choices that are right for you: without having anyone tell you what to do.

      2. You guys are kookie. You can eat anything you like. UT is about a feedback loop to the brain, perfect information about your brain’s efforts to create homeostasis. I agree with admin that you will automatically begin to make choices that are good for you… mostly about drinking more water, likely.

      3. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis five years back. I am a 42 year old lady and a mother of two, I only have the issue of walking right now, My walking is not too brisk. I am also doing oil pulling. I have always been a vegetarian. With UT help?

      4. Since passing my first worm (that I noticed), and it watching this yard-long creature twitch in
        my toilet, I’ve been curious about how ut might benefit ms. Your experience will be your guide, as it is better to confirm answers through direct experience than external sources (like me). I wonder if there is something measurable you could track that has a non-invasive test. That’s what i did when i started ut. I ramped up my ut to a near ut and water fast and did before and after live blood analysis tests. Of course, read, and it’s possible that we can’t really expect ut to be much more than a personal journey…that is changing though with this site and there are local groups…

    2. Probably not putting this in the right place but here it goes lol

      I saw your video on Youtube and had a question regarding UT and hair loss. Im 22 and have been thinning for about 3-years, it hasnt gotten worse or better. I was reading about UT for hair loss and people swearing by it.
      I just wanted to know what your take on it was? And if it does work how should I go about doing it?



  2. Hi Dainis,

    So they say it tastes way worse if you eat meat and drink alcohol the night before. Yous seem to have read a lot about UT, do you have any idea why?

    Thank You,


    1. Hi Anette and Nicole! Thanks for your questions. Regarding the kind of food one eats, interestingly, I find that practicing UT winds up regulating what you eat, and that you don’t really need to “do” anything else or eat a special diet “intentionally.” It just kind of happens. The UT gives you additional information about what was good and bad about what you did or ate the day before. It’s a pretty clear message. I once thought I had some really nice tortellini at a fancy restaurant. The next day, the UT showed me that there were some nasty chemicals in the food that I wasn’t aware of. Nicole, I can’t quite remember the name of what it is in meat that makes the urine taste worse. I think it’s “nitrites,” however, I am not sure. It’s in one of my UT books, and I’m sure you can look it up too. I’ll try to get to it over the next few days. Regarding alcohol, often, if I have alcohol, the UT will have either a burnt or an acid taste. Sometimes, though, if I’m out with friends and laughing and talking, and I have a few natural beers, the next day, the UT is smooth as silk and quite “happy.” So, essentially, I let the UT guide me, and not the other way around. It gives me clear signals about what to eat. When I started UT, I was not a vegetarian, now I am. I used to enjoy sausage quite a bit, and I would have a cheese-hot-dog-sausage from time to time. With UT, my urine would taste like cheese hot dog sausage (and the bun), for about 2 days afterward. It was pretty funny how a few times, really, the UT tasted exactly like cheese hot dog. At some point, I just didn’t feel like having hot dog for breakfast, and I got in tune with the suffering of the animals. It takes its course, it takes time, and basically, the UT leads you to better food, better health, more happiness, etc. At least that’s my take! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Re Alcohol: It’s never last call! Ostensibly you could cycle a bottle of vodka in perpetuity since alcohol doesn’t metastisize in the blood stream.

      2. Hi, I just felt the urge to make a comment regarding the reply that Dainis gave to this question back on August 24 2009. I really think this message can take repeating as often as it takes for us to get the message that we have an inner guidance system that will work together with the UT that is individually tailored to our personal needs.The more we trust it, the more confidence we build in it. We can always look outside ourselves for information and instruction on what works for others and what others say we should or should not do, but we are unique, the particular mind body spirit combination that we have is unique and because of this it’s easy to find many examples where people have adhrered to the “wisdom” of others only to find that wisdom working differently for them or not working at all. That external information may have worked for them but they are not us, and if we are not similar enough to them, it won’t work for us in the same way. Conversely,. people have gone against the same “wisdom” from others and thrived. Our inner awareness and the daily barometer of those changes provided by our urine is constantly up to date with our life changes – what may have worked for us in the past, may not neccesarily work now. I would suggest that we each find our own way of being still on a regular basis in order to better receive that inner “knowing” so that we can navigate our way safely through all the potentially bewildering information that is out there. I hope what I’ve said here will make sense and help someone in some way. Thank you Dainis. All the very best to everyone.

  3. Thanks for your reply Dainis! But even if you ate something not very “right” for your body and your pee tastes really yuk! it is still good for you, right? As it only reflects what you ate in a way like if you’re sick with flu there will be antibodies in there, not necessarily delicious! Or if you just urinate what you ate, most probably your liver list it’s function, as they they pee is sterile and all that?

    Sorry for so many questions, but I am very interested and trying to understand this phenomenon. Before any books arrive, cause I am having high temperature right now:/



    PS. Thanks for you website and hope it will go somewhere even more solid. There’s not enough research on the subject, I think. Even hard to find proper information on the internet!

    1. For me, it’s kind of like “paying the bill.” Go to a restaurant, eat the food, pay the bill. UT is like paying the bill. Some people avoid UT when they eat unhealthy foods, I tend to pay the bill (but I do sometimes reduce the amount…and supposedly just holding it in your mouth and under your tongue does a lot of good even without swallowing). If you learn from the experience, it is good. If you are punishing yourself, it is bad. Looking forward to what you contribute when your books arrive. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi there, I have just started urine therapy and drinking my morning pea for last 4 days starting with half glass first day and now up to nearly a glass. I only just began drinking my 4am pee this morning. It seems to be easier to drink as you go along. I am working on eliminating the chicken I have may be twice a week or so to mostly vegetarian food, will have some fish each week though, not sure if I can go vegetarian completely. My question is how long before I feel the results and how much should I be drinking each day to get real benefits and that I can maintain? Also what is the best way to store old urine for say hair washing, my skin condition acne rosacea? What is best way to apply to warts, as I still have child hood warts on my feet on the sole’s of my feet? I am also doing urine therapy to clear any candida and digestive problems including irritable bowel which I can suffer from. Also can urine therapy help heal lower back and sciatic and leg pain? I think that might be enough questions. I do have a book by Coen Van der Kroon Golden Fountain but I still am unclear on these questions , so look forward to you reply and suggestions? Blessings and peace
    Marina **

    1. My question is how long before I feel the results and how much should I be drinking each day to get real benefits and that I can maintain?
      —Your body will tell you. Sounds a bit like a cop out, but it’s true.

      What is the best way to store old urine for say hair washing, my skin condition acne rosacea?
      —You can also use fresh urine. Definitely get the Martha Christy book and John Armstrong. These kinds of questions are taken care of there way better than in a short post. If you have a dark glass milk jug that you can seal, you can use that, but I personally have not found much pleasure in using aged urine. Maybe I will in the future. It’s just a bit too much for me right now.

      What is best way to apply to warts, as I still have child hood warts on my feet on the soleโ€™s of my feet?
      —Soak your feet and enjoy the bajeezers out of it. You can combine with herbal teas or oils if you like. Maybe get one of those foot massaging aqua dealies for your feet! Nice ๐Ÿ™‚

      Also can urine therapy help heal lower back and sciatic and leg pain?
      —It may take more than UT alone. UT + Yoga + appropriate professional therapeutic care.

      Marina, my biggest suggestion to you is to be gentle with yourself. Sounds like you have a lot of things you are dealing with and working on clearing up. Read, learn, get proper support and help, enjoy, help yourself, eat something delicious, smile, start over, etc., but mostly, I recommend gentleness.

      Best wishes to you,

      1. Aside from soaking your feet, when I use urine topically, I often like to wear it overnight. If I had warts I would try wearing pee soaked socks to bed. Cover the wet sock with a plastic bag and then another sock to hold it on and keep your sheets dry. Warts are best solved by smothering them, though, so try a little duct tape and keep it on for days. I tried to get rid of a cervical wart with douching with urine for nearly one year, but to no avail.

      2. I am just wondering…if old urine is good for skin conditions, should also you use the old urine (internally)? If so, what is best for internal: old or new urine, and how long should you keep the (old) urine…?

  5. Hello

    Here i am again
    My son he is 19 years old and after a few rough months he is suffering from health problems. I told him to try urine therapy wich was strange to tell my son ha ha but he thinks it’s not strange at all so he wants to try. But he smoked a lot and he is trying to stop but it doesn’t work yet. Is it better to wait with the urine or can he just start drinking so it might help him te clear his body so he doesn’t want toe smoke anymore?? What do you think of this??

    1. When I first started drinking urine I smoked. The teachings say that after 11 months you will be cleansed both internally and externally… after a serious lung infection, the smoking fell off me; I have seen alcoholics quit drinking after several months of UT. He can safely drink his urine no matter what’s going in his mouth.

      1. re: no matter what’s going in his mouth: with the exception of medications. Whenever I’m taking any allopathic medicines I do not drink my pee for a day or two after the course, but after that it’s helpful to rid the body of any residual medicine.

  6. Thank you for replying Dainis, and thank you for all your advice and support…yes gentleness with myself is good..I will keep focussing on that…funny enough I am gentle with others…perhaps needing to focus more inwards is good. I have Coen Van der Kroons book but will check out Martha Christy or John Armstrong as well. Blessings of peace and love to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi Dainis, I have another question. If the urine therapy is really effective would it be necessary to continue to have to take herbal and vitamin/mineral tablets etc.? Also is it always effective or are there sme exceptiions? Bright blessings Marina **

  8. @Annette: Glad your son find the idea OK. As soon as he starts with UT, he will become his own teacher. His body will teach him. His immune system will communicate with him, and he will become like a horse-rider that knows exactly what the horse is thinking, feeling, and needing. S
    @Marina: Good that you are getting more books. I have found that UT means that I have to take less supplements (if I happen to be taking them). The reason is that I get the “overflow” of the supplement contents a second time in my urine. Also, the second time around, it seems to be better and smoother and more easily accessible by my body.

  9. I’d say yes, I’ve been in some form of “detox” ever since. I passed another worm a few days ago and took a video. It was alive and wiggling! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. O my god ….i picture it…i know you had a big worm but what i/m talking about is headache….feeling tired ….things like that.

    O my god maybe i have this worm too………..o no!!! ha ha

  11. I read your answer again and now i understand that this is another worm than the first one…… is this possible? Where did you get these worms from?

  12. I don’t know really, I guess we all have worms and parasites…it’s a part of life as most people currently live it.

    It’s such an incredible feeling to pass a worm. My skin felt great, I walked barefoot on the grass afterwards and my feet were just active and alive and it just felt fantastic. The grass was smooth and soft and my feet were better able to feel just how nice the earth and the grass and the pebbles…just how great all of those things felt. The sun was shining, and my skin just absorbed the pleasant evening rays. It was really like a big smile.

  13. I can’t stand the idea ha ha

    I hope mine is invisable……

    That must be a nice experience to really feel the grass. Sometimes when i drink urine i feel everything more. intensive. Than it’s like i meet my arms and legs for the firts time.

    I’ts feels good to here those things from you. Thanks.


  14. Hi again

    Sorry i have so many questions……
    There’s a lot about the mexican flu these days…do you think urine is a cure for it. ?


    This will be my last question for this week ok ha ha ….

  15. Check out my urine therapy blog. I’ve published an ancient document on urine therapy where Shiva explains all the benefits and uses of Shivambu.

    1. Thanks for that, I read a version where the Sanskrit is next to the English, do you know where we could dig that up again. The image of the smiling woman really gives me pause and makes me think. I’ve never really thought about these images before beyond that they are pretty. She is happy, settled, has money, fruits, jewels, elephants serving her…what’s the story behind the girl? ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Hello, I have started UT. Its been a week. Unfortunately I smoke. Trying my best to cut down. Am I wasting my energy or will I still benefit from Ut? I feel great.

    1. @mina Submitted on 2009/09/17 at 3:54pm (smoking): UT has its own way…you’ll eventually do what is right for you. UT and your body will tell you. If you are unforgiving, it may be unforgiving as well…or it will be very forgiving to show you gentleness.

  17. Hi,
    I have used urine therapy in the past, but stopped for a while. Now I am taking some herbal breast enlargement pills and I want to start urine therapy again, but I don’t know if they would be safe to combine together. Do you know anything about combining urine therapy with saw palmetto, damiana, dong quai, red raspberry, blessed thistle, passion flower, dandelion root, and wild yam?
    Thank you so much!!!

    1. @sara Submitted on 2009/09/18 at 8:07am: No Sara, I don’t have any experience with that, though I feel that UT brings about an internal immunological dialogue between you and all levels of yourself. If you are taking breast enlargement pills, because you are unhappy with yourself, then the UT may somehow stimulate your inner joy and then you forget to take the herbal pills for a few days and then you forget about your breasts for two weeks and someone compliments you on your smile and you start a new class you enjoy and meet a new friend and then you see the pills on your shelf two years later and my how your life has changed. I’m not saying that’s how it would pan out, but I’m making a comment on how UT seems to work for people. It’s like a communication with a sweet and kind divine consciousness that has your best interests at heart. With UT, people report needing less herbs, less medicine, less “intake” to produce the results the “intake” was intended to produce. Let your body guide you. Also, if you need verification, you can seek it in books. I also advocate listening to your own internal “messaging system.” Personally, if I do take herbs, I allow UT to “tell me” more information about the herbs themselves. Am I acid, is it smooth, did my body like it, does the urine taste good? Good tasting urine is a great indication that you are doing well.

  18. Hi there, for the last few days, Ive been mixing the urine with juice…..( i had a gag attack after chicken wings and beer the night before) What is your opinion on mixing the urine with something ?…Is it still as effective?… thing is for sure since Ive been having it mixed ……. Ive lost the spiritual (inner peace-happiness) benefits.

  19. Hi Dainis, Marina again…just letting you know I have been drinking quite a substantial amount of morning urine every day, anywhere from one to two glasses a day and this weekend gone I did a full one day fast drinking water and urine all day..I was weeing alot including the night..I was feeling ok during the day able to go about my duties that day, cleaning house but in the evening had a difficult night with headache and strong stomach pains and woke up feeling very weak, so just launched back into eating fruit then porridge and so on through the day by the afternoon I was feeling a bit better..I definitely felt a bit better after that cleanse. My questions are would it be good for me to do more regular one day fast or should I try 2 day fast…I am doing it for the reason of my health but also bit of weight loss…as I have noticed with just drinking urine in morning my health ie. digestion, immune system, skin problem acne rosacea(by the way I have been applying it on skin externally as well) nothing changed substantially, in fact I had to go back on a herbal immune tablet each day…I have been during urine therapy for atleast 2 and half weeks so wondering whether I am missing something or does urine therapy actually work for everyone as it professes to as I would really like to cure some of my health issues? Anyway, I hope my questions make sense…Look forward to hearing back. Blessings Marina **

    1. @Marina: It’s interesting the time frame that your question uses. If it took possibly decades to get to where you are with your health, then even UT might take a bit of time…you know? Maybe that’s a part of the journey for you. How do you relate to the term “patience?” Relating my personal experience, I certainly did not start drinking urine and then everything was OK, the sun came out, there was no more rain, and I became a superhero of health. Actually, some days, people looked at me and said “boy, you look really flushed” or “you look really sick, man, maybe you should stop doing that UT stuff.” However, internally I sensed what direction I was headed in. I “knew,” and so I’ve progressed steadily and slowly over about 5 years now. And I’m still not at “optimal health.” So, of course there is a lot you can do to facilitate your progress, and speed is certainly desirable and achievable…however…I do suggest you watch my interview with Sudarshan Dheer about UT. Sometimes UT only isn’t enough, and that’s perfectly OK. So, yes, your questions do make sense, and I hope to have helped you settle a bit. Do you have the UT books? Those may help too. Your post is really making me think that my planned UT community is actually a pretty important service, because people can feel very alone with UT, even with millions practicing worldwide.

  20. Thanks for the reply. I just feel like I have to give them a try. After breastfeeding 2 kids, my breasts look like they just don’t belong on a 25 year old’s body. Do you happen to know how to contact or even look up na urine therapist that I could ask? Thank you.

  21. @Sara: You could contact the Water of Life Foundation in India. If you check out the interview with Sudarshan Dheer, you’ll find all the contact info. Also, I’d be super-happy to start a list of urine therapy doctors, therapists, and coaches here at the site.

  22. Hello again Dainis,
    Thank you again for your quick reply…warranted your comment about patience..I must apologise as I have actually being drinking urine for nearly 5 weeks.. but I think the same principle still applies…I think I was concerned because I heard of so many people and accounts just after a few days let alone a few weeks that people were having huge results with no pain or whatever the symptom..I am just curious why it works quicker for some then others, has that question been put to any of the experts? Anyway I do appreciate your wisdom and input because you are the only one I can speak with this about at this point. Thank you again for putting this community together a very valuable gift to the world of people just beginning or even sometime on to the journey of Urine therapy..Blessings Marina

  23. Aww Marina, you’re welcome. Whenever I get around to it, I hope you’ll consider joining our “conscious commerce” membership website…where people will be able to make a monthly donation of their choice…and there will be experts in the community who share help, provide services, etc. In a sense, this is a personal path. I do think I have a response to why it works quicker for some than others. I think it’s because with UT, you are working literally with a “consciousness,” call it “divine” call it “light” call it “your immune system,” call it “love,” call it what you want, but it’s a personal path and your path will be yours alone. For me, I started and hoped to receive benefit to my ears and jaw. What actually happened was that after a few weeks, I sensed a “light” around my elbows. It was a wonderful feeling and I realized that I had been sitting at the computer in a cramped position for too long. This sensation of “light” moved around my body, and it “did” things. It loosened joints/muscles here, it applied or allowed for the generation of heat there. It was really very nice. As I gained confidence in UT, since I was refraining from any kind of “faith,” I went through a more difficult “purging” in which I passed a long worm during a fast. I was ready for it, so it happened. So, why does UT work at the speed it works at…for you? My answer is, it the UT can tell you. Feel what it is doing, does the taste indicate that your body does not appreciate particular foods? Sense into your body and your emotions too. It is working with you, and you can, in a sense “listen” to what is gong on in your life, body, and various levels of awareness (like emotional and mental). It’s like a mapping. You might still be in the forest, but watch for the path. It’s there. You might still be in the fog, but your next step is safe. And if you are completely enveloped in “fog,” well then you might just take a seat and rest for a bit until the fog clears. I do hope you have at least a few of the UT books available. They help a lot too.

  24. I want to go on a urine fast for 30 days but there isn’t much information relating to modern lifestyle and the present day problems we encounter (elusions) when reading from ancient text/practices. I don’t know much about uropathy apart from ‘The Golden Fountain’ by Coen Van Der Kroon’ yet feel even this book is limited and has gaps.

    It is common ground that people consume several glasses of water a day topped up by bottled water – health professionals state that it is good practice to drink at least two litres of water a day. When one goes on a urine-fast surely the whole point is to ingest the urine but if one drinks such large amount of water does it not defeat the object of urine therapy in that you would be draining your body of nutrients by having to release this excess water down the loo?

    The other and most important question is that during fasting is one expected to reframe from any sexual activity including masturbation as this would increase hormone levels like testosterone within the urine. The reason I ask this is that although urine therapy has been round for since Sanskrit not much exists in terms of ancient text yet there is another age old believe called Qiqong which remains strong – see Semen under Qigong If one drinks there own urine around periods of sexual activity then does the urine change somehow? Is it better or worse for you to drink?

    1. @Chandresh I’ve done only 2 urine and water fasts. I also added some herbal tea. The thing is that it got to be a whole lot of liquid to consume. When I added the tea, the urine tasted really good, but I think I went into a cycle of just too much liquid. It’s something that I recommend treating gently. Also, sexual activity has always improved the quality of my urine (at least that’s been my perception). Seems to have more of a glow to it, more energy in it, a more harmonious feeling and taste.

  25. Hello
    Thanks for this site!

    I have been doing UT (just drinking my morning urine) for about 1 and a half weeks now. For the first week I felt wonderful but now for some days Ive been very sick with throat infection, fever and what now feels like a beginning bronchitis. The feeling is intolerable.
    I would appreciate hearing some experiences of healing crises, which I guess Im going through now. It is exactly this type of problems I used to suffer from often in the past although havent had for a while now. I dont want to start having unnecessary doubts or stop something that works but just feels unpleasant..


    1. @Marja I’d say take it easy. Listen to your body. With UT, you are essentially talking with yourself in a deep and meaningful way. Just abide by what your body is telling you. You might want to reduce the amount of urine to just a few drops. You might want to stop and start and see how you feel. I stopped for a weekend, but then was attracted to some potato chips that when I started again left a HORRIBLE taste in my system, so I’ve kept up daily practice mostly as an “aftercheck” for the foods I eat and as a general immune booster. Regarding doubts, you can contact the Water of Life Foundation in India or watch the interview I have online with Sudarshan Dheer…or just deepen your knowledge by reading. It’s perfectly natural to have doubts about something so unusual in comparison to our cultural norms. Your body will tell you what is best for you.

  26. Hey dainis,

    Im 17 and have been doing ut for a little over 3 weeks and i dont just drink the morning urine i drink it all day over and over i also workout alot and i seem to be gaining muscle like im using steroids.. ha and im getting uber horny so i was thinking because a large amount of hormones and passed in the urine would the hormones gradualy build up? also have you heard about the boxer juan manuel marquez does urine therapy also? thanks.

    1. Wow Rob, what a cool story, I’d be happy to do a profile story on you in a year or so, if you like, with pictures…so you can show off your muscles! I’d love to get in touch with Juan. Great great story and thanks. Actually, I’ve been taking a bit of a pause in my workouts, but plan on entering back into the Martial Arts scene fairly soon. Right now, I have a bit of a “computer geek’s” body, but I used to play US Football, so I have the “beef” in me, so to speak…keep us updated and let me know if you want to do a profile of yourself here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Hi again dainis,

    Its been almost 4 weeks now and i feel incredible!, I have so much energy and having alot of fun. I drink all of my urine everyday and have a very healthy diet i feel almost superhuman haha im getting alot stronger and i feel so much more alive! Its good to hear that you like martial arts im really into it also i was nation tae kwon do champion of australia when i was 13 but i have quit since. Also i was wondering have you heard or read about anyone doing ut the same way i do? I have heard about fasting and drinking the morning urine but nothing like what i do. I will try to update as often as i can. Thanks.

  28. Hey Rob, good for you, glad you’re feeling great! 4 weeks of all your urine every day? Hmm…I know John Armstrong advocated that kind of fast + water for very sick people, but I gather you are asking about a healthy happy person drinking 100% of their urine + healthy diet…is that right? I haven’t heard of that regimen before and it seems like a “logical test.” What I mean by that is I gather people have asked themselves “ok, mid morning UT is great, how about 50%, now how about 100%?”

  29. Hi

    I had pain in my stomache and last week it was really terrible….so i start drinking U again and after a few days i looked awfull and yesterday i felt like i was going to die. Today i feel much better. I’ve been drinking U a cup a day. Is this some sort of dtox? Do i have to go trough that? Because the first thing i think of is to stop with the urine.

  30. Hello again, thanks for your answer Dainis,
    Im doing so much better now!
    I must have had a healing crisis that has passed. Im so glad I didnt quit!

    Earlier today I had such a pleasant day off urine experience that I have to share it with you people here. The people around me have trouble understanding me ๐Ÿ™‚

    This morning I drank my urine as usual. After breakfast I spent a couple of hours giving myself a thorough massage with warm sesame oil. Afterwards I needed to go to the toilet and suddenly I just knew I had to drink the urine. I did and wow.. it was DELICIOUS! A glass full of pleasure and joy! And the happiness I sank into drinking it was one of the happiest happinesses around. I feel absolutely blessed. When I looked at the surface of the liquid in my glass I could see tiniest traces of oil floating on top. So interesting.All my doubts (if I still had some) disappeared and I am so grateful for the lessons Ive had from UT already in such a short time. It is such a gift to be in such an intimate contact with my own body. Wow, does the body react fast to everything we do or dont do to it..


  31. Hi again

    This is unbelieveble..i never heard of tinnitus …only from you and now my mother has it in a way that she wishes she was dead. She is 85 and really suffering. I told her about you and the UT but i said it really fast i’m afraid she will think i had gone mad ha ha. I heard from Coen van der Kroon …well i read it in his book about giving your own urine to another when this person is to sick or takes a lot of medicines. Sh’is in my home now and it might sound very strange but i think about to put something in her drink….but at the same time i think i have gone mad ha ha
    please let me know how long it took you to heal from the Tinnitus?


  32. Hey Annette, actually, I’m not 100% better, only 90+%. I can reduce the tinnitus at will, and because I still have some of it left, I created an online community where we can learn from people who have already healed themselves. It’s true that UT has helped me tremendously, and I’m sure the T will go fairly soon, however, I do keep the UT and tinnitus sites separate, because UT is more of an “ultimate health” thing, and healing from T can be done without UT. Your mom is more than welcome to go through our free mini-course and see if she would like to join our online learning platform. It’s a really friendly place.

  33. Hi

    Thanks for the reaction.
    My mother does not read or speak any English though everyone think we from Amsterdam do ha ha …Can you give me the sitename? for tinnitus.
    It’s really driving her mad so she will be glad to hear that there might be a chance for healing.

  34. Hi, I am visiting the your questions often, to see interesting experiences from others, and tere are many,
    so i’m glad to read the post of Marja about the rebirthing massage first and then drink such an enriched urine, and also the feeling of happyness to do that.
    This was a real sharing since I experience the same thing too everytime do it. As well, living in the countryside, I have the opportunity to put some herbs together with urine and take this extract for massage.
    It is a good mixture, aromatic, and realized can mitigates the smell of matured urine when have to meet soon people who I know not opened to that.
    Thanks for sharing, all the best!

  35. I found out the name of the site…..I thought urine helped you with the tinnitus??
    Sorry maybe my englisch is not as good as i thougt.
    I will read and listen more things on your site. Thanks for letting me know.


  36. Hey you lovely people, thank you for hearing me!

    I am thinking about getting one of the UT books. Is there a particular one you would recommend?

    love, M.

  37. Only one? ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s hard. Depending on where you live, there might be a few at the library, or at a specialty library, then you can check them out beforehand. John Armstrong’s book is the classic. Van der Croen (sp?) is quite good and jovially written. Marthy Christy’s work is highly recommended, and the abstracts of the scientific studies are very enlightening. Hope that helps, because it’s the best I can do!

  38. Thanks Dainis,
    Yes, it actually helped, just to get some kind of a general picture of the style of the books. I think Ill get christy’s book first.
    Happy days!

  39. Hi,if may add my advice to Marja,
    I also found the Coen V.D.Kroon a good and pleasant book with many pictures and historical references; and the Martha M. Christy too. As well the small “Amaroli” by Christian Tal Schaller, very friendly and practical.
    Bye, good experience with these,,,,,

  40. My next question is already here! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am interested in experimenting with using old urine on skin (although at first I was sure i would never ever do that). Any experiences?
    Tiziano: at least you mentioned doing massages with old urine.. I would love to hear more!

  41. Hi all, Hi Marja! Yes I often use matured pee on skin as massage and bathing, put together some herbs like lavender and laurus,
    tath have near home, and agrums’- apple skin (fruits from bio-shop). These herbs in a cotton bag into a bucket,(not iron/zinc), collecting in it pee for some 5-7 days(when cold), or 1-2 days only when summertime.
    So reach even 10-15 litres of matured pee (but the more the better) with herbs. then use it for massage all body- no armpits,face,mucosas- in the bathtub. After that add just 10 cm.or less hot water and really relax in the tub
    rinsing with this aromatic fluid using the herbs bag as sponge, for about 1 hour.(now ok on the face too).
    That’s very pleasant,i find; this is the moment when drink coming pee so enriched after relaxing. Sometimes use oil too for massage.
    For hair bathing I use fresh pee almost every day (when am alone), but others may find better the matured one for own hair (Ayurveda may help to know this), it depends on the kind of hair and body-constitution.
    I hope you really might try good experiences with massage! Might it make you feel so fine as I feel when do it. Going on at the same time with your others uses.
    (sorry for some latin-english,,,am still a student)

  42. Adding,,,,how is written in UT books the skin is an other way for feeding, and is a direct way to the body lymph then into blood circulation, so Urine’s substances can be absorbed through our skin by massage and bathing.
    Thanks to Dainis for this sharing, to offer the availablity of this section.

  43. Hey Tiziano, so, you use a plastic bucket, and do you cover it? Where do you put it? Outside, inside? You have the herbs in there already, right? How does it smell in the bucket?

  44. Thanks, Tiziano!
    Sorry but somehow I didnt get one thing, need to ask again. how was it with the face and why? Without the added water it is too strong for the face? Is that true when it comes to fresh urine as well? The skin of my face is one of the main reason why I would like to use urine on skin.

    I absolutely enjoy the existence of this site too. Thank you again for putting it together, Dainis!

  45. I taste and usually dilute the urine before I do neti with it. I thereby make sure it is not too strong and that there is not nasty salt in it that could hurt my nasal passages. There might be a similarity for use on the face.

  46. I want to try to use urine for my acne

    How long should I leave it on my face until washing it off? Or should I just leave it on?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Dear Tim, you will notice that we recommend reading, research, and contemplation in association with urine therapy. If you haven’t yet, I recommend getting your hands on a few UT books, reading them, and if you feel compelled to do so, you can then figure out an application method that works for you. From my practice, I generally do not leave urine on externally for very long, unless I have a wound that needs to be dressed (then I use urine soaked gauze and leave it on overnight for faster healing). In my opinion, acne is not just on your face, it is something coming out of you. Your body, fortunately, is figuring out a way to get rid of some stuff…and it’s doing it through your face (possibly because of some self-inflicted skin damage like washing with harsh soaps too often, and possibly for other reasons). So, when you pursue the path of UT, you’ll start being able to see and feel these things. While the topical application of urine will likely help, your body may literally pull you to change your diet, work on your breathing, learn a type of yoga that suits your character, or deal with particular emotional things better. So, instead of making a recommendation about what to do with the urine and your acne, I am happily recommending education (reading) and contemplation along with really finding the right answer for you just by listening to your body long enough to respect its wishes. What does your body “say?”

  47. Hi Dainis! and Marja too!
    Yes my 2 buckets actually are of plastic (got from a bio-restaurant, they used them for veg-soupe,,:-)), but as you know it might go as well glass or the best would be bio-terracotta.(I had it in my previous home) if you have place enough, this is the best.
    I cover it with a tissue,(so not closed but protected from flies) placing it at fresh, outside shade, or inside in winter. I have some herbs in my field as lavender flowers, laurus leaves, other aromathics, but agrums’ fruits and apple I buy them from a bio-shop.(agrums skin that I collect is only the external thin peel, but the internal thick one is not bad of course, it makes the extract just more sticky)
    As herbs could be used others as well, many aromatics as you like and try that they work well for you (rosemary,sage,fenel,juniper,cypress etc,,), (but some flowers: rose,gelsemium,brooms etc,,may go bad in few hours with hot).
    And then a tissue bag to put all herbs inside and this one into the bucket were urine is beeing collected,,, has a very pleasing smell! For the first 2 days, not properly perfumed but natural aromatic like pee+hearth/hay. More days after it comes darker and gets a strong smell. but is a different good one, still (I find), specially when more agrums skins inside.
    Some years ago when I had also orine from my massage-mate I found that her pee was lighter, maybe women have a more dainty metabolism,,,also depending on own costitution and feeding, but would know from others’ experience too.
    And by the way about your face massage Marja, for what I know and tried many times, and UT books say, absolutely NO risk with fresh urine,of course the healthy one, is so light and beneficient! How get a healthy urine is the first step to begin, I think.
    Is curative to the skin and a real cosmetic, how UT books report it is good to mucosas as well (that’s to say the inside of mouth and vagina/penis), and everywhere.
    Instead when matured, urine may be too strong for face bathing(depends on our skin too, anyway never eyes nor mucosas). But this matured one is better for body feeding by massage. So, when after massage you add water in the bathtub, you lighten the extract,(it means also how much water you add) and so it can be suitable for face skin too, this is a own proof to do, better when more apple-camomile-other mucillaginous herbs in the bucket-bag, and less agrums-aromathic ones. Or more water to add anyway to further lighten the extract for the first times, and the next times try step by step a stronger one.
    In case of skin diseases is better to follow UT books suggestions and skilleds’ guide on this site too
    Then, good massage! I hope to hear you others soon on these comments ! Thanks to Dainis again who is gathering us around UT discovery.

  48. Hi,
    I wrote to Dainis, asking a question about urine therapy and mercury as I have 4 mercury fillings and my front four crowns are fixed with mercury. I wondered if this would be a problem? Although I am not new to Urine therapy as I took it for perhaps 9 months in 1997. I have been ill recently with candida and viral attacks and went back to urine therapy, although I had used it topically for easing sunburn and skin conditions over the years, (its the only thing that works for me if I get sunburn). Anway what I realised is over the years since I last did urine therapy is that I had totally lost touch with my bodies inner wisdom and even asking Dainis should I do urine therpay with mercury fillings made me realise that I was not listening to my own healer. When I got into raw food, there has been a lot written about mercury and how eating lots of raw food, the chewing can release more mercury etc and I got a bit freaked out about it all. Dainis wasn’t able to respond to my question I posted him privately, but I gained so much from reading all these posts and the advice being to really listen to what your body is telling you, listen to what the urine is showing you and I did. And so for me I know it is intuitvely right to carry on drinking urine every morning regardless of my mercury fillings. I also had some confirmation recently I went to a Health Kinesiologist and was muscle tested how my body was getting on with the Urine therapy and whether it was beneficial or not to me, my body responded with a resounding YES, that it was doing me a LOT of good.
    For me this whole thing the illness, and going back to urine therapy has been a great lesson in getting back in touch with my inner wisdom, I am a voracious reader and can sometimes absorb others advice, opinions, warnings etc as if it’s gospel, when really listening to our body is the only gospel we really have. I thank Dainis for setting up this site and for encouraging us all to listen to what our bodies say, because even the best expert, the best raw foodist or acupuncturist etc cannot know what is divinely right for our bodies, ony we can. I just wanted to share that, so if any others are worried about partaking in urine therapy if they have mercury fillings etc, my advice would be, listen to what your body is teling you and what your own urine is telling you, that is the only answer we should be concentrating on. If we listen our bodies really will show us the way, they are programmed to heal and bring us back into balance no matter what we do to it.
    Blessings Tahni x

    1. Dear Tahni, Thank you for your inspiring message. Yes, I’m getting more and more emails through the contact form, people sending me personal stories that I know others can benefit from, so I ask people to post publicly so everyone can share and grow. I am very happy that you tested your instincts with a Health Kinesiologist, and I am very pleased that the group and posts here could help you look within.

  49. I’m going to try UT, starting tomorrow morning. I had heard about drinking urine before. The little I had read about the health benefits sounded very convincing, and I was interested, yet I didn’t pay too much attention to it because I just couldn’t imagine myself doing this kind of therapy, even though I’m usually open to exploring beneficial alternative health practices. I have very dry skin and I get eczema which has been annoying me lately. Today as I slathered yogurt on my skin (I find yogurt to be moisturizing), I was thinking to go to the store and buy this $17 bottle of lotion which has urea in it, and which heals my skin by the next day once I apply it. But then I thought why don’t I try using my own “urea” to heal my skin. I had thought about this before, but always decided to go for the expensive lotion instead. Well today I did a lot more reading on the internet about the benefits of UT, and for the first time I am very interested and ready to try this. I can’t wait!

  50. This is the third day since I started to use my urine, both externally and internally. After drinking it the first morning, I did feel slightly nauseated that day and the urine had a laxative effect. It probably affected me so strongly because I drank at least 8 ounces (1 cup). But since then, I’ve drank about 1/4 cup each morning and my tummy is feeling fine. My eczema rash, which has stubbornly stayed around for at least two months, is almost completely gone. I doubt there will be much sign of it tomorrow. So I’m happy about that. And although I especially didn’t like the taste the first time I drank it, and for that reason, I did consider to stop, I realized it’s tolerable and the taste will change depending on different things. It tasted better today, probably because I drank more water. Anyways, regardless of the taste, it’s not going to hurt me. So I will continue with the experiment. I have relatives who drank their urine when they traveled in a desert because they didn’t have any water. And I was told of how concentrated their urine was at that time, so I’m sure it tasted strong, but it didn’t hurt them and it was how they survived. They have drank their urine even when they weren’t traveling in a desert, although not regularly. It is more of a struggle for me to accept because I grew up here in the states. I can already see that Urine Therapy at least will help my skin and I haven’t heard any good reason to stop. I don’t yet know from my limited experience what other things it will do for my body. I don’t feel different mentally or physically. At least not yet. Actually, it is affecting me psychologically in the sense that I’m thinking a little more carefully about what I want to eat or drink. I don’t think I’m going to totally change my diet any time soon. But I’m just automatically more conscious.

    1. Dear Leah, I feel considerable joy reading

      Iโ€™m just automatically more conscious

      …what a joy! Relates to some of your other posts here as well…and I couldn’t really dig out a question in this last post. Yes, your rash is gone and will disappear. That is your UT “initial gift.” I don’t think there’s a single person practicing UT, who did not “receive” a “special initial gift,” whether or not they realize it.

  51. You’re right. I didn’t ask a question in my last post and this is the questions section. But I do have a question now. I have read someone’s post about having a “UT crisis” when they were new to UT. I don’t think I’ve experienced that yet although my intestines really got cleaned out and I felt as though I had the flu only the first day that I started. Since then, I haven’t been feeling ill at all. Is there anything that I can do to prepare for a UT crisis? I don’t get sick very often so this sounds scary, although I’m sure I can handle it. I’d just like to

    And one comment… I know I didn’t just get one initial gift since I started UT. I have received several gifts and maybe even more than I realize yet. I listed all the gifts that are obvious to me in the ‘Is urine therapy against the nature’ section. Thank you for this website.

  52. I found a good answer to my question about what to expect with a healing crisis on a website called Shirley’s Wellness Cafe (hopefully it’s okay for me to write the name of that website here). She describes healing crisis in long detail and gives tips. She even tells the difference between illness and healing crisis.

  53. Hello again
    Thank you Tiziano for your earlier answer! I havent tried using matured urine yet but I will as soon as I have a peaceful time for for starting something new.

    I have been doing UT for something like a month now and I have experiemced quite a significant change in the quality and taste of the urine I have in my glass in the morning. The bitterness is gone, the color lighter and the feeling pleasant. This `newยด urine I can apply on my facial skin without any trouble or question. Problem solved by my body alone! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I remember reading somewhere that there is an ideal time for taking and drinking the morning urine (a lot earlier than Ive been waking up lately). Does anyone have experience of this? Does the time make a difference? if, why is this`


  54. Whats up dainis i have not posted for a wile so i thought i would update :). The ut is going great and i still have not stoped drinking all of mine. Im experiencing some incredible things physicaly my bodyfat is almost down to nothing and my strength is increasing very fast also im still gaining alot of muscle and my sex drive is ridiculously high. I have not wasted any urine for 8 weeks now used 100% of it. No negative results although my sex drive can be a problem getting unwanted erections in public lol. I honestly think you could compare this to steroids without the side effects and its legal and free lol. You should seriously try it after a week it gets pretty intence but great at the same time :).

  55. Morning supplements – Vitamin d 3200 iu, zinc 25 mg, magnesium 400 mg, vitamin b complex,calcium 400 mg and 3000 mg omega-3.

    Breakfast after workout – 4 whole raw eggs sometimes cooked, 1 banana , 1 orange , 3 tsp wheatgerm , 1/2 cup oats cooked and 1 tsp honey.

    Between breakfast and lunch – 1 cup almonds and cabbage.

    Lunch – 150 grams tuna , 1/2 cup rice and cabbage.

    Between lunch and dinner – banana.

    Dinner after workout – Protein shake cabbage and vitamin d 1000 iu.

    The reason i eat so much cabbage is because it contains indole-3-carbinol which lowers estrogen and is replaced with testosterone and that makes it easier to burn fat and gain muscle and it is good for you in general. I dont drink any water apart from when i take supplements and protein shakes. Thats my diet it has worked great for me so far. It probably looks like a boring diet but im ok with that. Let me know what you think. Also because alot of the supplements i am taking are excreted in urine could i be overdosing? Thanks.

  56. Hi all, Hi Dainis, Hi Marja, happy to hear good news from you, hope you will soon find your time for deep relaxing, at bathtub or anyhow you like better! About what might be the best time to get our “aurin”, you can ever see V.D Kroon and others,
    anyway I know it is the early morning right as just awaken (my glass is near the bed) because our inside fluids are not yet under the influence of our mind and body activities,
    that is to say not yet other metabolits are present but the basal ones (if good sleeped – and eated). We know pee maybe very salted and bitter at first morning but we can adjust it by adding less-or not at all- salt and ready-sauces to most part of the foods, that already have many minerals enough in it even though not salt tasting.
    I experienced also wronged food combining is a cause for nasty taste, found it better when a single dish at meal along with our good istinct.
    Tradition tells us about the body-mind repairing going on during the night, so I too usually take my golden drink around 6 just got up (not when I few sleeped and too much worked,,2 on 3 in the last months) but not everyday I’m so early-rising ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway urine is still good even when waking later in the morning,
    so i catch my next chance some after dinner, and the most grateful to me after relaxing or after made love,,, But when you are doing a treatment needs more regularly.
    Modern science also referes about melathonin,DHEA, and other hormons in the early morning, good to know as confirmation! but I think we don’t need much chemists’ endorsements to be convinced.,,
    by then we know our auto-therapy is good for experience and brings us beneficient substances for our strenght and health, now called hormons. (D’you remember how many sayings on ancient poems about strenght, endurance, age-slowing, sex ability etc,,,?)

    By the way, about immunity,, I’m now searching more informations about “swine” vaccinations around the world, realizing how this is going to become so massive,,,heard to speak of forced vaccination in U.S. despite its dangerousness,
    do you know at what point is it in your region? Is there some association giving a true information about the danger of vaccine? I am seeing that newspapers are
    not truthful, right for you? May I ask Dainis what you think about that?
    I would say: think to UT for this as well, to keep high immunity!

  57. Hi everyone. From what I’ve read, some critics of UT say that the sodium content in urine causes severe dehydration for the drinker. How would you respond to this, does the argument have any merit?

    If so is it important to ensure that you follow up drinking urine straight away with a certain amount of water, and how much is needed?

    Also on the subject of water, is it important to drink urine straight, or is it alright to mix water with it to dilute any bitter taste that may be present?

  58. Hello

    I asked this before but maybe you do’nt know the answer. Or maybe i didn’t see it.
    Can urine help to prevent the mexican flu???


  59. Here’s what I found on urine and melatonin:

    Science: A glass of urine a day keeps the stress away

    29 February 1992 by GAIL VINES
    Magazine issue 1810
    Drinking your own urine first thing every morning may ‘promote tranquility during meditation’, according to two Australian researchers. Urine is rich in melatonin, a hormone which can make people feel slightly sedated. This could explain why traditional yogis of the Indian subcontinent recommend the practice, known as amaroli (Medical Hypotheses, vol 36, p 195).

    – an experiment of some kind titled “Measurement of Urinary Melatonin: A Useful Tool for Monitoring Serum Melatonin after Its Oral Administration”

    Urine: The Fountain of Youth
    The main theory is that it helps build immunity to disease, much like a vaccination. Martha Christy recommends starting off with just a few drops, applied topically to the skin. Urine is helpful for acne, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, sores, fungal infections, insect bites, snake bites, wounds, burns, abrasions, and even gangrene. Urine is also is a rich source of hormones, especially DHEA and melatonin, and other sex hormones including testosterone, androgen, and estrogen.

  60. I haven’t found anything about it…why dont you care so little? is that because you trust your own body? I’m not really scared but carefull. Here in Holland is there much to do about the vaccins …yes or no to vaccinations. And offcourse i want to know if UT is vaccination enough.

    Bye bye

  61. Yes, I find myself completely unconcerned. I used to catch just about everything. I used to be angry at people for coming to classes or work with colds. Now, I just don’t care. If I get a little bit sick, I basically fast and up my urine intake. Something about UT makes me fearless. I can care for people who are not well now. I can hold my daughter, if she does get a cold, and I can help my wife too. Regarding the vaccinations, I know it’s a hot topic, I just can’t imagine injecting something like that into my body. I really really don’t want it. I’m already almost 40. Who needs it? Yes, people die, big surprise. People also get sick. I hardly ever get sick and I’m just so totally not worried about it. I’m much more interested in learning new exercises and in increasing my health…not running scared about some kind of chicken, monkey, pig, bird, insect, mushroom, or martian flu. Sorry. There is a doctor I heard about who is allowing himself to be infected with these flus because he practices UT. I only heard about this from someone who is making a movie about UT, but I never found out the doctor’s name. I would love to know. In a sense, right now, I’m not sure if a person could go to jail for claiming that UT heals the swine flu. I just don’t know. Does anyone have an answer to that?

  62. I’m happy with your answer because ik also feel fearless when i think of UT but with a little bit of doubt. One day i think ……..i can heal my own body wit doing the right things to it and UT and when somebody at work tells a story about people who are deseased then my doubt is coming up again.
    I’do’nt take you as my goeroo ha ha but i’m very happy with the answer

    Bye for now.

  63. After successful for internal application of urine therapy, My back pain is getting better and also allergic rhinitis. I try to start the external application with my old urine that kept in the bathroom, which contain some of particle that might be bacteria but Iโ€™m not realized. I developed itching and multiple folliculitis and also ear infection with cause a lot of earache and hearing loss. So I try to stop both of them for short period of time to take the antibiotic and also antihistamine.

    My question is
    1 What should I do with urine therapy during the period of taking antibiotic and when I can drink it again
    2 How to use the old urine for skin application? Is it better to kept it in the refrigerator before use? How long I can kept them?
    3 Is that urine therapy is working with muscle spasm of low back pain?

    1. Dear Saharat, it is important for you to develop a feel for what is comfortable for you. On my end, I can only speak about taking vitamins. When I take them and practice UT, I know I need much less of a dose than my wife, for example who does not practice UT. I get the vitamins over and over again, and they get “milder” in a sense, more accessible, in my opinion. See what you can find out…try a little bit…what is the UT saying to you? Personally, I use UT as a litmus test for much of what I “take in.” So that covers #1, let UT teach you. #2, just buy some books and find something you like. #3 many people report reduction in muscle spasms and back pain while on UT.

  64. Hi Dainis

    Do you think it’s important to drink the mid-stream of urine? I recall reading something along the lines that it allows internal bacteria to be flushed out. Are you aware of any varying opinions on this practice?

    I’ve been drinking my urine daily for about 10 weeks now, and over the last two weeks have increased the amount.

    I’d describe myself as a somewhat anxious person and given to emotional oversensitivity. I have definitely noticed that I am mentally calmer since starting UT. I find that I become less stressed and get over things more quickly. I am also becoming more enthusiastic about improving my diet and am making small changes.

    Thanks for the great site!

    1. Dear Gamma, you are very welcome, and it’s great to read about your progress ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes there are various theories regarding mid stream and complete urine. I’ve tried both out. Sometimes the first part has some opaque particles for me…it depends on what I’ve been doing, what I’ve been eating, the company I’ve been keeping, if I’m more or less “well” “ecstatic,” or kinda coming down with something. On my end, there’s something about drinking all of it. It’s like “paying the bill” at a restaurant. Seems to pull my immune system “back up” faster, if I’m a bit down. However, when I’m at high immunity, sometimes, I just use the mid stream urine…however…at high immunity, the first part is basically the same as the rest of the urine, and it doesn’t really matter if I drink the first stream or just the middle stream. Check what your emotions are saying. Are you over-sensitive, or are people around you insensitive? Dealing with insensitive people can be challenging…but it can be done. UT may be pointing you to investigating why you see yourself as oversensitive. Maybe you aren’t at all…maybe you’ve experiences things that make it perfectly normal and understandable for you to have reached the state where you are. I’m just guessing, but such “connections” will help you get to know yourself better, which really is a big part of UT…getting to know and love yourself. It’s an amazing re-introduction to who you are, because WOW, you produced this stuff? This super stuff? And when you take care of your body and eat well, it tastes like THIS? I mean, I’ve literally brought my UT to the point of tasting like rose water before. Lately, it’s been kind of a smooth choco deal, because I’ve been eating chocolate and other superfoods. Best to you and thanks for participating here ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Thanks Dainis for your kind and helpful feedback. Could you please take a look at my q from 8 Nov.

    Is there enough sodium in urine to cause enough dehydration that the drinker should be especially careful to drink more water? Or is it fairer to say that, on the other hand, the urine has a hydrating effect because of the water content?

    I found this site where an African doctor advised to drink four glasses of water straight after morning urine, and wondered how common that view was. I know that generally speaking we should drink water plentifully, but am interested to know if UT should change the way we approach water consumption.

    Now on a personal note. In that previous post I asked if it is alright to dilute urine with water to remove bitterness. Yesterday was the first time I read all the posts on this page. Marja wrote on 7 Nov that she’s been drinking urine for a month and the bitter taste has gone.

    Then I realised with delight that the same thing has happened to me. In fact even when I wrote that I had forgotten that I hadn’t needed to dilute my urine for about two weeks, or since then, because the taste has changed and it is always palatable. And without any radical changes to my diet! A good sign, thanks for sharing Marja. Peace to all.

  66. I am also curious to know if the sodium content can cause dehydration. I find that cutting down on sodium in your diet and performing regular exercise is a great way to reduce the sodium in your system. A decent amount of sodium is excreted in your sweat but im not sure if that alone is enough. I try not to drink more then 2-3 cups of water per day as i generaly wake up during the night needing to pee. One hundred percent of my urine alone is alot to drink. Thank you.

  67. Hi dainis ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a question that is a little strange ha.. umm i was wondering if you think ut increases sperm count because ever since i have started ut when i fool around with my girlfriend i notice that i have alot more semen..haha,sorry if the question makes you uncomfortable. Thanks.

  68. Dear Gamma, Hmm…I can’t find a question from you from the 8th of Nov. Can you show me where it is or ask again?

    Regarding dehydration. It’s very interesting. I have noticed that phases where I’ve chosen more than 50% urine consumption, sometimes, I seem to wind up in a cycle of dehydration. The more I drink, the more I excrete, but my lips get a bit dry and I feel thirsty, so I add water, but then there’s more to drink, and then it just gets goofy, cuz it’s just hard to drink 3, 4, or more liters of liquid in a day.

    Again, I “listen” to what is going on.

    Interestingly, I’ve never looked at it as a cleansing cycle. I’ve always just reduced my urine intake and backed off. If it feels right, I might try some other adjustments when I get into such a cycle.

    For me, drinking a cayenne pepper, organic lemon juice (freshly squeezed), and organic maple syrup lemonade has shown to be wonderfully hydrating. Now that I think of it, the actual intake of hydrating liquids is what helps, if you’re starting to feel dehydrated.

    I’ve found that urine can be very hydrating, but also not. Sometimes water with just a little bit of urine in it, allowed to “settle” a bit, is very hydrating for me. We have a water vortexing unit, so I sometimes let the water “calm down” a bit before drinking it.

    Regarding sperm count: your fertility is high, your libido is strengthened, yes, sexual pleasure can be significantly enhanced with UT. Might be a reason why folks continue such an “odd” practice…when you know how much stronger you are, when you feel the power and “settledness” and ecstatic joy of your orgasms…and more “control” as a man — your body just “knows.”

  69. Thanks alot for the answers dainis ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have another question ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have been reading about putting some urine on your skin or bathing in it occasionaly and its apparently very good for your skin but im not sure exactly how to go about this how long to leave it on do i scrub let it dry then wash it off.. ha so if you know anything about this could you let me know please? Thanks.

  70. Hi Dainis

    My understanding is that the toxins and impurities in our food are dealt with by the liver and expelled in the faeces. As the result of a blood filtering process performed by the kidneys, urine is produced. Why then is it possible for the quality of urine to change in quality, as evidenced by a less pleasant taste?

    For example you said that you once ate some tortellini and that UT revealed that it contained some nasty chemicals, and you mentioned the urine that tasted like cheese hot dogs. How does urine inherit bad elements and a certain taste, if it is a highly purified substance? Can urine therefore contain at least some waste, and be less than pure? It seems unusual to me that the quality of urine could do anything but remain fairly constant irrespective of dietary choices, given the way it is defined by UT advocates.


  71. hello Dainis, this’s good private web on UT. Just wanna share, I have strange disease syndrome and UT is my choice. It’s been a year. Hope someday I’ll be cured. Cheer. Trah7 from Bekasi-Indonesia

  72. A question for anyone who might know of this for sure.
    I have tried U.T. off and on for a few years. At first was not sure I actually saw results but now I suspect I do.
    I was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees about 1.5 years ago. Had arthoscopic surgery on one knee, synvisc shots in both knees. Still experienced pain in both knees to differing degrees.
    I also started doing U.T. again about three months ago and also taking over the counter meds -glucosimine- to see if that would help.
    I have experimented with laying off the meds and using just U.T., then vice versa; laying off the U.T. and doing just meds.
    The U.T. does seem to make the difference. I have very little (or none!) pain except in the knee that had surgery.
    Has anyone else has similar experiences?

  73. Gamma, these are great questions. As good as they get. If toxins and impurities are cleaned out via our organs (like the liver), and expelled via feces, and if urine is considered “pure,” then how can there be any change to the taste of urine? How can urine inherit taste at all? Is urine highly purified? Does it contain at least some waste? Also, given the way urine is defined by some UT advocates, it does seem inconsistent that the quality of urine could change.

    Ahh…great great questions.

    We are at the boundaries of science here. The scientific method proposes that we observe first and theorize second. We then test out theories and corroborate with others. We can ask the same questions of water.

    Basically, I interviewed a water expert here: http://www.sustainable-bliss.c...rview.html and during the interview, I touched on questioning the benefits of “purity.” People place a lot of emphasis on “pure” water, and water is filtered, irradiated, etc. etc. etc. , and made sure to be completely bereft of any life. But is that “good” water? Is that the water that is best for us? Will it preserve our health the most?

    I don’t know.

    Is “dirty” water better…well…maybe. I don’t know. Haven’t tested it, but basically, fresh pressed orange juice is, essentially, dirty water.

    Regarding urine, we are touching on the fact that what we eat affects our blood and affects our urine. Interestingly, for me, if my urine does contain some “waste,” then I want to know about it. It helps me not take in any more such “waste.”

    I stopped UT for about 3 days once and was drawn to eat certain potato chips. Whoah! When I started again, I knew clearly, “those potato chips are very bad for you, do not eat them again,” and i haven’t…and I’m glad.

    We know so little about “what” things are. Try to figure out what urine is, what a tree is, and we hit certain themes mentioned here:

    I do, however, think it’s possible to investigate how things act, how things interact, and how things affect us.

  74. Thanks for that Dainis, much to think about there.

    I suppose we can say that although UT may appear to hold some secrets, nonetheless we understand what urine actually is, why it benefits us when reintroduced, and we have evidence of the benefits from personal experience and the testimony of others. So when it comes to understanding all we need to know about UT, the glass of urine is half full, because we know that it just works!

    Iโ€™d like to expand upon this discussion. On the question of the relationship between diet/health and urine quality, I found some information that helped to widen my understanding. On the Shirleyโ€™s Wellness Cafe site included in your links, Dr. Mercola says that the colour of urine signifies certain things about the body.

    He says this:
    โ€œAt the most basic level, the color of your urine can tell you two things:
    1. If you have an infection
    2. If youโ€™re dehydrated
    Ideally, your urine should be light yellow, so for the former, cloudy urine is often a sign of an infection (or kidney stones), while dark yellow urine is a sign that you need to drink more water.โ€

    He goes on to say that certain foods and supplements may also affect urine colour, for example eating blackberries makes it red or pink, eating lots of carrots makes it orange and taking B vitamins makes it fluorescent yellow.

    So according to this information there are at least two known factors that may affect urine colour, those being disease/dehydration and selected foods/supplements. And I assume a change in colour always corresponds with a change in taste also? Iโ€™m not sure about that one. We have also speculated about the possibility of a third factor, urine inheriting elements of unhealthy food or waste.

    A useful question then might be, to what extent does this third factor damage the quality of the urine? We could speculate that it does so only minimally, given that the urine should still contain a wealth of essential nutrients and other elements. At the end of the day perhaps we should just look at it as a lesson. As you have said Dainis you can learn from the experience and improve your diet so that your urine drinking experience remains positive, reflecting optimal health. Well thatโ€™s my take, would like to hear from anyone else whose experiences make this subject of interest to them.

    Personally the quality of my urine has varied, but Iโ€™ve never had the experience of it tasting like a certain food. Perhaps some people are bound to have this experience and others are not because of different body chemistries. And perhaps as we listen to our bodies we are taught things in very different ways.


  75. Hello, I need to pass a drug screen in a week, which i know if i take the test, i will test positive for THC, if i keep urine for five days, and take the test with clean urine will the urine still be ok to come back conclusive? If you know this answer to this question please comment back thank you

  76. Hello,
    I just found out about UT over holiday, and I quite intrigued.
    I am 24, I like yoga and I am vegetarian. I am extremely sensitive, maybe this will help my receptivity, and strengthen me.
    I found your article googling, and now I am eager to start my UT journey.

    I have one question, and I know this sounds kind of weird, but I have listened to your story, with a worm passed through you.

    I have an extreme fear of bugs and parasites, just a half a year ago I went to the emergency room because I hugged my friend who told me she had scabies, and in the end it was psoriasis! I also got heat rash this summer, and I thought the were spider bites and freaked out and went to the hospital.
    I am really fearful with bugs, and I fear is a bug passed through me I would faint and have a panic attack.

    Would you please support me with your experience with the worm, and do you think a worm will pass through me?
    My fears and phobias are an understatement, I am focusing on holistic treatment for this, however, I do fear, that if I were to start UT I am not sure if I would have the guts knowing worms will come out of me. I will start orally though no matter what.

    Warm Regards,


  77. Hi Dainis
    I am 75 years of age and again in good health.
    It is too long to go into detail.
    I lived in Australia for 43 years am in the U.S.3 years through marriage.Have practiced U.T in the early 1980 for awhile. I had too much opposition with my then husband and stopped.after a ovarian cancer just 3 months ago, I am now cancer free due to doing the Gerson therapy intensively.I now feel better than before.I never thought of doing U.T therapy, until recently my White blood cells were low and out of the blue i thought of the U.T and started right away. I never had to over come anything because I had done it before.I am so grateful it came to me of it’s own accord.I will have another blood test in a couple of weeks time.My question is I am still taking vitamins and minerals plus calcium and so on.I listened to your interview with Sudarshan Dheer til the end .
    The only med. I take is 60mg. of Armour for Hypo hypothyroidism.I do eat a little chicken
    all organic vegetables and wild salmon.i feel good with the diet.
    I have been on such a strict diet for 4 months, I feel I like a small cup of coffee once in a while, I also occasionally have a glass of white wine. I love life have a wonderful husband who leaves me completely free in everything.sorry to be so long.I hope you can answer my most urgent question about the med.
    Very Sincerely


  78. Dear Elisabeth, the best advice is the advice that comes from within. My personal experience is that vitamins (I have not taken any meds for at least 5 years), get a “rounder” edge with UT. It seems like the second time around, the vitamins are more accessible, but that’s a “feeling,” not a “fact.” I’ve heard from folks that they either get more out of their meds, they reduce their dose, or they toss their meds when doing UT…there may be other possibilities as well. If we can realize my goal of creating an online International Web Conference on Urine Therapy, I’d love to have some docs speak on UT and meds. Great comment.

  79. Thank you Dainis
    I am so grateful to be able to speak to you.
    last night I had a different feeling about my body.It is hard to explain, but a feeling of what is it that my body likes to eat or drink.
    A feeling of respect, and not what the mind wants.I like to become a member in due time when you are ready.Are you living in Austria permanently? I am from Holland and migrated on my own when I was 30 years of age.I will reduce the intake of vit. and med.A wonderful side affect since the start of UT is I have become more balanced in my emotions, I feel less irritated and life just goes along so smoothly.A feeling of gratitude which was there before, but now much more. i have become more mellow and easier to get along with.
    How wonderful, and that all for nothing.
    I do the UT extensively Like my eyes nose and ears, wash my hair which has become beautiful and soft. I also take enema’s three times a week with it.My digestion which was a problem before has become a lot better and also constipation is much better.
    I have a lot to be grateful for.
    Thank you so much.
    With Love and Blessings


  80. Hi

    Im probably a couple of months into UT now (lost track of time) and facing a new situation. This morning there was a trace of blood in the last part of my morning urine. Im wondering if it is a bladder/urinary tract infection (I never had one before), Ill see if it progresses somehow and if it does, I guess I will get some homeopathic remedy for it.
    Im wondering, if it is an infection what is its relation to UT and whether or not I should be drinking urine during an infection. Any ideas/experiences? Can there be other reasons for passing blood in urine , some that might be related to the process of UT?


  81. Roger
    Website http://
    Message I am a Christian, aged 57, who has just commenced this, as I thought, somewhat un-usual practice. I have not had much to do with Eastern philosophies but have no qualms about UT being depraved or anything of that nature.

    I believe different and divergent faiths can learn from each other.

    I do not find the taste distressing and can easily consume a pint beer glass full without any problems, emotional or physical, afterwards. I find the experience, in fact, uplifting.

    I will be interested to see how my health pans out as I continue as I have type 2 diabetes.

    I will be interested also to hear from others who have tried UT long or short term.

    I have noticed, in just a few days, a drop in my morning blood sugar tests from about 13 down to mid 8’s. It may well be a result of ‘getting my own back’.




    1. Dear Roger, looks like we’re talking about 1) Christianity and UT 2) Diabetes and UT 3) How much is too much and can it be toxic?

      Christianity and UT
      I received a personal message a while back from someone who reads the entire Bible as being about UT. My father is a biblical scholar, and I was raised with awareness of sound scientific thinking and how to apply it to texts. UT folks quote “drink from thine own cistern” from the Bible, however, I haven’t looked into it much personally. It would certainly be neat to read about UT, Christianity, and the Bible, and it seems there’s a good amount of interest in doing so. If it sounds fun to you, hey, go for it…

      Diabetes and UT
      I may be spelling his name incorrectly, but there are some very interesting videos floating around the internet about Dr. Gabriel Cousens and his raw food diabetes experiment/cure. UT could very well support that process.

      How much is too much?
      You wrote “THERE MUST BE A TIME WHEN THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF OUR AMAZING DRINK WEAR OUT OR PERHAPS EVEN BECOME TOXIC.” And I am going to respectfully decline the “must” part, and interpret it as “may.” We are left with do the effects wear out, does it become toxic, and how much is too much? Does it wear out: I’m about 5 years in or so, I actually can’t remember now, I haven’t noticed the effects wearing off. This is a good interview question for someone who is 30-50 years in. What does your research reveal? Does it become toxic? That’s a good question. There are times when my body does not “want” more than a few sips. However, sometimes I wonder whether it is my body rejecting the UT, or whether other forces are at play. It may be that I just don’t want to go “that” deeply into “healing crisis,” it may be other organisms living in me basically fighting for survival, and it may also just be that I ate nasty stuff that day or the day before, and since I know that I’ll eat better my next few meals and that I’m not at a “tipping point” with my immune system, that I just don’t feel like tasting that cr*p, even though it was enjoyable to eat/drink.

      My best response is to look within, to compliment your research here with reading, and then share your research with others here in written form.

  83. Hi again
    just thought Id tell you how it went then since my question

    This one morning there was blood in my urine, the same evening I could kind of ยดfeelยด my bladder in a vibrating kind of a way, applied a ginger compress on lower stomach.. next morning everything was gone and havent felt anything since.
    Now there is really bad eczema on my skin.
    It must all be part of a healing process that waves on and progresses in its own time ..although sometimes these days it is difficult not to lose faith!
    I found praying an unbeatable companion now in keeping the mind on the track that leads into light!



  84. Thanks Dainis ๐Ÿ™‚
    yes, Im ok, Ive got people around me and I feel safe with this althoug easy it is always not. ๐Ÿ™‚
    smiles from Helsinki as well

  85. Heya dainis,

    I have a question. Im going to visit my dad with my sister in 2 weeks for christmas and i was wondering if i could bring some old urine in a spray bottle without any troubles? It would be embarresing if they had to check my bags and found it haha. It in a old cleaning spray bottle so you cant see unless you open it and the reason i want it old is because i have started to use it on my skin when i shower and it works really well better then anything i have tryed skin is so soft and shiny and apparently the older it is the better which i agree with it gets alot more potent the older it is although you cant drink it when its old. So yeah would it be ok? I didnt know who else to ask and i cant really ask my family haha. Thanks.

  86. Hey Rob, here’s a tip that may work: b4 you go, soak the UT in herbs that smell great and that support your healing desires. Have the mix smell really really good. I don’t know how to do this, but there may be some ways to turn it into a soap or cream. What happens if you add oil to aged UT? It might turn into soap, but I’m not sure. At any rate, once the mix smells great, you can put it into a standard cream bottle or jar. Close it up, put it in your checked luggage, and you’re good to go. How does that sound?

  87. great idea ๐Ÿ™‚

    My mum has some herbs and oils that smell nice i could put some of that in my bottle. Thanks alot. Ha i want to help you some how you answer everyones questions and you dont seem to get anything in return im not sure how i can exactly but if you think up of anything just say. peace.

  88. Hey Rob, actually, it is a real dream of mine to create a private online facebook-like community for UT, and I would also like to organize the world’s first international online UT conference (webinar). To do these things, I’d need a minimum of $1,000 and $300 per month. I’ve really thought a lot about how to create a fair financial arrangement for something as holy as UT. The way I’ve planned to do it is to give people permission to participate only if they donate, but to leave the donation amount up to them. That would mean you could donate $1 per month, and then you’d be a full member, able to participate online and in the webinar, etc. The thing is that the install process itself is time-consuming and I would need some consulting (which costs money). Maintenance of a real online community is no joke. So, your thoughts and the thoughts of others who visit about how to proceed would be great. Also, I’d like to coordinate a viable scientific experiment regarding UT…and that kind of thing costs big money. Thoughts?

  89. I would be happy to donate some money although im only 17 so im not exactly rich haha. Im not sure exactly how i can donate because i don’t have a credit card but perhaps we could find a way to do it. What do you think?

  90. I have tried urine therapy a few years earlier, but never did it for a long time.

    My first lesson I learned is it is better to keep it to yourself for the most part.

    I took a lot of ribbing, but in truth I was not bothered by any of it.

    I am starting up again, I donโ€™t know why but I suddenly have the urge to do it for a longer period of time.

    My questions are concerning alcohol and things like coffee and tea and meat.

    Can you have the odd drink and still practice urine therapy.

    Is one cup of coffee a day ok? And what about not too much protein?

    Does that mean no red meat or greatly reduced amounts.

    Cool little community you set up here.

    Kind thanks


    All truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently” opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident. Schopenhauer

    1. @David: Allow UT to guide you. Allow your immune system to guide you. I stopped eating meat a few years into UT. It just happened. Now I eat a lot of raw foods. I am following, not leading. I do drink coffee from time to time, and with good coffee, the UT has this wonderful coffee like flavor afterwards. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Alcohol is a bit touchier. More involved. If I’m having a wonderful time, the UT is OK, sometimes a bit “burnt” tasting. Sometimes, alcohol makes the UT sour. It’s like “paying the bill” at the restaurant. I like that analogy. UT tells you how much your food “cost” you. The UT really does “tell” you lots and lots to answer your questions, and wonderfully enough, it will answer your questions…for you. Specifically for you. For your situation. For your needs. It’s very gentle and loving too…though I can imagine some may experience “tough love” with UT…but you always “feel it,” if you’re experiencing love or not…and with UT, you connect with that.

  91. Dainis

    Thanks for the sage advice. You are exactly right.

    A few of my reflections on UT.
    One energy movement I have noticed is I seem to have more will power to avoid certain foods since restarting UT. I am experimenting with propolis; it seemed to make my morning urine taste very mellow. This morning I had an infrared sauna, and drank a full glass and one half. Felt good. I take at least 3 infared saunas a week. My skin has been clearing up, but did find myself with a very large pimple that feels huge underneath my skin this morning, right on the left side of my nose near my third eye. I hope this is some block working itself out of this body.

    I have been doing morning massage with urine as well. Seems to make hair very soft. Have not noticed any radical changes, I already have a healthy happy lifestyle, and eat mostly organic for many years. I take raw juice each morning; eat raw honey and raw cacao along with kefir. All meat I eat is organic. I think I feel a little stronger in the body, a little less stiff, and I feel like it may make the body feel younger as time goes by. Digestion seems a little easier,

    All in all, I enjoy UT the more I do it. Sometimes when I am out somewhere and take a tinkle, I think, what a waste..I should be drinking that( tee hee hee)

    I do my best to sip it slowly rather than gulp it down. I try to see it as a golden elixir of magical qualities. In a way I feel I am part of some mythical secret society because it is so misunderstood by many in the west, but even though it is ancient therapy in the East, we should consider ourselves early adopters here in the west. The mind of a human being does not return easily to simplicity. I am glad to have found some other people to share these experiences with.

    Kind thanks


    We must not wish for the disappearance of our troubles but for the grace to transform them.

  92. To David,

    All in all, I enjoy UT the more I do it. Sometimes when I am out somewhere and take a tinkle, I think, what a waste..I should be drinking that( tee hee hee) – shouldn’t that be pee hee hee?

    In a way I feel I am part of some mythical secret society. I have noticed this also – as if part of something arcanvs [ secret ] as the Latin would say.

    In a world dedicated to selfishness it’s nice tp belong to a group that seeks not to harm.
    I love the voice of the late singer Waylon Jennings and in one of his songs he says,
    ” I may not be proud of all of the things that I’ve done, but I can say I’ve never intentionally hurt anyone”.

    That’s a good statement on which to hold.

    Pax Vobiscvm

    1. @afroplease: If you choose to start UT, my guess is that you will discover a lot about yourself. You likely have good access to a lot of what is going on like: did your hair fall out for a reason? Are you just losing your hair, and it is natural for you, but you just aren’t happy? What could lead you to be “desperate?” It’s hair, it’s not like it’s your sanity. ๐Ÿ™‚ How does that come across to you? Funny, friendly, cutting? Cuz from where I sit, there sure are a lot worse things to lose than your hair! ๐Ÿ™‚ The orientation of this site is to promote self-learning and self healing. If you commit yourself to learning about UT, and you choose to either practice or not, and you feel good about it or willing, or able, or just somehow “drawn,” then it will be an enjoyable journey for you. “Desperation,” is very challenging and frustrating. I am sorry you feel that way, and I accept that you might be feeling desperate. It’s great that you posted…thanks for your courage…and many warm smiles to you…Dainis

  93. Dainis

    Was curious if you have tried taking urine as drops, or much smaller amount rather than drinking more liquid. I have read in several places that some people feel less is more.

    Also curious to here success stories about UT from other folks.

    1. @david: if that’s your inclination, then you might consider trusting it. I started with drops, since I was really repulsed by the whole idea (but curious enough to try it ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Quantity with UT is a personal thing…for me…if I feel like I may be getting sick, I up the intake. I have felt a difference when I shake water with a few drops of UT in it (3-4 drops to let’s say .25 L). Really mellows out the water.

  94. @admin, ive already started out on UT for a week. Yes i do know there is much more worse things in life other than losing hair, but, im really still young and have no family history of balding. i may be superficial but its really affecting me alot. What make me start UT is really, i would not hide the fact that i read that it could hair with hairloss. Im willing to do anything to get it back. So i would like to hear from anyone who tried it and had success.

  95. Dear Afroplease: I don’t intend at all to find any of your desires superficial. You mentioned “desperation,” which indicates real urgency on your part. It seems that you feel embarrassed and ashamed, and I’m really sorry to hear that. To me, if you are “balding,” that’s one thing, if you have “inappropriate hair loss for your age,” that’s another thing entirely. My main response to you is that desperation may block tenderness, though it may steer you in the right direction. It sounds like you are looking for a very very specific kind of success story. You are looking for someone who lost their hair and got it back through UT (or likely other means). Maybe you will find such a person, maybe you won’t. For me, the whole experience is a learning opportunity. You have hair loss that you find inappropriate and are dealing with desperation and shame. You want to “fix it now.” Maybe, though, there are deeper health issues and personal issues for you to address before your hair can grow back, and maybe not. Maybe you were exposed to something that was very bad for you, something toxic, maybe it was physical, maybe it was emotional. I’ve heard about people going grey in a split second due to fear. Maybe that’s real. So, for me, the path “out” from where you are involves tenderness and learning. Reading about UT and really informing yourself about not only the therapy itself, but others’ experience with it can really help. Also, I advocate an orientation towards health. When a person can stop “running from” a symptom and can start “heading towards” health, that’s often when much more joy is experienced. If you’re not there yet, it really is OK. In the meantime, is there a way for you to take complete control (in an enjoyable fashion) over your appearance? What could you do that would make you feel powerful and happy while you deal with this phase in your life?

  96. @admin,

    i sincerely thank you for your reply. It did made me feel better, even if it may be temporary. Food for thought, thanks..

  97. anyone had experiences with urine enemas. I’ve tried a few this week, but noticed my lower back became qite sore from it. Seems like it could be a healing protocal but it is quite a deal to do it i find.

    Any shared experiences would be helpful


    ps just a thought but the color of the comment box makes it very hard to read what you are writing, at least on my computer it’s black on purple background. Not sure if a white background would not make it easier to read and write. Just a thought

  98. Am I right in saying that if you have genital herpes and you are broke out then you can not do UT. I feel that you would pass the virus into your mouth — am I correct on this? When should you do UT so you can hopefully rid yourself of the virus in time– and can you – have you heard of this happening? I would not want the virus to go to my lungs either.

    1. @Angel: You know, that is a great question. I wonder if any of the books address that specific issue. Here are the possibilities as I see them there may be more:

      1) you should not do UT during an outbreak, because it can make your situation worse like spread the condition to various parts of your body

      2) If you do UT right away, then the virus may be more active and thereby more likely to spread and infect you more

      3) The UT is sterile even right away, and actually your body needs it to help you heal yourself, regardless of whether you currently have an outbreak

      4) You can use aged UT but not fresh UT, since if you age the UT for X length of time, the viral load disappears and the healing properties are maximized

      5) The herpes is systemic, and just because your outbreaks are in the genital area does not really matter. You need systemic healing, and UT can be a part of that, if you choose.

      …I betcha there are people with experience with this situation…it’s just a matter of finding them…I’m expanding this organization to make it more likely for you to find someone with direct experience with the question you are asking…maybe try the Water of Life Foundation or look in the resources sections of some of the UT books.

      Also, do report back on what you find and best of luck to ya! ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Curious about urine massage, and using boiled urine. I’ve read it should always be boiled and reduced before massage. I have just been using fresh or aged urine.

    I wonder what the protocal is behind boiling the urine.

    Thanks for any input on this


  100. Hello Dainis,
    I have been suffering with hand eczema for nearly 10 years now. Did some research on UT and thought why not try it.(its free) I have been drinking 100% of urine + filtered water and regular diet. It has been 3 complete days and I already see results. Itching has decreased by 70%. I wish I would have started this earlier in life. My initial treatment was with steroids as all doctors prescribe. This worked for a time but eventually the rash returned. After reading about steroids and the desease they cause, forget that. Anyway just letting the readers know it has worked for me and I.m a skeptic. Dave

  101. I am new to this forum. I first heard about UT years ago when a doctor in India suggested that I apply urine to a skin condition. Did I listen? No, but for a long while I contemplated his advice, but it seems I would always be far from the bathroom at the time…

    Okay, so many many years later I am still dealing with seasonal eczema on my face, headaches and general fatigue. I started UT just yesterday. The external apps are going great as I already have almost completely cleared my skin. (24 hours!)

    My concern is with the internal treatment. This is my weakest time of year. Some years ago I did an herbal treatment under a naturopath. I endured a healing crisis from hell, an experience I have no desire to repeat. For this reason, I have started with four or five sips/ 2x day. I guess I’m just looking for a bit of general support and guidance here. I’m guessing you’ll say follow by body’s guidance. But what are the general guidelines for beginners? an ounce to start and then a cup/ day as the goal? What about the topical treatments? Somewhere I read that the urine should be allowed to sit for several days, to culture, for topical treatments. Is this so?

    Finally, regarding the worms— I passed two giant worms, as you describe them, years ago, under the guidance of an allopath, after having tested positive for parasites that I assume I picked up in India. I did the follow-up treatment for eggs and larva, but that was years ago. What exactly are you doing to stimulate this sort of purge? Having been through it once, I assume that it’s easy to pick those things up. Living on a farm, I certainly know that the animals suffer and sometimes die as a result of parasites. So I’d really like to hear about how this has come about, and how long, how much UT etc.

    Thanks a mil for replying.

  102. P.s) I am also curious about David’s question regarding UT enemas. I do practice bowel cleansing on a regular basis– usually coffee enemas. I’ve also done oil retention enemas, which are quite different. But I’m not in a big rush to do the UT enemas, especially since I am just starting out here and don’t want to overwhelm my sensitive system with UT.

    I will mention here that any time one does an enema with out being properly hydrated the body will simply absorb the needed liquid, and there will be no bowel cleanse/ purge. So if you want to do this, be sure you are not dehydrated in order to get the best result. Beyond that I will listen and learn here.

  103. Hello all. I just read through this thread and feel that the question about external use has been pretty well covered by Tiziano.
    Gracia Tiziano!

    And thanks to all.

  104. Thanks Dainis for your reply.

    You are correct in surmising that when I said ‘must’ I was angling toward ‘may’ – I did not know the answer. When I thought about it ‘wearing out’ or becoming harmful I could compare my thoughts to a car’s engine oil – we might re-cycle it once or maybe twice but eventully you would obtain some new oil. I guess I was thinking that if we drank our urine then the next time we did it [ without a restorative gap ] it would a product lessened in quality and thereafter it would reduce every time the same liquid went around again.

    This reasoning may be somewhat ‘skewed’ dur to the fact that wheras our system renews our amazing liquid each time nothing renews the engine oil – when we change the oil it’s the same oil we put in last year though now much degraded and contaminated.

    I will continue to observe my resposnes and will gladly share any information.

    Post Scriptus – can we change the background colour of the format? The black lettering on purple is quite a hard medium with which to work.

  105. ANyone have any experience or ideas about how works with negative emotions: ie, you had a rotten fight with your spouse or someone, and have been in a bad mood, and then drink your urine. Is that hologram of anger in your urine, and have you just drank a big glass of anger. Would it be better not to practice if one is in negative emotional states?

    also thanks about staying hydrated during enema. I did not know that

    kind thanks


  106. I posted a while ago, and it was a really fear-based comment and I am over it.
    Now, weeks later I have started since then and take my UT therapy every morning (except during my menstrual cycle, I don’t think it’s possible to do it during that time), and guess what, every time I get in a better mood! It’s a mood enhancer, and I feel really connected to the source of nature, I am really fortunate for this experience.


  107. Dear Dainis

    Sorry for not commenting for so long,I have been very busy with Family over Christmas.
    I like to comment on David’s question about Urine enema’s I did do it for awhile and also found it did not make me feel very good.
    I got in contact with Sudharshan Dheer and he advised me to only do it if I was constipated.
    So I stopped it because my bowel movements are very good.

    I also like to comment on Afroplease.
    It is possible that your body lacks certain
    things, I just recently got a lot of info on diet and what our body’s need.
    Since I am on UT. info that I need just
    presents itself to me.I will give you the website
    and you can decide for yourself.
    I have become a member and got a lot out of it.

    My husband’s hair was falling out like mad
    and since the diet change it has stopped.
    The diet change was an total reversal of what I had done so far, but it does work for us.I wish you well.
    A happy and healthy New Year to all the members. With Love and Gratitude

  108. I’ve read so much bout how urine is great for the skin..i don have any problems with my facial skin but i did apply urine on it BUT instead of feeling good afterwards…it stung a little the moment i applied it but felt okay later..did this for a 3 days and it’d sting a little. and today’s the 4th days and to my bewilderment, the eyebrow area turned patchy and imflammed…after i scrutinised my face after applying urine…stupid…quickly washed off my face with water and applied my moisturisor, feel gd now…ive been drinkin urine over the past 4 days btw…

  109. Hi, I am 28 years old, and ready to try anything to help me overcome my health problems. I am currently looking into UT and am waiting for the book “Urine Therapy” (is that book a good one?) to come into my bookstore before I start taking it internally, but I have started to use it externally on my acne and have a few Q’s that I’ve thought of in the meantime…

    As I understand, it is best to use older urine externally. What I’ve noticed is that it smells so much worse as it gets older. Is this normal? And how old do I want to use it? It smells really bad!

    And when you use it on your face, will it absorb into your skin and help a bit internally as well? Is there any benefit internally if you soak your feet in it undiluted?

    And lastly, what do women do when drinking UT daily, but having their time of the month, because I’m pretty sure that the blood gets into the urine…?

    Thanks for help from anyone with all of my questions. I’m sure I’ll have more later too.

  110. Alright today’s Jan 6 and after 5 1/2 days of not applying urine on my face, the inflammed and patchy area in the middle of my eyebrow area has turned back to normal skin texture and tone + colour…..i have sensitive skin….but if urine’s the magic cure for all diseases, why did my skin experience a negative reaction with urine?

  111. Hi again! I am back with a few more questions that can hopefully be answered at the same time as my others…

    I have been tested by a NAET practitioner and found to be allergic or sensitive to most foods and chemicals. Can urine therapy help with that kind of thing? And apparently people can be “allergic” to their own body fluids, like urine. Has anyone ever heard of this? If that is the case, I could be treated for my urine through NAET so I am not allergic or sensitive to it.

    Also, is it safe to do UT if you have a Urinary Tract Infection, or bacteria in your urine, because last I was tested I did, but I didn’t want to go on an antibiotic for it. (I don’t notice symptoms for this though.)

    Lastly, what if your urine is really acidic, because I have tested mine and it (and my saliva) are more acidic than they should be. Is that still good to consume, and might it help me become more alkaline?

    Thanks for help with any of these questions anyone may have answers to.

    Thanks so much.

  112. Yes, ‘Chelle, you can be sensitive to your own body fluids, and you can be treated for it with NAET. You may also have combination sensitivities…these can be ferreted out and dealt with via NAET.

    You can have a UTI without noticeable symptoms, quietly doing its dirty work. You might try MMS if you don’t do UT due to concerns about the quality of your urine.

    After all the reading I’ve done, I sense that there is some difference of opinion about whether it is ok to use infection-laden urine or not…some say “don’t” and others seem to indicate that it is ok, as “like cures like.” I’d also like more information or discussion on this. Like, is topical better in this situation, or is it wise to avoid UT fasts if your kidneys/bladder are compromised?

  113. What is the effect of urine therapy on a woman’s fertily? I have read texts on the practice of amaroli that say it suppresses ovulation. On other sites I have read that drinking one’s urine is great for fertility overall.
    Any insights?

    Thanks, Laura

    1. @Laura: There is some fertility med that is or was made from porta-potty urine. At least that’s what I read. Healthier people are more fertile. UT supports your health. The connection between urine and medications is really quite a funny topic of research. If you can feel your body, then you can test the effects of UT. I read that UT is not recommended during pregnancy, because it can cause the fetus to abort. When attempting to conceive, UT may be beneficial as a douche, but quantity of UT may create different states in you. It comes down to a matter of internal seeking and feeling. UT compress on the belly. Homeopathic UT drops sublingual. A cup every morning. UT baths. All these things are options, and your body can guide you. Helplessness can hurt, so UT may whip a cold or sore throat for you first, just to show you what it can do, and how it “acts.” It’s like a conversation with your own body really.

  114. Hi Laure,
    Can you tell me what MMS is and what it does? And if I am reactive/sensitive to most things, I would likely be sensitive to this as well?!

    Another UT question: Which urine passing is best to drink if you urinate several times during the night? I usually do every 2-3 hours starting around midnight.

    Also, does it make any difference that I also have to eat (usually bananas) during the night? I wake up absolutely starving and can’t fall asleep again unless I eat something. It’s one of my symptoms, and I was wondering if that would defeat the purpose at all of the “first morning pee”. I may take a sip of water or two as well, but I try not to drink much, so I won’t wake up even more needing to pee.


  115. I just wanted to thank the moderator for puting up a site like this. I have recently gone through a life change (divorce) and have come out of it with a lot of negative emotions.

    A few nights ago, I was doing some online searches on natural cures for anxiety and depression and ran across this site. I have now been practicing UT for three nights now, both internally and applied to the face.

    I am a yoga practitioner, and have noticed already that my practice is getting deeper and more spiritually complex.

    As a random side note, I was beginning to develop a slight yeast infection after taking antibiotics for a upper respiratory infection, and after one day of UT, it completely reversed it – and I mean cured it. No symptoms whatsoever. There can be no other explanation except for the UT, since I changed nothing else and did not medicate myself at all.

    I suppose that was my “initial gift” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you to all who contribute here and thank goodness we have each other for support and information.

    Health, love and light…


  116. Hi I have acne and i am wondering if i should put urine on my face. if I decide to, do i wash it of afterwards and what with? Also how long do i leave it on? Also how long will it take to clear up?

    Many thanks


    1. @Louis: Most people go bit by bit and see what works for them and what they are comfortable with. Most people wash off the urine after a few hours, though urine compresses and leaving it on overnight is not uncommon. I wash with natural products. Starting to like aetheric oils instead of soaps. Smell and feel better. UT will follow a course appropriate for you. It may clear up the acne right away, but then there may be some “stubborn” pimples. These may indicate a diet or lifestyle change. It is a progressive learning to interact with your body. It is a “learning from your immune system” from your higher self. It’s a connection and it’s for the courageous, not for the faint of heart. UT give people initial “gifts,” and we can all learn from each other’s experiences. Let us know how things go.

  117. I have heard a lot about Urine Therapy and would love to start doing it as i have a lot of allergy issues with Food!
    I am actually in a place where i can not find any books that i could use to guide me.
    How can i start? Some people told me to simply drink a cup of my urine in the morning… Any advices?!

    1. @CosmicA: Certainly find a way to have the books delivered to you. I do not recommend acting without information. I started with a few drops of mid-morning stream in a beverage. For me, UT + NAET eliminated my allergies either completely or nearly completely.

  118. Hi, Is anyone interested in forming a small group to go to the Philippines for a prolonged urine fast? I am thinking of going myself to a natural health spa on a tiny private island of the coast off northern Palawan for a prolonged urine fast for maybe up to two months or more and would be glad to be accompanied by others who are interested in doing the same. The island offers amazing raw food. They even offer good incentive discounts for small groups. Whether you wish to go for two weeks or two months whatever would be fine. My email is; The spa website is; Hope to hear from you! I live in UK.

    1. @Stephen: Wow that sounds great, if a few more people join you, we can put up a post and see who else might be interested.

  119. Hi, I was wondering if it’s safe to use UT if you are using birthcontrol pills? I have only started using it externally.

    *Also what is the best moisturizer to use after using your urine as a toner. I’m trying to save my skin from aging and pores from getting any bigger.

    1. @Nancy: Great question. Have you researched the safety of birth control pills themselves? My experience has been that UT potentiates and “smooths out” the effect of medications, though I’m not an expert on meds at all. I took them as child. Avoided them as an adult. And haven’t taken a medication for about 7 years now. I recommend personal monitoring, “how am I feeling, how does this feel, is this good or bad for me, what direction am I headed in?” along with external monitoring: working with health experts, doctors you trust, healing practitioners, etc. Your goals regarding skin and UT can be personal goals, and you can go it alone, or you can seek input from therapists. UT, quite often, shocks healing practitioners. My bloodwork was so good a doc said “I haven’t seen blood this good in years, wow.” Again, regarding medications and interactions, well, I am not qualified to answer. I can venture to say that UT softens and often intensifies the effects of a medication, however, it’s important that you “feel” that out for your self and inform yourself of what is working and what is safe for you. UT is like a teacher, like a connection to your own immune system, and it is a connection to the divine. Those who do not practice might laugh at a “connection the the divine,” and hey, too bad for them. So, you have an internal guidance system. You have people you can talk to and make a choice for yourself. As always, I recommend reading reading reading, and enjoying the empowerment of really choosing for yourself.

  120. Nice to find this site! I am 57 yers old living in Sweden. Have been using UT for 18 months. Do usually drink my morning urine, around 2 cups, about two hours after morning meal. Can not take the whole batch straight away in the morning, then it is too strong and give me diarrhea. When I feel some threat coming into my system I drink more but the morning stash feels like the most valuable. Later on in the day it is much more watery. If I do not drink I collect it and use it in my garden. Almost never flush it out in the sewer. That is such a waste!
    I have, in a way, entered another level of living, I do not have common colds any more. Some times I miss them, miss the feeling of being all clogged up laying in bed. If there is a stronger strain of cold coming around I might get a hit of it. Has happened once or maybe twice during the last 18 months.
    It is good to read about UT since, now and then, I get a bit paranoid that I might be doing something bad, in the long run. But after reading a bit on the web, I get assured that I am doing the right thing.
    It is sad that this is a secret I can not give away to others as often as I would like. Over the past 18 months I have told only two people outside of my family and within my family I have not even spilled the beans to my youngest daughter, aged 19.
    A big, BIG shame that UT is not well known to the world!
    Thanks for keeping up the site!

    1. Hi 57 year-old Swede! Humor helps in these situations, and your daughter may resist, laugh, and she may not. The better you look and feel, interestingly, the more people start asking you what you do. What’s your secret? Man your hair looks great. That kind of stuff. Developing that level of “attractiveness” leads to much more convincing discussions about health.

      …on the way…


  121. HI dainismichel ! ,

    I was wondering when did you noticed an decrease in your tinnitus after you started with UT.. ? I am considering UT to improve my sleep.. lately I wake up to soon and that is very annoying…
    How much did you drink when you started only 1 cup or multiple ?.


    1. @Robin: I do not feel that UT has had a “direct” effect on my tinnitus. I feel I’ve been able to reduce my tinnitus in combination with the overall strength, immunity, and insight gained by practicing UT. Also, because UT is so “odd,” and someone (who I was told is actually a tinnitus researcher) actually wrote a poem mocking me at the Yuku tinnitus board regarding UT. It was such a “low” interaction. People made fun of UT, they made fun of Dr. Greuel’s name, who has done so much good for people with tinnitus. So, I keep my tinnitus site completely separate from this UT site.

    1. @Dr. Appalayya Meesala: People drink, do urine enemas, inject, etc. For me, the feeling in my body indicates how much urine to drink. The research I’ve done indicates that people go from taking a few homeopathic drops to ingesting every drop of urine they excrete. My inclination is that there are appropriate times in each person’s life when different quantities of urine are appropriate. Also, I have noticed that sometimes, when I drink too much urine, it seems like I go into a “dehydration” mode of some kind. That could have something to do with my general state of well being at that time, what I’ve eaten, etc. I suggest folks assess what is right for them. If there is such a thing as a “urine therapy injury” then I’d be happy to have those reported here. I have read that there is no amount of your urine you can ingest that can be dangerous, and that it is always good. I can’t verify that, though I have read it. Do let us know what you come up with if you investigate quantity of urine intake further… ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. Great site to check out and they have quite a bit on UT

    One thing i notice in myself after almost two months of daily practice is i feel calmer, and the body feels lighter.

    Can’t say i notice any major health differences, but it seems to feels very right inside your body I also find it makes the hair feel very soft,although i don’t notice a huge difference in my skin.

    I’m wondering if anyone has had the experienceof having cured themselves of any serious disease with UT. I am off to buy Your own perfect medicine Finally tracked it down.

  123. I got to say its get easier every morning drinking a cup of urine I now even drink an extra half cup in the after noon. no big deal..:P
    I will inform everyone here if I notice an health improvement. ๐Ÿ™‚


  124. Thanks David for the link. I was impressed with this part, sounds like good advice:

    “When the mouth is still wet with urine during amaroli, before drinking any water, several deep inhalations of the aromatic essence in the mouth will produce a soothing and healing influence in the lungs.

    Keep in mind that amniotic fluid in the womb is composed mainly of urine, and this is how we began our life before birth, doing amaroli, including in our lungs. So, inhaling some aromatic essence will not be harmful. Just the opposite โ€“ it is very beneficial for the lungs.”

    1. yes! agreed! before applying the urine pack to my face in the morning, I take a few deep breaths from my nose very near to the urine in the cup- it does relax and brings me closer to the process. I feel it prepares my body to receive all the glorious nutrition for better assimilation.

  125. Hmm…I’ve really liked inhaling UT mist…have even thought of getting a nebulizer to do just that (because I used a spray bottle). Feels really really good. What, however, is “aromatic essence?”

  126. i have a lot of crystals around my home. I thought i read somewhere that urinating on your crystals helped program them for you. Anybody know anything about that?

    kind thanks


  127. helooooooooo any one out there?
    I had hoped this would be a more active place, but it seems like not much happens at What are the plans for this site to become more active?


  128. David, I find myself a bit taken aback by your post. You are not the first person to expect an immediate reply. Can you explain your expectations?

    Regarding activity, we do have a membership website that’s about to be released as a a “safe enclave” for people who practice UT. I saw your crystals question come in and don’t have experience with UT and crystals, though I do work with crystals from time to time. If you know how to program crystals, and you know what resonances you are working with when it comes to the urine, then you may have a match that works for you!

    …I have to say that I get a good amount of emails and questions basically every day. The member site is going to be donation-based, cuz I can hardly keep up with the current rate of questions. I am at a turning point where either we need to come together and donate as a team, or a few good souls need to donate substantial amounts so we can form a solid not-for-profit.

    When people help each other here, respond to questions, and post their own research, I feel relieved and grateful.

    Also, some of the questions are quite intense. Sometimes people who practice UT are very ill. When they get in touch with me, I do my best to act appropriately, legally, and kindly. Does that make sense to you? It can take a good amount of time to respond to such issues.

    … right now, my plan for having this site become more active is: patience.


    What are your thoughts?

  129. Does anybody know if it is okay for women to drink a small amount of UT during that time of the month? And if so, what is the best way to do it? Thanks.

  130. I know women who have done it. The way it’s been described to me is: clean up, block any blood from getting in the UT, collect some UT, use as desired. Again, your body will “tell you.” Read, inform yourself, choose, gather more information if necessary, then, if you try it, tune in with what is going on in your body. Is your body learning, is it saying thanks, what is going on?

    Also, if you care to share your progress, that would really be kind of you.


  131. Thanks Dainis, that makes sense and I think I will try it.

    I don’t have much to share yet, but the other day when I started to get a sore throat, I decided now was the time to try UT for the first time internally. I gargled a bit a few times and my throat felt immediately better! Then I took 2 sips and I haven’t felt the sore throat since. I wanted to continue with a sip or two each morning to hopefully start helping with my numerous other symptoms that got me interested in the first place, but then the “girly” thing happened, and I didn’t know what to do. But I feel better about it now. Clearing that sore throat was definatley my “initial gift”, and I hope to report of many more. ๐Ÿ™‚

    28 years old

  132. thanks for the reply. Sorry if you were taken aback. I was just musing out loud, maybe too loud.

    Keep on what you’re doing Dainis,

    I’ll keep doing UT and report how it goes, I am 2 months in now,I’ve tarted drinking less in the morning and taking tiny sips throughout the day. Seems to feel a bit stronger taking less. I do notice it seems to calm the mind and make me less panicky, although it has not helped my sleep in anyway. I was hopeful about not sleeping.

    kind thanks


  133. Hi David

    I’ve been doing UT for about five months. In the past I’ve also had difficulties with sleep, which was getting worse. After about three months of UT I noted down that this problem has greatly decreased.

    Even if I awake in the middle of the night and have something on my mind, I now manage to nod off again, which for me is saying something! So keep the u-faith bro and hopefully the benefits will kick in and you’ll discover the same.

    Cheers to all

  134. David, sounds like UT is guiding you, and you are letting yourself learn. That is a beautiful thing. You are taking more frequent sips, but less at a time, it is helping you, good for you. Your “gifts” will come in as appropriate. I am glad you are feeling less panicky, what else are you feeling is appropriate for you? Cleansing, supplements, detox, massage, grounding, barefoot walks in the woods, surfing, taking time away, dealing with trauma, … you don’t need to share those details here … however, as your awareness begins to synergize with the UT, you will notice that UT leads with “grace.” At least that’s what I experience. UT, more often than not, is gentle when you need to detox, and you get a sense of how you’ll feel when you get to where your going (before you get there). So it’s like you are at an herbal shop or something, and you smell some kind of tea, and you’re like “wow, that smells good,” and you stand there, and you’re like “what is this stuff?” And the worker there says “this is a liver cleansing tea.” and you go “wow, I was thinking about doing a liver cleanse, huh” and then your liver gurgles or moves or something (or the muscles around it or something like that), and so you buy the tea. Then you don’t know what to do with it, but whatever, you have it for a few days and it feels nice. Then maybe you don’t know if your liver is really completely clean, but you get good information from your body.

    What I mean by UT leading by “grace” (or at least being able to do so), is that you would feel really clear and good while you are sniffing out that tea. You’d gain a sense for what you will feel like after you have it.

    Also, anyone else notice kind of quasi-psychic ability to pick out good restaurants after a few years on UT?

    I mean, I have a pretty amazingly accurate capability of knowing whether a restaurant is going to have decent food or not. It’s to the point where my wife will ask “so, where is the food going to be better?” if we are planning on going out.

    I go, you know, I think this place will be greasy and if you want good Mexican, let’s go here.

    And surprisingly, I’m right about it.

    It’s pretty goofy, and I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing increased accuracy in good restaurant picking ability (before having been to the restaurants).

  135. Hi,
    David and some others have mentioned doing UT throughout the day rather than all at once in the morning, and I feel better about doing it that way too. I was wondering when doing it that way if it is best to catch the first morning stream and refrigerate it to use throughout the day, or what is the best way to do it? I’ve tried the urine from later in the day, and it just tastes like water because I drink a lot of water during the day, so it almost seems pointless to drink that.

    Also, I wanted to ask Dainis if you had food allergies until you passed your parasite, or if there seemed to be any connection there? (I know you mentioned UT and NAET helped, which I am trying too.) I appreciated your story, but it doesn’t seem like you shared everything about what was going on before you started UT and all of the health issues you’ve been able to resolve. I think that would be a cool page to include on here too.. a place where people can simply list the symptoms they’ve resolved or progress that they’ve made through UT, like a simple list. It’s just a suggestion, what do you think?

    Thanks to all.

  136. Dear ‘Chelle, about listing issues, you are really strumming my heart strings with that one. With funding, we could do a real, scientifically viable experiment on the validity of UT here. It could be microfunded, and we’d need, essentially, to “get away with it” on our own, before too much attention is paid to what we are doing. No one gives a snoot about us crazy piss drinkers right now…so now is our chance. But on my end, that simply requires funding. It would require at least part time effort on my part along with enough money to pay for the structuring of a micro-funded, yet viable, scientific experiment on UT. I can see it happening, it just needs funding. I mean, collecting more anecdotal evidence is cool and all, but what I’m talking about is allergy tests, blood tests, etc. Things that we can measure, things that are accurate indications of before and after. Live blood analyses, viral load, etc. Real trackable, meaningful stuff. Stuff that correlates to “how you feel,” but stuff that isn’t vague or esoteric or well “subjective.” I know I could organize it, I just don’t know if we can fund it. Can we? Is there a chance at all?

    About UT throughout the day, I just drink what I pass. Yes, lots of water and it’s basically “warmed up” water…actually I find that 10-20% UT and tap water seems to hydrate me quite well.

    I’ve never refrigerated UT, I just have some of what I pass throughout the day.

  137. Hello – Whether I will ever feel desperate enough to try UT or not I don’t know, but it seems no one is dealing much at all with the issue of meds & UT & that concerns me.
    Most meds go thru the liver & intestines, but some, like some anti depressants for ex., are partially excreted via the urine. Won’t drinking & redrinking it, especially during any UT fasts, cause problems? No one seems to really say much about this. Yet people say they were healed of this and that disease & they must have been on meds to start. No mention is made of how they got off, when they say they stopped the meds. A most neglected area of possibly very serious, maybe dangerous, concerns to resesarch, seems to me. What do you think?
    (And thanks for your site.)

    1. Hey Pat: Great question, great point. From my experience with vitamins, and what people in a local UT group stated, many people lower their dosages due to UT. I took high doses of particular vitamins for a while, and my urine was saturated with the vitamins. The “second time around” I had the “feeling” that the vitamins were more bio-available, that what I was taking had a greater impact. I’ve read that drug addicts and users drink each others or their own urine to stay high longer, so yes, the drug and portions of it come out in the UT. I used to take allergy medications, now, I’m certain that if I were to take the meds today, they would have a big impact on me, and I also feel that my dosage would need to be a lot less, since, essentially, I’d be recycling the drug using UT. However, I just don’t need the allergy meds anymore. I mean, can’t really say that my process felt dangerous either. It just felt natural and right, and above all, healthy and good.

      Who is going to fund this study: How urine therapy can transition patients off of medication entirely. Best practices, experiences, case studies, etc.? Who is going to fund that bad boy? ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. thanks for the reply Gamma and Dainis for your comments. That is encouraging Gamma about your sleep gettting better.

    I’m still working on trying to eat less meat and cut back on alcohol. I’m not ready to give up the one cup of coffee a day I have, but i have to say for the most part, my pee always tastes pretty good in the morning no matter what I seem to eat.

  139. Hi,
    I have a couple more questions,as I’m always thinking of more…

    Does anyone keep their urine for a few days or more for external use, and what does it look like? Because mine usually gets really cloudy, and sometimes looks really dirty and forms a scum or something gross. Do you know if this is normal, or if it means anything about my health?

    Also, how much are you (anyone) drinking? I don’t measure so far, but just take a sip or two when I pee during the night.

    Dainis, how long did it take you before you were able to overcome food allergies? I know everyone is different, but was just wondering. Thanks!


  140. Let’s see, never had food allergies that I was aware of until I did NAET, where my practitioner told me that my environmental, dust, grass, tree, cat, parakeet, etc. allergies had their roots in food allergies. Regarding the length of time, something like a year in, I stopped breaking out in hives around cats. Before UT, I would break out in bloody disgusting hives, in particular around my midsection. At some point, I’d like to re-do my allergy scratch test just to verify…or maybe not…dunno…

  141. I take sips until the late afternoon, just experimenting with amounts, although i don’t notice any great difference the more i drink. Lately I have not been noticing much health wise, i’m not able to feel exactly what is going on other than it seems to make me feel a little calmer. My question to Dainis is…is UT like a form of blood cleanser, and does it actually strenghen the tissues of the body inside or rejuvenate them some how


  142. Hey David, you know, if that is how you feel, then that may be happening for you. Might want to figure out ways to test your question. Can you lift more? I mean, for me, I was lifting heavy suitcases, and I realized “woah! my back is strong.” I mean definitely be careful and don’t injure yourself. if you are interested in seeking further, you can seek professional input. About the blood, maybe find someone who does live blood analysis. Go to the person and then do UT for a while and go to the person again. Regarding tissue strength, maybe there is a way for you to test or see or perform some kind of activity (like swimming or biking or who knows…something you enjoy) and see if your performance improves. Let us know how you do! ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me ifurine therapy will help addison’s disease and cushing’s disease? Also I have read where you are not supposed to use much urine for high blood
    pressure, how much is that amount?
    Any info will be appreciated.

    Thank You,

  144. Dainis,
    Have you heard or experienced anything with urine getting cloudy after a day or so when sitting in a jar? I’m wondering if it is normal, or if it means anything I should be concerned with? Thanks.


    1. Yes, Martha Christy has a book out about simple med tests you can do at home. Cloudiness in urine is discussed. The features of the urine tell you stuff about your system. For me, I experience a direct correlation between cloudiness, symptoms, and diet.

  145. Hello

    I am wondering if you can drink urine after you have been coloring your hair? And last week i had a DEXA scan in the hospital toe see if i have osteoperose. Is it ok to drink urine after you had this? I did drink it but i have my doubts.


  146. Hi all,
    I have a question too. Does anyone know why UT causes you to feel dehydrated? My mouth feels really dry in the middle of the night, and I am not even drinking much. And my back has been hurting more lately, and I read that dehydration can affect that (not saying that it is the cause, but just thinking it could be??) Thanks.

    1. Hi Jenae: People have reported UT as leading to feeling dehydrated, especially when drinking lots of UT. Also, UT, by itself does not cause “people” to feel dehydrated. UT can cause people to be wonderfully hydrated. It is the application of UT, combined with your lifestyle, diet, the water you drink, etc., even emotions matter. In a sense, it sounds like you need to find balance, that you are feeling dehydrated. So, essentially, instead of teaching by making you feel great, UT, in this phase, is teaching by showing you where you ache. So, looking into what will make your back feel better and what will hydrate you will really help. There are so many variables here, and only you know what is right. There can be things from your past, or you may just be in a region with bad water. You may have parasites, other toxicity, or trauma. UT will guide you. Let us know how you proceed and what helps.

  147. I have been doing UT for 2 weeks now, and could use some encouraging words, because I’m not feeling good at all, but deep down it seems right and I would really like it to work for me. Should I study the condition of my urine before I take it internally, to make sure it is good? (It gets pretty cloudy).

    Thank you:)

    1. ‘Chelle: Your body really is your guide, and achieving health sometimes ain’t “easy.” When you say “deep down it seems right,” that’s how I felt. However, I did go on a urine and water fast and lost a lot of weight and people around me panicked. I was like “I can do this,” and as weak as I felt, I wanted to continue…well…at that critical moment I passed a yard long worm. It was an incredible feeling, I mean incredible…and it gave me deep deep respect for the creatures that live in us that we call parasites. Your situation may be different. Pressing through can be disastrous or fabulous…and from here…I can’t tell. However I can tell you that I believe that inside, you know. You know what is right and good for you. Is it reducing the amount of UT for a while or stopping? Is it finding something missing in your diet and adding it? Is it stopping a particular habit, or are you just paying the price for a habit that you either had or have? Starting/stopping. Doing/not doing. Resolving/Resisting. These help me find my way. In a sense, I can’t “give” you encouragement at all, though I can ask you to feel the glow of encouragement in yourself, and to bask in that wonderful feeling. I mean, sometimes it’s like “you know, I need to go get some organic oranges,” and you go out and you eat 1, then 2, then 3, and you’re like wow…and so you eat 2 more and you’re like “wow, I just ate 5 oranges.” That kind of stuff doesn’t happen very often, but well, exactly that happened yesterday, and I have a few more oranges left…which I am going to go eat! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hmm…encouragement…do you like comedy? Maybe some comedy would be helpful.

      Can you tell me if you feel “met” or “helped” by my reply?


  148. Hey dainis whats up? We moved house so i couldnt get online anyway i thought i would let you know that drinking old urine is even better then regular it tastes pretty bad but makes me feel ridiculously good even if i have had 2 hours sleep im still full of energy give it a try. Peace.

  149. Hi,
    I tried UT last year for a week or so,and then discontinued it.I soaked my ,dry,cracked,calloused feet in a basin of old urine and I have enjoyed smoother,softer skin.It also helped tremendously with athlete’s foot.But my question here is…what can I add to urine to make it more palatable WITHOUT TAKING AWAY FROM ITS OPTIMUM BENEFIT?Apple juice?What would you recommend,if you had to recommend a juice, or other additive?Thanks,and keep up the great work!!!

  150. Robert what i do is hold my nose and quickly drink the ut then i drink something else immediatly so you wont have that after taste. Peace.

  151. Hey dainis, I was reading today that when urine gets old the urea converts to ammonia and i was wondering if its still ok to drink? I have been using old urine for 3-4 weeks now and it seems to work even better then fresh urine!, however im concerned because i thought ammonia is that stuff in cleaning products so do you think its still ok to drink or maybe just use it topically?


  152. To ‘Chelle Feb 09


    Regarding amount consumed,I have a one pint beer mug set aside for my UT and can usually achieve that amount through my output in the early AM. I drink this quantity regularly and sometimes will have a second glass during the day though not always. I have had no debilitating side effects and believe that our golden fluid cannot harm as it has already been within us and only contains what we have already in our systems.

    I’m reminded of the classic comedy episode entitled ‘The Blood Donor’ from Tony Hancock wherein he donates blood [ he has a very rare group ] then goes home and makes a sandwich. He slices his hand with the knife and ends up in hospital, where the only blood available as a transfusion is the same donation he gave that morning.

    That blood donation story and consumption of our wonderful golden fluid are good examples
    of “getting your own back” and I’m very pleased that I now have the knowledge of UT and its benefits.

    Pax taecvm – peace be with you. Roger

  153. Thank you Roger. I am guessing that you put yours in the fridge then, so you can drink it later? That’s what I’ve done.

    Rob, do you put yours in the fridge before drinking it when it’s old? And does anybody else drink it when it is old, and notice different results?

    Thanks to all.


  154. Hey dainis i have a question for you. Since starting ut would you say you are more intellegent or can think more clearly? I found that after a week or so doing ut i can think alot better and seem to remember almost everything spot on it could just be a coincidence but i think the ut has alot to do with it.

  155. Hi Rob

    Maybe you just want Daines to answer, but i know that when U cleans your bodey from the inside that your mijn will be clean so to say aswell.
    I feel this aswell.


  156. Rob: while blusing, uh…yeah. I used to forget peoples’ names. Now, after UT, rarely. All kinds of little memory things just fell into place…nice!

  157. Daines goodmorning

    If i do’nt get an answer to my questions does that mean that there is no answer at the moment?? Maybe if you don’t mind you could write a short note that you don’t know it. Because otherwise i’m looking and waiting everyday for an answer.

    Hope you don’t mind.


  158. Dear Annette: did you color your hair with toxic colors? If so, those may appear in your urine and I suggest having a drop to let UT tell your consciousness what’s up.

    Regarding the scan, whether or not to practice is your choice…you had doubts, but you continued…that is a courageous step. How did the UT taste, feel? What did it tell you about the scan, about the impact on your body? What kind of feeling did you get?

    Even if you just smell the UT, it will give you information. And even by just smelling, you are practicing.

    We are innately curious about ourselves and our well being, that is why we are drawn to this simple and powerful therapy.

  159. Thanks Daines

    I must say that i do not really smell my urine and i drink it with something sweet next tot it so i don’t get the taste. I did not color my hair yet, but i’m thinking of it because it turns grey….and i’m not yet so far that i will let that be. I’m still looking for a boyfriend ha ha ….

    I am not that close to my body yet to feel what the urine does to me after a scan.

    Bye bye

  160. TO Chelle – Feb 21

    I haven’t resorted to putting my mug full of urine in the fridge – some non initiate may think it’s beer and get a nasty shock.

    Seriously though, I find it’s no hardship to drink it when it’s fresh and that’s how I prefer to imbibe – sort of ” out one end and in the other” so to speak. I have found it does give a sense of belonging – as another writer commented it was to him something that made you feel you belonged, in a nice way, to a distinct group of people.

    As to Annette’s comment about the taste – Feb 25th – I have found it to be the case that it can be stronger in the AM and more moderate in the evening. Maybe you could try and slowly accustom yourself to the flavour, much as a cigarette smoker reduces the number of smokes or someone may reduce the amount of sugar in their coffee until they can drink it without any sweetener at all.

    Might it help to start with say 25 percent urine to 75 water, then 50/50, then 75 urine and 25 water until you find you have no problem with 100 percent?

    Regards, Roger

  161. cool, thats good to hear so it has something to do with the ut. I have a great story to tell everyone. Recently we moved house and i had to resort to working out in this tiny shed we have i kept bumping into things and i lost it and punched and kicked a table(stupid i know) anyway i broke the table so i was in trouble for that and badly bruised my hand and toe to the point i could not walk on it. I remembered that i had a spray bottle i filled with urine 2-3 months ago and i remembered hearing great storys of people applying old urine to troubled areas. I applied some on my toe and got a small bandage wet it with some ut and tied it around my toe. In the morning i was amazed, my toe had completely healed overnight yet my hand was still badly bruised incredible. I remember reading a passage in the bible once and no im not cristian “drink water from your own cistern and running water from your own well” so perhaps it has something spiritual i certainly feel more spiritualy inclined since starting ut has anyone else experienced this? none the less ut is amazing stuff and i hope in the future more people can accept it as a healthy and natural thing. Peace.

  162. Hi Rob,

    About your comment on Feb. 19th, I always heard you should only drink fresh urine so I really have the same question you have, as to wether the old is good to drink or not? But one thing I noticed is if I store my urine in an open container then the ammonia does not build up, but it will go moldy in a few days to a week. Whereas if I store it in a closed container the ammmonia accumulates and it also forms a white sediment on the bottom. I am curious how you stored yours Rob? How does anyone else store theirs, in an open or closed container?


  163. Also, I forgot to mention but since starting UT over 3 years ago I also seem better at remembering names.


  164. Rob, about your commetn from Feb. 19th on drinking old urine. Do you store your rine in an open container or a closed container?

    I have noticed that if Istore it in an open container then the ammonia does not accumulate but the urine goes moldy in a few days or a week. But if I store it in a closed conatiner then the ammonia accumlates and a white sediment forms on the bottom. I am curious how you store yours and if you have observed this.


  165. Art i keep mine in juice or milk bottles and put then in my back pack and i always get that white substance at the bottom after 3-4 days i still drink it anyway it gives my throat an intense burn but i quickly drink water afterwards which stops it immediatly i still feel great so i will continue doing so. Peace.

  166. I just read on a dutch site that you should not drink the old urine. Only use it for …what’s the word for it? Outside your mouth.

  167. Rob, O.K. I will give this a try. So much of this UT seems to be experimental, as I have often read as Annette has that you should not drink the old stuff. But since you have done it with no ill affects then I am willing to try it. Do you really think the old urine is more effective than the fresh stuff?

    Normally I can drink even my morning urine without holding my nose, even if it is strong. But I think I will drink the old urine while holding my nose and have a glass of water readily available.


  168. I was reading that ut rejuvinates each and every cell in the body including the brain cells making it much harder for them to be destroyed. I know our brains are continuly creating brain cells thoughout life so that would mean the longer you do ut the more intellegent you will become. Since starting ut i never strain when thinking anymore everything is fluid comes and goes when i need it seems to be the same with other ut users to. Peace.

  169. Art

    Old urine is more potent so it has a stronger effect then regular urine. It also contains ammonia so i dont drink to much. It gives my throat an intense burn to every 3 days i take a day off so my throat doesn’t get to sore. Peace.

  170. I just started urine therapy two days ago. I started because I keep getting strange breakouts on my face.Not acne I don’t know what it is. Anyway I’m starting really slow with only a few drops a day. I was wondering how I should store my urine, as I would like to use it on my face.My question is do I need to keep it in the fridge or not?? Also I was wondering is taking it internally more effective?

  171. Rob, Thanks for the advice. After supper last night I urinated into a clean jar with a lid that I will try next week. I wonder if I added some vinegar, that the acetic acid in the vinegar would neutralize some of the ammonia making it so it will not give one a sore throat. What do you think, I might give it a try.

  172. Hi,
    Thanks for the tip about holding the nose Rob.I couldn’t get past the taste and aftertaste ,which is due, of course, to my diet.I discovered that if I swallow a dab of toothpaste and coat the back of my tongue/throat with it,I can swig one cup down with relative ease.What a difference!!!
    I don’t think that it will diminish the effect, as it almost acts like a carpet on my tongue, as opposed to diluting the urine with water or juice.

  173. Well, this has probably been asked countless times, but what’s good to mix urine with? I also heard that mixing may not be as effective??? Do people really have to drink full glasses for benefits?

    Thanks, M

    1. @Michelle: I do mix, and I do it by instinct. I mix with what seems right at the time. Actually, now that I think about it, I usually don’t mix for drinking, but I do mix for practicing neti. Maybe a nice tea, an oil, or just diluting with water.

    2. My friend applied urine to his head topically and saw new hair regrowth almost immediately. Try soaking a toque and wearing it to bed. Really

  174. Hi Rob, This morning I drank some urine I stored in closed glass jar for 3.5 days. There was not much of an ammonia odor so I drank all of it, about 250 mL without having to hold my breath. I stored this in our basement which is farily cool and is probaly the reason not much ammonia was formed. Anyway I thought it was an interesting to try this even though I am not sure it had anymore of a positive affect compared to drinking it fresh.

  175. Hello! I’m a 16 year old girl in high school and recently came across UT doing homework lol! I read More about it because it really interested me! My question is, what can UT do for me? I haven’t really read about people my age doing this, so it’s makeing me question whether or not I’m too young to try it! I’m pretty open-minded, so the fact that it’s urine doesn’t really scare me! I’m going to read more about it but I just had to ask that question first because I don’t want to go farther into research to find out I shouldn’t do this! A few of the main reasons I want to do this is for acne (my acne is not bad but I don’t think getting rid of it all will work) and because I’m actively involved in school and need more energy! I ask what this can do for me because of course I want to try it, I just want to know if it’s worth it for someone my age. thanks in advance:) oh and I told my friends about this, their expressions on their faces = priceless! Lol (just thought I’d share that)

  176. Hi,
    I am wondering if there is much said about UT and getting rid of parasites? Several holistic practitioners think it’s my problem. I know that Dainis passed a parasite on a urine fast, but I cannot even imagaine doing a fast like that, b/c I am weak, and I can’t go even a few hours without food, even at night. I was also wondering what your symptoms were Dainis before you started UT? Did you have parasitic symptoms, or others?

    And to Lin, from what I understand UT could be beneficial to even you, but hopefully others will comment, b/c I am fairly new to it all, and haven’t even read any of the books. Good luck.

  177. Hey ‘Chelle, you know, not one doctor told me I had “parasitic problems,” but now that I’ve passed a few…I see the issue in well just about everyone around me. If you feel weak, then definitely address that. Find out what strengthens you, eliminate what is weakening you, and definitely get the professional and therapeutic help you need. Going it alone is tough, and basically, even if your therapists have no idea about UT, generally, people who practice UT respond more quickly to appropriate therapies (and can withstand inappropriate therapies better).

  178. Hi Lin,
    You should always do your own research when considering a new therapy,treatment,religion,etc.The more information you have at your fingertips will help you to determine if this is right for you.After all,each and every one of us has a unique set of circumstances that inspires us to seek help and healing,which sometimes brings us to the strangest places.Having said that,UT, by all the accounts that I have read(and my wife’s and my own experience),is not harmful to the body.It contains enzymes,hormones,nutrients,and maybe most importantly,antibodies.Even though you may be a vibrant 16 year old,there’s nothing wrong with practicing preventative medicine.By that I mean that by practicing UT, you would be reingesting antibodies specifically manufactured by your immune system to fight allergies and illnesses that you have,and some that you may not even be aware of.As you gather more information,you can best determine for yourself,what level of practice best suits your needs.Good Luck!

  179. Can you add essential oils to your urine if applying topically? Will you still receive the benefits or can the essential oil destroy some of the vital components?

    1. @Sandra: Interesting, I respond this way. Sure, you can add essential oils. Some people soak the UT in herbs. Regarding benefits. Makes sense that certain oils could destroy certain vital components. I mean, take tea tree oil, that’s gotta do somethin’! However, whether those components are what you need at that moment would be the question. So, certain essential oils may enhance particular effects and reduce others. Think about the difference between oregano oil and lavender oil. I mean, we’re talking worlds of difference, you know? So, if you like it and it feels good, I’d say that’s a pretty important aspect to this whole process. Let us know what oils you mix with, what you like, and basically, what seems to do what for you. Best wishes and thanks for asking.

    2. @Sandra: Interesting, I respond this way. Sure, you can add essential oils. Some people soak the UT in herbs. Regarding benefits. Makes sense that certain oils could destroy certain vital components. I mean, take tea tree oil, that’s gotta do somethin’! However, whether those components are what you need at that moment would be the question. So, certain essential oils may enhance particular effects and reduce others. Think about the difference between oregano oil and lavender oil. I mean, we’re talking worlds of difference, you know? So, if you like it and it feels good, I’d say that’s a pretty important aspect to this whole process. Let us know what oils you mix with, what you like, and basically, what seems to do what for you. Best wishes and thanks for asking.

  180. Hey dainis,

    Have you ever experienced cloudy urine during ut? Yesterday i experienced this and i thought perhaps it was a sign that my body was filtering out some germs. I drunk it anyway thinking if it was an infection of some kind it would be smart to send it back into my body to fix it that’s how ut works yes? Peace.

  181. Hi Sandra,
    If you’re considering UT for skin conditioning ,it shouldn’t diminish the effect.In fact, if you’re using several days old urine and would like to enjoy the increased effect by NOT washing off the urine,the oils would definitely make it easier to go out in public,if you know what I mean.I used older urine about a month ago for my hair,and while I did wash it out after a few hours,I could still detect the residual odors.I think I washed it off with tea tree oil shampoo.But I went out to a party that night, and as you might expect, I was a bit self conscious about the possibility of lingering odors.On the other hand,if you’re applying it topically to be absorbed by the skin for its curative properties,it might interfere with the chemical compositions that are unique to your urine.Urine massage is one of the best ways to absorb it into your system for medical reasons,and you wouldn’t want to dilute its’ potency by adding outside factors.

  182. Hi Dainis

    Do you know if it is believed that rinsing the inside of the mouth with urine is beneficial to the gums, in particular with regard to treating gum disease?

  183. Can drinking urine be a help against Osteoporose?
    and if you use UT can you use presciption drgs like Alendronineacid (zuur)
    be blessed


  184. Hi there,
    i have a dear friend whom the doctors gave him six months to live because of a pancreas cancer and i realy dont know how to open the subject about urine therapy to him , he is not well educated and am afraid he will reject the idea of urine therapy,and what if he will try does he have to stop all the medecines he is taking now, please answer me.
    thank you

    1. @tony: this is what i would do: purchase john armstrong’s “water of life” and give that book to your friend. say that there are other books on the topic. that’s it. death is a part of life. your friend may die, and right now, that’s likely. regarding medicines, it is your friend’s body that will inform him about the efficacy of medications. he will either continue with them, taper off, increase, change diet, etc. there are many stories of urine therapy saving peoples’ lives when they were given days, weeks, or months to live. at least when given the “death sentence,” it may open up additional possibilities. someone who would have otherwise been closed to urine therapy, with nothing to lose, may choose ut. however, as unfortunate as it is, because of the nature of our consciousness as a society, i find it the exception rather than the rule that people would even try…however, that is an untested assumption and i don’t know. it is very hard to watch people die when you know that ut can help. for me, hurricane Katrina was a horrible event, because people died waiting for water instead of drinking their urine and surviving. there they were, on the news, floating in the water.

      for your friend, even with ut there is no guarantee…

      if you like, let us know how things go

      1. I have this book “The Water of Life” by John Armstrong in digital format, as well as several other books about UT, Diet and Fasting (all in pdf format), easy to share, and I am willing to send them to anyone who is interested in reading these books or to share them with friends and relatives. My e-mail is
        I also have many books in Spanish, as well. Please feel free to contact me with a request for these books and I will be very glad to send them to you.
        I have done UT for one year now, and I am convinced that is very good for maintaining health, together with a proper diet, fasting and exercise.

      2. you know, i’ve been meaning to contact the “water of life foundation” (i think there is one), to see if we could share a PDF version of armstrong’s book here. i stay clean regarding software, music, copyright stuff, etc., so i’d need to get around to asking. if anyone would care to ask on our behalf, that would be great. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. @tony: this is what i would do: purchase john armstrong’s “water of life” and give that book to your friend. say that there are other books on the topic. that’s it. death is a part of life. your friend may die, and right now, that’s likely. regarding medicines, it is your friend’s body that will inform him about the efficacy of medications. he will either continue with them, taper off, increase, change diet, etc. there are many stories of urine therapy saving peoples’ lives when they were given days, weeks, or months to live. at least when given the “death sentence,” it may open up additional possibilities. someone who would have otherwise been closed to urine therapy, with nothing to lose, may choose ut. however, as unfortunate as it is, because of the nature of our consciousness as a society, i find it the exception rather than the rule that people would even try…however, that is an untested assumption and i don’t know. it is very hard to watch people die when you know that ut can help. for me, hurricane Katrina was a horrible event, because people died waiting for water instead of drinking their urine and surviving. there they were, on the news, floating in the water.

      for your friend, even with ut there is no guarantee…

      if you like, let us know how things go

  185. Hello everyone!

    I’m a freelance writer doing some research on Urine Therapy, and I’m looking to get in touch with experts, advocates, and/or practitioners of UT to talk about the science behind it and its effects.

    If you know/are a doctor, naturopath or uropath, I would love to hear from you. Or if you’ve been practicing UT for years and would like to share your story, please contact me through this posting.



  186. I cannot take anyherbs or vitamins by mouth at this tine. need to know if I can rub vut /a and Vit E in my feet and if it would be absorbes. I also need to know if I could put Dong Quai and other herbs in a foot soak and would it be absorbed. I am so desperate for any answers to how I can get what I need – also alfalfa tablets in a foot bath. Thank you so much.

  187. Hello

    I am painting my new house and i am wondering if it’s ok to drink urine when you are busy with paint.


  188. Annette: Hmm…tasting your urine will let you know whether you’re using “good” paint or not. Is the paint toxic? It’s a feedback mechanism. Surely, the toxins are at least as dangerous the first time around as the second! ๐Ÿ™‚

  189. Thanks daines

    Do you also know how long it takes to get the toxics out of your body? Or is there something that may help?


  190. Dear Annette: Wow, there are lots and lots of ways, and UT supports them. I suggest a website called for more information. David Wolfe recently had a longevity conference, and I participated in the webcast. It was very good and only cost $97. I would highly recommend it, if it comes on the market. I also have the replay, and it works very well. The video and audio quality are quite remarkable, and the speakers address things like nutrition, toxins, parasites, all kinds of diseases and ailments, superfoods, supernutrition, etc.

    Do let us know what you choose for getting toxins out of your body. There are so many ways. Search and find something that feels right for you.

    You can even have a magnetic mud bath! ha!

  191. Hi Dainis
    Do you know if rinsing the inside of the mouth with urine is beneficial to the gums, or for treating gum disease?

  192. I have been doing uropathy since July and know that I will continue. I use it as a preventative maintenance protocol. I wake up at around 2-3 in the morning and have my cup ready and digest my urine. I have even more enery and feel great. It does take a little adjusting to get used to the cocktail but from all the studies out there I am a true believer!

  193. Forgotto mention that I even do a nasal wash with my urine. All this pollen this time if year it really helps. Give it a try! don’t know until you “just do it”

  194. Hi Dainis. Thank you for this great website! I have been doing Urine Therapy for a little over a week now to clear my acne. It has helped quite a bit but there are still a few stubborn blemishes that won’t leave. I am wondering, should I discontinue using my skin soap & moisturizer? I feel like the chemicals in these products may interfere with the positive results of the UT.

    Also, I have an ovarian cyst that used to interfere with my cycle. Since getting holistic Chiropractic treatment, my cycle is regular again, but the cyst is still there. I feel that this cyst is what causes hormonal imbalances in me & therefore creates acne. About how long do you think it will take for UT to help with this?

    In other news, I have started to eat much better since doing UT. I usually adore very greasy foods, such as McDonald’s. But now I look at foods like that & cringe. I know the UT will be much more enjoyable if I stick to healthy food, which I’ve actually begun to crave. I’ve really started to listen to my body & understand the information my urine gives to me. I also noticed that I’ve been sleeping really well.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, & thank you again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Wow, great results in only one week, that’s really something Dee! When you write

      I feel like the chemicals in these products may interfere with the positive results of the UT.

      …that’s your cue to seek further. Try your life with and without them…see if it’s a specific ingredient if you want. Your experiments can first last a day, then a week, then a month. You can allow your body and experience to tell you what is working for you (and what particular substances/chemicals actually “do”). Then, in a year, there may be a situation where you go “huh, this substance would be useful for me right now,” even though you haven’t used it for a while.

      Regarding length of time for the cyst: Urine Therapy is its own Time Zone. Investigate “causality.” Does the cyst actually “cause” anything? Or are physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual reasons for the cyst that come from external or internal sources? Seek, investigate, and if you want, monitor and test.

      If you’ve been eating greasy foods, then I’m glad UT is giving you some good news early on. For “greasies” (I was a bit of one), some heavy clearing sometimes happens either right away or a bit of the way in. Let us know, if you continue, cuz UT generally teaches through relief and results, though sometimes, one has to go through “healing crises,” which are not always pleasant, though there is a distinct difference in “quality” when one is in a healing crisis as opposed to when one is ill.

      I’ve decided to make our exclusive private community available to everyone, so come on back over the next few days (or in a week or so), and there will be a whole new community available to the world of UT.

  195. hey,

    Iv’e been using urine topically for 2 weeks now with great results skin is glowing and looks refreshed. I have mild acne and that cleared up in 5 days since then i started putting on some urine at night once it dried i went to sleep but after some time the acne came back possibly because if the urine collecting dust etc during the night? So im going to just put on on before i shower what would be the optimum time to leave it on? Peace.

  196. Hi Dainis.

    I’m wondering if you might reply to the email i sent you a week or so ago?

    Many thanks..

    Kevin Sullivan

  197. Hi,
    I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 2 years ago and put on a dose of methotrexate, which alleviated the symptoms. After about a year and a half, I began being concerned about the toxicity of methotrexate and decided to stop taking it and begin urine therapy. I had positive results (hair, skin, bowels, no joint pain), but after being on it for a couple of months, I had blood labs and it was revealed that my white blood count (WBC) was dangerously low. After several months of monitoring my blood, no progress. At first I thought low WBC was triggered by urine therapy. My rheumatologist thinks UT had nothing to do with it, that it is probably a condition known as Felty’s syndrome, a rare RA related disease in which the spleen becomes enlarged by sequestering the white blood cells. I have the enlarg ed spleen, etc. so odds are good that this is the problem, but conclusive proof will come when they do a bone marrow biopsy to determine if my marrow is manufacturing proper WBCs in the first place. Here is my dilemma: I just came off a 4-day urine fast supplemented with vegetable broth and fruit juice (I had to work) and the WBC is still low, no improvement. The general treatment for Felty’s is methotrexate, the same drug I was on. The problem is: if on methotrexate, a toxic drug, I will be unable to continue UT. Have I just not gone far enough? I ceased UT for about a week and the WBCs came up somewhat. This leads me to believe that the urine may be causing the Felty’s temporarily in order to herd rogue WBCs to the spleen in order to deal with the RA, which is an autoimmune disorder. I say temporarily because I want to believe that UT is ultimately a perfect balancer, but I was discouraged by the continued low WBC. I know I didn’t get RA overnight, but what’s an acceptable UT treatment time vs. putting myself at risk for being very susceptible to potential infection by having low WBCs. In general, I feel pretty good on UT, but a little more run down than I should, having low WBCs. The bottom line is I can find no info on Felty’s short of medical pathology stuff that involves medication. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of anyone who has had related experience, who could give me additional insight/advice. Any pertinent insight would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I would get an xray of your cervical vertebra and see how misaligned your atlas is. If it is putting pressure on the base of your brain stem, that could be the cause of all your symptoms to begin with. The problem can possibly be corrected through superior cervical adjustments (atlas adjustments) from an UPPER CERVICAL Dr. of CHIROPRACTIC. Please check out this site from a south Florida Doctor. Watch the “WHY STRESS” video.
      All cells replicate based on an impulse or hormone from the brain, if there is a bone putting pressure on the brain stem, replication capacity will not be at 100%. Take the pressure off the brain, and your body has an amazing innate healing capacity.

  198. Hey dainis sorry for all the questions haha but the other day i was doing ut and this intense feeling of joy came over me i was so happy and my ut tasted so good it was like a magic potion haha honestly have never felt so happy in my life it was like an orgasm of joy lol im sure its from the ut. I want to thank you because if i hadn’t found your video on youtube i would have never found this site and never found out about ut! So thank you very much :).

  199. wtf is wrong with you people, why would you drink your own urine, i mite only if i was starving in the desert,… seriously. and its not even that you guys all talk about how it tastes good and how when you drink it it feels like a smile, wtf!!!!! thats so gay and weird, what is this a masocuist cult or something??!!! drinking your urine is fuked up all around i dont mean to be judgemental or too harsh, but it is my strong belief that you should all seek therepy and please for the love of god stop recruting people to join your messed up wranchy, kinki fuked up group. If you have problems you dont need to spread them around. Misery dose not love company.

  200. Bob Smith,

    Unfortunately, urine therapy won’t help your spelling. If it seems “fuked up” to you, find another site to lurk about on. There are numerous multi-national corporations that could make good use of your generous spirit.

  201. Bob smith,

    I am proof that ut works my skin hair and body look much much better since starting ut i have much more energy and have not been sick since starting it so you can be ignorant all you want but are getting healthier everyday and if you did some research you would know that. Peace.

  202. As a Chrsitian, I was interested in following up on the Biblical quote about “your own cistern’.

    For everyone’s info it’s in The Book of Proverbs, Chapter 5 Verse 15.

  203. Can we PLEASE have the comments window in some other colour? I didn’t notice my in-correct spelling until my message was sub-mitted and the white lettering showed up.

    Christian should of course be spelt correctly.

    1. Dear Roger, I agree wholeheartedly about the theme here. This is my suggestion: when wanting from, you might consider giving to. How could you support in exchange for receiving better functionality?

  204. wtf is wrong with you people, why would you drink your own urine, i mite only if i was starving in the desert,โ€ฆ seriously. and its not even that you guys all talk about how it tastes good and how when you drink it it feels like a smile, wtf!!!!! thats so gay and weird, what is this a masocuist cult or something??!!! drinking your urine is fuked up all around i dont mean to be judgemental or too harsh, but it is my strong belief that you should all seek therepy and please for the love of god stop recruting people to join your messed up wranchy, kinki fuked up group. If you have problems you dont need to spread them around. Misery dose not love company.

    Bob, there is an old and wise saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. It relates to not criticising someone’s actions until you have experienced what you are critisising for yourself. I don’t suggest you try this path but are there legitimate grounds for criticising when you have not? I knew a lady who, when asked to taste an oyster, said she didn’t like them. I found out later she had nebver even tasted one – it was the thought thereof that motivated her.

    As for the word gay, I wish people would give it back its original meaning of happy. The ‘gay’ lobby has hijacked a lovely word and in my opinion totally mis-applied it. This is not meant as an anti homosexual comment.

    Bob, please give to God His due and a capital letter for His name? Also, what is ‘wranchy’ – do you mean raunchy? Also the old Anglo-saxon epithet has a c in it. ‘Dose’ equates to medicines and you mean ‘does’.

    English lessons aside I do wish you peace. Please accept that not all humans are the same and we all have our foibles and faults. I leave you with a very funny comment that I understand arose in Somerset, England. “Sometimes I think the ‘ole world be mad ‘cept thee and me and at times I be not too zure ’bout thee”.

    Bob, calm yourself and live and let live. God bless you.


  205. Hi again, after few months away now would update my posts, hope with a sufficient english,,

    to Roseagle—
    thanks, d’you know italian “Grazie?”eheh. I’m sure massage/bathing/skin soaking/ gargling,
    /mucosas soaking, since I’m doing that for 19 yrs by then, are very important practices you can do
    together with drinking, as well as the only ones when you are just starting UT, because skin
    is an other way of feeding blood and lymph. Indeed is better not to hurry go dinking if body
    is not yet clean or when still using chem meds, chem soaps-toothpastes, unhealthy foods etc…
    in these cases only fresh-U massage could go sometimes-somecases.

    Then about MENSTRUATION (Alyssa, Chelle)
    I don’t think drink’ dangerous during menstr, along with tradition, books, and most
    experienced UT healers as Armstrong, sure blood can get into, but this is not a real problem
    if body is healthy and good general habits. What about you swallow some blood when mouth injury?
    Still you might want suspend some days, with menstruation opportunity of course,
    and it might be the moment for more external use.

    and about woman FERTILITY
    you can find something interesting in Tall Schaller (Amaroli) to enhance fertility,
    reported in an indian couple, to start further reflections.

    Chelle on OLD-U, Rob and others, and about PERSISTENCE on skin
    Old urine is the best used externally and its odor corrected by soaking it in herbs,or apllying
    oils on the skin/hair, and it’s normal a deposit/ a cloudy look after some days aging,
    but it’s not necessary use it to drnk instead of the fresh one, don’t think there might be any advantage,
    rather can be a danger to force our body with free NH3 instead of urea.
    About how long keep it on the skin before washing, better not to wash at all,, when possible, when we can
    leave it fully absorbed.
    To chelle would also say we may more probably be allergic to outside stuff than own fluids, not to get
    any phobya against body fluids, and to be careful to go teasing himmunity system,
    expecially avoid any injection. We should first correct any habit and stuff responsible of aleergies.

    to CosmicA about FOOD ALLERGIES
    It’s better start with a few pee on your hands, and go on bit by bit, before trying a drink.

    Lucie, Rob , about REFRIG. – STORAGE
    I would ask them what may be the advantages to get urine refrigerated for drinking
    instead of the fresh one always available.
    And about storage for external use only, I usually notice a better odor and look when it is stored in
    open Jars with just a cloth on, than when is closed.
    In fact for the first days must release gas NH3, after that you could close it if you want try,
    and I actually tried the close one after 1 year, a kind of brown fluid very strong and aromatic,
    only must be careful with the very old one for is caustic on sensitive skin.

    Meanwhile, good experience! Bye to Dainis too.

    Hi again, after few months away now would update my posts, hope with a sufficient english,,

    to Roseagle—
    thanks, d’you know italian “Grazie?”eheh. I’m sure massage/bathing/skin soaking/ gargling,
    /mucosas soaking, since I’m doing that for 19 yrs by then, are very important practices you can do
    together with drinking, as well as the only ones when you are just starting UT, because skin
    is an other way of feeding blood and lymph. Indeed is better not to hurry go dinking if body
    is not yet clean or when still using chem meds, chem soaps-toothpastes, unhealthy foods etc…
    in these cases only fresh-U massage could go sometimes-somecases.

    Then about MENSTRUATION (Alyssa, Chelle)
    I don’t think drink’ dangerous during menstr, along with tradition, books, and most
    experienced UT healers as Armstrong, sure blood can get into, but this is not a real problem
    if body is healthy and good general habits. What about you swallow some blood when mouth injury?
    Still you might want suspend some days, with menstruation opportunity of course,
    and it might be the moment for more external use.

    and about woman FERTILITY
    you can find something interesting in Tall Schaller (Amaroli) to enhance fertility,
    reported in an indian couple, to start further reflections.

    Chelle on OLD-U, Rob and others, and about PERSISTENCE on skin
    Old urine is the best used externally and its odor corrected by soaking it in herbs,or apllying
    oils on the skin/hair, and it’s normal a deposit/ a cloudy look after some days aging,
    but it’s not necessary use it to drnk instead of the fresh one, don’t think there might be any advantage,
    rather can be a danger to force our body with free NH3 instead of urea.
    About how long keep it on the skin before washing, better not to wash at all,, when possible, when we can
    leave it fully absorbed.
    To chelle would also say we may more probably be allergic to outside stuff than own fluids, not to get
    any phobya against body fluids, and to be careful to go teasing himmunity system,
    expecially avoid any injection. We should first correct any habit and stuff responsible of aleergies.

    to CosmicA about FOOD ALLERGIES
    It’s better start with a few pee on your hands, and go on bit by bit, before trying a drink.

    Lucie, Rob , about REFRIG. – STORAGE
    I would ask them what may be the advantages to get urine refrigerated for drinking
    instead of the fresh one always available.
    And about storage for external use only, I usually notice a better odor and look when it is stored in
    open Jars with just a cloth on, than when is closed.
    In fact for the first days must release gas NH3, after that you could close it if you want try,
    and I actually tried the close one after 1 year, a kind of brown fluid very strong and aromatic,
    only must be careful with the very old one for is caustic on sensitive skin.

    Meanwhile, good experience! Bye to Dainis too.

  206. Hi again, after few months away now would update my posts, hope with a sufficient english,,

    to Roseagle—
    thanks, d’you know italian “Grazie?”eheh. I’m sure massage/bathing/skin soaking/ gargling,
    /mucosas soaking, since I’m doing that for 19 yrs by then, are very important practices you can do
    together with drinking, as well as the only ones when you are just starting UT, because skin
    is an other way of feeding blood and lymph. Indeed is better not to hurry go dinking if body
    is not yet clean or when still using chem meds, chem soaps-toothpastes, unhealthy foods etc…
    in these cases only fresh-U massage could go sometimes-somecases.

    Then about MENSTRUATION (Alyssa, Chelle)
    I don’t think drink’ dangerous during menstr, along with tradition, books, and most
    experienced UT healers as Armstrong, sure blood can get into, but this is not a real problem
    if body is healthy and good general habits. What about you swallow some blood when mouth injury?
    Still you might want suspend some days, with menstruation opportunity of course,
    and it might be the moment for more external use.

    and about woman FERTILITY
    you can find something interesting in Tall Schaller (Amaroli) to enhance fertility,
    reported in an indian couple, to start further reflections.

    Chelle on OLD-U, Rob and others, and about PERSISTENCE on skin
    Old urine is the best used externally and its odor corrected by soaking it in herbs,or apllying
    oils on the skin/hair, and it’s normal a deposit/ a cloudy look after some days aging,
    but it’s not necessary use it to drnk instead of the fresh one, don’t think there might be any advantage,
    rather can be a danger to force our body with free NH3 instead of urea.
    About how long keep it on the skin before washing, better not to wash at all,, when possible, when we can
    leave it fully absorbed.
    To chelle would also say we may more probably be allergic to outside stuff than own fluids, not to get
    any phobya against body fluids, and to be careful to go teasing himmunity system,
    expecially avoid any injection. We should first correct any habit and stuff responsible of aleergies.

    to CosmicA about FOOD ALLERGIES
    It’s better start with a few pee on your hands, and go on bit by bit, before trying a drink.

    Lucie, Rob , about REFRIG. – STORAGE
    I would ask them what may be the advantages to get urine refrigerated for drinking
    instead of the fresh one always available.
    And about storage for external use only, I usually notice a better odor and look when it is stored in
    open Jars with just a cloth on, than when is closed.
    In fact for the first days must release gas NH3, after that you could close it if you want try,
    and I actually tried the close one after 1 year, a kind of brown fluid very strong and aromatic,
    only must be careful with the very old one for is caustic on sensitive skin.

    Meanwhile, good experience! Bye to Dainis too.

  207. Thanks Rob, I’ll be tweaking the logo and likely reducing the height of the header…glad you like it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Dainis for the altered site. I thinks it’s great now and there’s no eye strain owing to the black on purple. I noted your comments about contributing as well as giving what I intended was a positive criticism.

    2. There’s a tendency online for people to see a website, and just want want want want. In a sense, it’s unfortunate, but it’s understandable. You were absolutely right about the site, and making changes takes time…and money…

      As an online personality, it sometimes amazes me that people will ask questions and then get mad at me if I don’t answer within a day or two. Just because I am #1 in Google for certain topics does not mean that I can spend 30 minutes per person to reply to their needs or wants. I’m still adjusting here, because it’s time for financial reciprocation.

      I have people getting in touch with all kinds of needs, wants, illnesses, situations, questions, etc. It’s wonderful, and even when dealing with something holy, free, and powerful such as urine therapy…fair financial exchange is a part of abundant human life. It is my sincere hope that the donations-only model will work for this site, as it did not with a website I run about tinnitus.

  208. Hey dainis i know that urine contains androgens and estrogen etc but does it also contain any form of growth hormone i can’t find any studies on it. Thanks.

  209. Googled “urine growth hormone” and found a bunch of stuff. There are tests to find out how much HGH is in urine, so I guess it’s safe to conclude that growth hormone is present in urine.

    1. Thanks. In 50 years they could be testing people in the olympics for doing urine therapy haha. Im gaining allot more muscle now from my workouts and its easy to stay lean powerful stuff!

      1. Your experience is quite common…though you are gaining a purely natural advantage…there is nothing to test for…you are you…you are enhancing yourself through purely natural and legal means…now if you are using any illegal substances, those will go through you more than once, and the second time they may be more bio available (at least that is likely), but those substances will stay in your system either longer (because they resist integration) or shorter (because through UT, you integrate them faster).

  210. Hi Dainis,
    I have been doing UT since last July. I started it as a preventive maintaince protocol and have really notice more energy, glowing skin and wonderful bowel movements.
    Yesterday I had a blood test done that I order yearly through “” (don’t need a Dr’s order). It’s great!
    Anyway my SGPT and monocytes come back a little on the high side.
    I feel that it is possible that UT might have caused the elevation.
    Since everything goes through our liver, this is just another sign that my body is still cleansing itself. Thoughts on that Dainis!
    Yes I like your new look too!
    In appreciation to being able to come here and post a note and share it with others!
    I tip my glass to UT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  211. I would like to know if anybody as had success with ut for gastritis. I have been doing it for 3 weeks now and I am trying to get of the meds they are giving me. I have been fighting the heartburn, and have not taken the pills for 4 days now. I still have heartburn but just fight through it. Anybody have good luck with this aliment…..thanks……Larry

    1. Larry, i just commented for Ray, and for me, this is about really “listening in” to your body. I don’t feel good about you saying “fight through it,” but that’s a choice you can choose to make. I felt that way at one point, so I understand, it’s just that violence or fighting or even aggressive thinking…they tend to be able to cause damage. I also suggest doing a lot of reading. Really inform all parts of your experience with knowledge. So address the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects of what is going on for you…and find relief. Allow the UT to help you make better and better decisions about how to proceed, when or if to stop certain medications, etc. And it’s really fun and useful to have diagnostic test along the way to “prove” certain improvements. For example, I had some blood tests that showed me that UT was helping me…it made me feel more secure with the process…

  212. Hi! I have a question about Urine Therapy for acne.. I have pretty bad acne in between my boobs and its very red and scarred and stuff ๐Ÿ™ I came across Urine Therapy and was like I’M SOLD! I got decent results at first.. I’m only on day 3. I started drinking it last night. But now my acne is getting kinda worse. Little skin colored and red pimples are starting to appear where I topically apply the urine. Should I stop? Is this normal? Is this just ordinary inital breakout? PLEASE HELP!

    1. Ray, really “listen in” to your body and find out what is going on and what is best for you. Also: read. Read all you can about UT. Now, on day 3, you could be cleansing…so stuff might need to come out of your body…but i don’t know. You could also have things in your diet that actually cause you to break out…and then when you apply that urine, it’s showing you “hey this stuff causes you to break out.” So really “feel into” what is going on and use all of your capacities to make the best decision you can for yourself. Get help if you want or need it and progress safely while acquiring knowledge and experience.

    1. hi richard: the way to approach that is to do your homework. UT will help…but is it all you need? Have you done your reading, your homework, do you know what’s going on with your health? If you care more about your health than your hair, then I think that’s a good approach. If you care more about hair than health, then you can go a cosmetic route.

  213. Heya dainis,

    I was thinking to myself recently how my mental clarity seems to have picked up 10 fold since starting urine therapy and my learning and memory have improved considerably although my english could certainly do with some work haha. I was reading back through your posts and you seem highly intellegent. My question to you is this, before starting urine therapy were your as mentally capable as you are now? Thanks.

    1. Wow Rob, what a great question…and a nice thing to say too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s the deal: I tested as intelligent enough in the 6th grade to have them try to jump me up to 8th grade. Except I cried so much and wanted to stay with my friends so much that they did not make me jump the grades. It would have been really weird.

      I think I “dampened” my intelligence after that and though I did well academically, I left things to the last minute and kind of challenged my intellect by, for example, learning a semester’s worth of chemistry over a 3-day weekend. I wasn’t dumb about that, though, cuz my mom is a chemistry professor, and though I did not apply myself at all over the course of a semester, I worked it out with my mom to have a 3-day crash course study session for my final exam…I wound up with the 4th highest grade on the Chem final out of like 800 students at the University of Illinois.

      So, “smartness” has always been there, but I’ve also been very adept at learning things quickly and forgetting them. I never understood why my retention was so crappy, because literally, I’d “know” everything for my exams and then just forget.

      Since then, I’ve read that the brain discards knowledge it finds “completed,” and that makes sense to me about the retention issue.

      Now, my father is an old testament scholar, and my mother has her PhD in physical chemistry. Both placed HIGH value on effective thought, and the “scientific method” has been a dinner discussion for me since childhood.

      I would say though, that prior to UT, I started experiencing some brain haze. As smart as I “was,” I just didn’t pick things up as quickly, and certain learning processes presented themselves as difficult, which was odd to me.

      Also, there is the matter of emotional intelligence.

      So, UT, as I’ve stated here many times, does things at its own pace. “It,” if you can put it that way, has its own “intelligence.”

      So, I started UT with the intention of specific physical healing. I wanted to heal from tinnitus. But it didn’t do that. It freed up my joints, it freed me of allergies, it gave me ridiculous physical strength (which is still seriously weird), and now I’m experiencing some of the other things described in the Sanskrit texts like certain psychic abilities.

      So, I am coming into or “back” to a kind of intelligence and clarity that I “knew” in childhood, and that feels really really good.

      So, yes, I was always highly mentally capable…

      BUT…the mind ain’t all we’ve got…and I’d forgotten about that.

      Certain problems are simply not to be resolved by the mind. We have the heart, we have the liver, we have the spirit. We have “intelligences” in us that are seriously amazing to experience…and I’m starting to dive into those intelligences. For example, I’m sitting at a cafe right now and instead of looking at the words appear on the screen, I’m looking around the cafe. Why not?

      My mental clarity has, however, not only been a blessing for me. People “in authority” have occasionally found it extremely difficult to have me around. “Being right” is hard when there are people in the world who are more interested in maintaining authority than in seeking truth. I seek truth. That bothers people.

      The cool thing is that the scientific method supports truth, so regarding UT, you should try it…have a discussion with a scientist about UT. They will either migrate towards truth or present themselves as “paper scientists,” who place their untested assumptions ahead of the scientific method.

      Where I’d like to take this discussion to is: emotional intelligence.

      To date, I’ve been extremely emotionally vulnerable to emotional and financial predators.

      THAT has finally shifted.

      Thank effing God.

      So, when looking at mental clarity, and when experiencing it…I recommend allowing for other kinds of clarity to come in, including emotional and spiritual clarity…and possibly other kinds of clarity.

      The thing about practicing UT, is that you start learning that your experience is what matters. You feel what is happening, and honestly, who cares what other people “think?”

      I mean, no more allergies, mega-strength, clarity on levels I really didn’t even “accept” existed, etc. etc.

      Now, in my recent illness, I was told that I could have died. It was an extreme infection and it hurt more than any illness I’ve ever had in my life. And even that was somehow tempered by UT. I washed my bleeding nasal passages with diluted urine and could breathe for a few hours.

      And in a sense, the infection “came out,” though I know some of it is still “in there,” and well, the UT is making my body the kind of place where this infection no longer wants to stay around…so how to “let” the infection out without again sinking into incredible pain and a life-threatening situation?

      Also, how to come to a place where emotional and financial predators cannot “take me down?”

      I’m actually learning something called “verbal judo” right now, and I find it fascinating and helpful.

      So, being “mentally capable” is like having a good left jab. We still need to get good at the rest of the punches and blocks and body positioning etc. etc. (boxing analogy, though I am not a boxer, so plz forgive me, if I’m messing up the terms…)

      So certainly expect your mental clarity to continue to improve and watch for other improvements. Also, don’t neglect your research and reading…

      1. Do you think it’s appropriate to resort to blasphemy?
        Thank effing God.

        As a Christian I take exception to the expression you used in joining the F word – even in altered format – to the Holy Name of God. Please amend this behaviour.


      2. Do you think itโ€™s appropriate to resort to blasphemy?

        I think it’s ok to report what you feel is blasphemous. However, maybe there is a “blasphemy” forum for such reports. For example, it would make sense for us to define blasphemy, if we were to continue discussing…but it doesn’t really seem to be a discussion that fits with the concept of UT very well…unless you are directly talking about UT and blasphemy…

        As a Christian I take exception to the expression you used in joining the F word โ€“ even in altered format โ€“ to the Holy Name of God.

        Since I am in the back end of this website, i actually cannot see which comment or video you are talking about, and i don’t know if I said “thank effing God” or someone else did. However, I respect that you take exception to the expression.

        Please amend this behaviour.

        Up until making your demand, I am really with you on your comment. However, asking another person to “amend” their behavior based on your religious views is unacceptable on this forum. We are a topical, and supportive environment for urine therapy, and commanding others based on religious views is not welcome. I have not yet published my guidelines for posts here, but I will do so soon. There will be some do’s and don’ts. For example here are some don’ts:

        * verbal abuse
        * projection
        * logical fallacies
        * talking about other people in a negative light (talking about their character, etc.)
        * commanding others to do things

        You may certainly express yourself here, however, attempts to modify the behavior of others will be seen as an infraction of the rules. People are here voluntarily, and each person is responsible for their own health and actions.

    2. Nice so genetics played a big part and ut helped to “polish” things off and “open” new areas of the brain, nice. Im looking forward to finding my inner genius haha. Thanks allot.

    3. Hey Rob, let me give you a litte tip: change the verb on “finding” your inner genius. You can’t find something that’s already there. It’s just there. Maybe “recognizing” or “acknowledging,” but even that is too much work. Feel what it feels like to practice UT. Do you feel that warmth? That glow that feels like the warm summer sun?

  214. Nice so genetics played a big part and ut helped to “polish” things off and “open” new areas of the brain. nice. Im looking forward to enhancing my inner genius haha. Thanks allot.

  215. Hi. I just started with UT about a week ago. Simply read about it, thought it was interesting, revolutionary, and decided to give it a try, although a bit scared at first. But the urine (surprisingly!) tasted good, and about the second or third day I was taking the very morning one, middle flow, pure (no longer mixed with water, as I did at first). Apart from that, I use it on my face and eyes also. It is just a week, you know, but my eyes feel less tired than before, my skin looks great, shinny, glorious! The only drawback is that at first I felt a bit more sleepy than usual, but I think that is gone now.
    Well, to my question: I would like to get pregnant, and read the most contradictory things in the web concerning that matter. Some people say UT is contraceptive (just like the pill), others claim it enhances fertility for both men and women. What to believe? The pill gives the body some artificial hormones (which resembles estrogen and progesterone, always in the same dosage, as far as I know), the UT gives some hormones back to the body (not just the real estrogen and progesterone, but all the rest too: LH, FSH, in acordance with the real female cicle). Would that cause cessation of ovulation? To me, it seems unlikely. On the other hand, it would be interesting if UT could be used too as a contraceptive, a natural one, without any harmful effects on the body or the biodiversity.

    1. You wish! not a contraceptive for sure. The hormones do not do so well in the digestive system. The only bit of hormone recycling you will do is from putting it on the skin and absorbing it that way; as you age you will be very grateful for recycling hormone a little that way as you go. Put it on your whole body. Do you legs if you don’t like cellulite! We are the only mammals that don’t use urine for health. 2/3 pregnancies end with miscarriage… I do not believe for one instance that UT would cause miscarriage. The body likes to practice and to make good choices. UT strengthens the brain’s ability to make good choices by giving perfect feedback about it’s functions, the urine being the end product of the brain’s biochemical work at achieving homeostasis. Congratulations on your bravery in trying UT. You will reap many rewards as you go, breaching a taboo and being larger than the community around you is only the first of many. Welcome to sanity.

  216. Hi, I am Amy and I started UT just about 10 days ago. I read about it, found it very interesting, decided to give it a try, and the morning after was drinking a bit, mixed with water. Now, I drink almost a glass full, pure, first stream (middle) in the morning. My skin looks gorgeous!

    My question is: Iยดd like to get pregnant, and got some reading on the internet about amaroli acting as a contraceptive. On the other hand, there are lots of sites saying quite the opposite, that it enhances fertility. I donยดt know what to believe.

    Thinking about it, I really donยดt know why amaroli (UT) could act as a contraceptive, as the pill, as far as I know, contains 2 artificial hormones in always the same dosage, that mimics the real estrogen and progesterone, while in urine we probably will find the whole gamma of body hormones, estrogen, progesterone, LH, FSH, testosterone, and so on…

    1. Hi Amy, as I understand it, UT enhances fertility, however, when you are in the early stages of pregnancy, UT can abort the fetus. So, the power of UT is not to be taken lightly. If you do your homework and your reading, you’ll figure out what feels right for you…

  217. Hello dainis,

    I think im going to do a urine and water fast for one week and i would like to know if there’s anything i should know before i start, thank you in advance.

  218. Hi dainis,

    After allot of research i decided to turn vegetarian and have a low salt/protein diet i feel allot better and my morning urine tastes like water as does the rest of it. I can see improvments much faster since i switched but im starting to lose muscle which is not that big of a deal but to be honest i don’t really want to look like a stick in 2 years haha, although i know its my ego if your a spiritual person you will probably understand what i mean, i know that your vegetarian to and i would like to know if your diet is low in protein and how has your body reacted? I do allot of jogging to so that could be a reason for some of the muscle loss to. i get between 20-30 grams of protein per day maximum and im 6 foot 2 so that’s not very much at all but if i have anymore the taste is not so great and the results seem to slow. i would really like some help on this one.

    1. Rob, I’ve gotten skinnier than I would like to be and will be addressing that issue over the next few months. I am a member of and people over there talk about the same issue with raw foodists, vegans, vegetarians, superfoodists, etc., so my current status is that I’m checking around for how to put on muscle and weight while practicing UT.

      I think it’s very important to look and feel great, so no “beef” on my end for you looking into this issue.

      Interestingly, weight loss (even while I was not a vegetarian) is the primary reason I don’t jog for exercise.

  219. I came across urine therapy a week ago exactly when researching hydrogen peroxide therapy via Google. I had heard of urine therapy before but dismissed it as pretty bizarre, plus I wanted to try some things before I reached that point, if ever. And I finally reached that point. I started urine therapy last Wednesday, so today would be day eight. Although I may have skipped a day over the weekend. Anyhow, urine therapy reminds me of the same concepts that go into antivenom and immune milk therapy. Antibodies and antigens, and so forth.

    Here’s my little problem, and by little I mean pretty much ruining my life so far. I’m twenty-six. My problem started in late May 2008, two years, two months ago, when I was twenty-four. I have no health issues besides this, noticeable at least. I thought my hair was thinning back then. Now, my hair and hairline are still thick, but my hair back then was really short, and under various lighting, I thought I could see more scalp than should be there. I went to a dermatologist who told me that while my hairline was perfect, I had the beginning of thinning behind. I became pretty paranoid. She prescribed Regaine (minoxidil), but after a week I had an allergic reaction to it. Then she prescribed Propecia (finasteride), a popular hair loss pharmaceutical. I thought my thinning might be related to my high pasteurized milk and whey protein consumption. I drank about a half-gallon to a gallon of milk a day, along with whey protein. So I stopped this. Six weeks later, I started drinking soymilk and soy protein isolate, about the same amount as milk. My third day drinking soy I noticed my speech was not as fluent as usual. It was choppy, dysfluent, and this affected my wit and humor big time. I blamed the problem on Propecia, since it seemed logical to blame any side effects at the time on a pharmaceutical rather than a food, even if my side effect was not a listed side effect of Propecia. Soymilk, like juice, is a processed food. I analogize it to juice, which is fructose from fruit without the fiber, which is a natural antidote to insulin-spiking effects of fructose.

    I stopped Propecia a few weeks after, fifty-eight days total. Since I blamed my problem on Propecia, I kept up with a high amount of soymilk until mid-August 2009. I stopped soy protein isolate in mid-August 2008, after three months. In August 2009, I switched to about a handful of roasted soynuts a day, finally stopping soy altogether in mid-October 2009, ten months ago. My speech is still not back to normal, much less improved. I had an MRI three weeks ago that came back normal. My diet is pretty much all whole foods, rich in animal foods like red meat, eggs, raw milk, and organ meat, and has been this way for four months now. I recently introduced bone broths as well as clay and diatomaceous earth here and there. When nothing worked within this timeframe, it brought me to hydrogen peroxide therapy, which I’ve heard is a cure-all. But I wasn’t enamoured with this because while hydrogen peroxide is natural, consuming it like the therapy involves is not natural per se. Testosterone is natural, but injecting it is not. And I tried hydrogen peroxide in .35 percent and about .10 percent solutions and became nauseous after both.

    I sent out a urine analysis and hair mineral analysis test last week, and should get results at the end of the week that may be able to shed light on my problem, such as potential heavy metal toxicity (aluminum or manganese, for example, from all that soy) and whether I’m digesting protein, carbohydrates, and fat fully, amongst, perhaps, other things. I think it could be a heavy metal problem, but I think it might be a hormone imbalance problem, whether thyroid-related or sex hormone related. Propecia blocks an enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which can lead to testosterone converting to other metabolite hormones, like estrogens. Soy can also act like an estrogen in the body. So I may have estrogen dominance, which is a general term, I know, for more subtle happenings at the cellular level.

    I’ve heard urine therapy is a panacea, a cure-all. That it accelerates recovery. I’ve got my hopes up before. But there must be a reason why pharmaceutical companies use components from urine. And I’ve heard some intriguing things about urea. I am frustrated as to why stopping soy did not solve my problem. And why a highly nutritious diet has not solved my problem yet. My diet has always been better than average, but not nearly like it is now. I thought raw milk would bring me back, but even a milk diet of two gallons a day for over a month did nothing.

    My questions. Can urine therapy treat hormone imbalances? And what is the normal timeframe for recovery? Are we talking days, weeks, months, or years? Hopefully weeks or several months at most. And would drinking more urine a day accelerate things?

    1. DerekChaunessey: glad you are experimenting. do you find yourself willing to go to extremes? that may be an issue…two gallons a day of raw milk is a whole lot. all or nothing thinking leads to cramps, in my opinion. i recommend getting at least a few books, and i bet you are a voracious reader…and going from there…

    2. Two gallons of raw milk is a lot. I read about this raw milk diet and how it cured everything if you gave it over a month, perhaps a bit more. I went for a few days over a month and stopped because I was sick of milk pretty much and I thought I could consume more choline if I ate eggs and beef liver in addition. Even after stopping, I’ve been consuming about a gallon, more or less, a day for most days since that time, early June.

      When you say “all or nothing thinking leads to cramps”, what do you mean? I have no noticeable cramps, physical or mental. Or maybe I don’t understand the statement?

      I wonder something else. This may or may not sound bizarre. If I drink the urine of someone who seemingly doesn’t have any problems, specifically any speech problems, will that help, or is our own urine uniquely qualified for the job?

      Urine therapy reminds me of immune milk therapy, or hyperimmune milk therapy. What are your thoughts on this, if any?

      I have a proposition for you. Hear me out, I’m serious. I’m pretty desperate, man. This speech problem has put my dreams and ambitions on hold indefinitely. I’ll send you a check for at least $500 USD if you legitimately help me resolve this speech problem I have. It may sound crazy, but money is no object within a reasonable amount of course. I think that’s more than reasonable. You seem to have the knowledge. I’ve been drinking urine for about two weeks now with no noticeable improvement. A few days ago I started consuming unrefined salt, something my diet has never included, because I thought urine therapy might not work. Or perhaps the above-mentioned immune milk therapy would help. To be honest, urine therapy sounds so crazy and promising, but I thought it would work by now. I’m a bit disenchanted by it. Perhaps I should drink more, or all of it each day? Get crazy, ya know? What is a reasonable timeframe for recovery? A few weeks or a month or two seem pretty reasonable timeframes. Anything over several months feels like urine was not the direct cause of the resolution.

      1. Milk is absorbed like a sugar in the body; soybeans have been genetically modified. I have seen great results with green smoothies. Eating live food…for a living breathing organism…yourself. Research live food. Amazing results! Along with the urine therapy; you should be on your way to recovery!

  220. Hi,
    I have Ulcertive Colitis & i’m using medicines(prednisolone & asacol) to control my illness,my question is can i use urine therapy with my medicines??

    thank you

    1. Sara: of course i can’t say “yes” or “no” regarding your specific case. You can do your reading and figure out what you want to do. My experience with vitamins (the only medication I’ve taken in a long long time) is that I get more of the vitamin (so I need a lower dose), and that the vitamin seems more “approachable” the second time around. If you can measure and monitor your condition, and you feel you have the flexibility to listen in to your body and try a few things, then let us know how things went. In general, people report needing less of the medicine for the same result…sometimes people want to stop taking medicines…some people don’t. Urine therapy is in part about you listening in to your immune system and allowing the urine therapy to guide you, to help you, and to give you an additional source of supportive information.

  221. I came across urine therapy a week ago after researching hydrogen peroxide therapy via Google. I had heard of it before but it sounded so bizarre. In any case, I wanted to try some other things first, namely a diet based on whole foods, including animal foods like meat, organs, eggs, bone broth, and raw milk. Urine therapy reminds me of the same concepts that go into antivenom and immune milk therapy. But it feels more natural than both.

    So why am I here? In spring 2008, I thought my hair was thinning. My hair was short and under various lighting it looked like I could see more scalp than normal. I thought it might be related to my high milk and whey protein consumption, pasteurized and skim at the time. The first thing I Googled was “lactose intolerance”, and noticed cultures who seemed lactose intolerant traditionally had no male pattern baldness. A dermatologist confirmed my hairline was perfect, but I had the beginning of thinning behind. I became pretty paranoid about losing my hair. The dermatologist put me on Regaine (minoxidil), but I had an allergic reaction after about a week. I was then prescribed Propecia (finasteride), a popular hair loss pharmaceutical. About six weeks after stopping milk, which was my seventeenth day on Propecia, I started drinking soymilk and soy protein isolate, about the same amount as the milk and whey protein I previously consumed. My third day on, and possibly my second, since I didn’t really talk to anyone that day, I noticed something was wrong with my speech. My normally fluent, witty speech was dysfluent, choppy, and this directly affected how I conveyed things, including wit and humor. Because I never had a problem with a food before, I logically blamed things on Propecia. Now, I know that unless it’s a whole food, there might be problems. For example, juice is fruit without the fiber, so it’s fructose without the natural antidote of fruit to neutralize any adverse effects. Similarly, perhaps soymilk is soy isoflavones without the lecithin or pulp to neutralize any adverse effects. Whether I would have experienced these same symptoms had I been eating whole organic soy I’m not sure. Anyhow, I stopped Propecia after fifty-eight days. I stopped soy protein isolate after three months but continued a high soymilk intake, pretty much everyday, until mid-August 2009, fifteen months. I switched to roasted soy nuts then, and continued about a handful a day until mid-October 2009. Today, I’ve been off of Propecia for over two years and soy for about ten months with little, if any, improvement in my former speech. I had an MRI about three weeks ago which came back normal.

    Not only did I stop soy, but I used to drink a lot of juice. I stopped this in late December 2009. Since about mid-April 2010, when I reincorporated milk, albeit raw, into my diet, my diet has been pretty much all whole foods. It wasn’t bad before, but nowhere near like it is now. I thought milk, the thing that put me on this journey, would ironically bring me back. I’ve drank a hell of a lot of milk in about four months, including two gallons a day for thirty-four days on a raw milk diet, but no noticeable improvement. If it is working, it’s very slow.

    Recently, I added bone broth to my diet. I’ve heard that hydrogen peroxide, along with the three other oxidation therapies, cures everything, which sounded too good to be true. That said, these therapies are not natural per se, even if they’re not invasive. It’s analogous to testosterone. Testosterone is natural, but injecting it is not. I tried a little hydrogen peroxide, food-grade thirty-five percent, diluted to .35 percent and about .10 percent, both well less than one percent of the solution, and both made me nauseas. Plus, handling the thirty-five percent made my hands peel a bit. Doesn’t feel healthy, eh? I even incorporate clay and diatomaceous earth into my diet as of a few weeks ago, but nothing as of yet. This is what brought me to urine therapy. It seems bizarre that certain pharmaceuticals would be made from components in urine if there was no healing power in urine, at least some healing power. And, like I said, it reminded me big time of how they make antivenom and another so-called panacea, immune milk therapy.

    I feel like I’ve tried everything except for this. Truth be told, I started drinking urine last Wednesday night, so today would be day nine. Haven’t noticed a positive change yet. I might have skipped a day over the weekend and drank only a slight amount on another day. I don’t know what my problem is exactly, but I sent out a hair mineral analysis and urine analysis about a week ago and should get those results back soon. It may be a heavy metal problem (aluminum or manganese from processed soy) but I think it’s a hormone imbalance, whether thyroid hormones or sex hormones or both. Both Propecia and soy play around with estrogen in the body, perhaps causing a form of estrogen dominance. Propecia blocks an enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone which allows testosterone to convert to other hormone metabolites, like various estrogens. Soy acts like an estrogen in the body and can mimic estrogen on cellular receptors.

    I’ve heard that urine therapy cures endocrine problems, but I heard raw milk before cures everything. While I know raw milk is healthy, it hasn’t cured my problem, in four months at least. Urine therapy allegedly accelerates healing. This is what intrigued me. Can urine therapy help me? If so, how long does it usually take? And will drinking more urine each day accelerate the process?

    Thanks for your time! Hopefully my life can get back on track from this devastation. Look forward to a reply.

  222. Sorry for posting twice. I tried posting last night and when I clicked “Submit Comment” it took forever and never seemed like it posted, going from this screen to a white screen I think. No final resolution. So I hit “back”.

  223. Dainis,

    By the way, I think you mentioned you are vegetarian. I hope you’re consuming at least some animal foods, namely eggs and/or raw milk. I’m not convinced veganism, or vegetarianism for that matter, are healthy diets. Don’t get me wrong, they’re in the right direction, but there are various vitamins, like vitamin A, vitamin B12, and vitamin K2, that are only found in animal foods. I’m talking vitamin, not precursor or analogue. I used to think milk was the devil incarnate, but then I discovered various Asian cultures with apparently thick heads of hair, namely Mongolians, as well as Tibetans and Vietnamese, who consume raw milk traditionally. Clearly all cultures in the world don’t consume milk, but they all have various foods where they are able to obtain similar vitamins and minerals. Whether it be milk, blood, bone marrow, organ meat, or all of the above. Perhaps, if you are vegetarian, switching to a whole foods diet would bring you back from your tinnitus.

  224. One last thought. Dainis, I noticed other people asked how long urine therapy takes to find resolution in illness, and you gave a non-answer answer. To the best of your knowledge, is there a general timeframe in order to see results? Obviously an hour or a day seem a bit too fast, but perhaps weeks or several months seems more reasonable. You mentioned that you started in late 2004 and as of 2009 you still had some tinnitus. Five years seems like too wide a time period to attribute success to urine therapy alone. Perhaps your diet besides urine helped, but even then, five years to recover from tinnitus seems way too long in my opinion.

  225. Another thing. If urine contains hormones like growth hormone, insulin, and testosterone, how do we know we won’t have any side effects that people who take these hormones in synthetic form might have? For example, I believe a side effect of testosterone is accelerated hair loss.

    Sorry about the cavalcade of messages. Thoughts come to me at different times.

  226. Dainis,

    I walked into an air conditioner about a week ago at an apartment complex. It was in the wall and not very high. I was looking down, fiddling with something, turned a corner, and smacked it. Luckily, I have thick hair and was wearing a hat, but I still bled a tad, had a raised red bruise, and apparently have a scab-like thing, if not a scab, albeit whitish. Normally, I would let it heal on its own. What can urine therapy either internally or externally do, if anything?

  227. One more question. Have you heard of water fasts? What about water fasts either on mineral water and/or with unrefined salt added? How about water fasts with urine or urine fasts on their own? I’ve been interested in water fasting and am wondering what is the most efficient way to do things.

  228. I am new to this therapy and would like some guidelines – what to do, and what to be aware of. Like a handy 10-points shortlist. I have tryed a few weeks – both drinking and nasal cleansing. After 4 weeks I experienced more aggression and I got an ear infection. I took (in the same period) bio identical hormones, DHEA, and Pregesterone Pregnolone. I am a fast oxidation and protein metabolic type, so I eat lots of meat and fish. Any tips or advice?

    1. You say you eat lots of meat….is it organic? You body is going through a rapid detox…hence your symptoms. Try a more vegan approach with lots of green smoothies. Drop the bio identicals and look up Helen Pensanti website. All natural bio’s. And did you know you body heals faster when you fast.

  229. Funny that the last post is about FASTING.. that’s what my question pertains to as well.

    I am hoping to receive feedback from members in regards to fasting while breastfeeding. My son is now 22 months and I’ve wanted to celebrate myself as a new mother by going on an extended fast after my son has been weaned (which hasn’t happened yet). Though, I ReALLY WANT TO FAST NOOOWWWW haha! In the past I have successfully fasted with fresh lemonjuice, water, and maple syrup (grade b) for 11 days at a time… it was amaaaazing, i had energy, i felt light, my mind turned on at warp speed (i was reading two books a day) and I never felt fatiqued and I believe that’s because lemons contain all vitamins and grade b maple syrup contains most minerals.

    so i really have two questions:
    1)in regards to URINE fasting… could you combine the two types of fasting together? intake lemonade/maple syrup- urinate then intake the urinated lemonade maple syrup and so and so and son?

    2)have you ever heard of women partaking in the urine fast while breastfeeding?

    my concerns would be toxins being unlocked and released through the milk to my son (if that is a possibility than this is no can do) and whether or not creating and giving milk while fasting might be a “drain” on my systems because of the energy it takes… i wouldn’t be putting in tons of calories so maybe my milk might dry up?

  230. I’ve done #1 and enjoyed it. Though lemon juice is “supposed to” make you more alkaline…i noticed that sometimes my urine turned acidic. What I actually did is add cayenne pepper to my fasting mix, which seemed to “mellow out” the UT.

    Regarding #2) what you can measure or monitor, you can start figuring out. I wonder if moderation may not be a reasonable choice, for example, considering a one-day fast once a week for now.

    You will be able to monitor your energy level and the potential “drain” of breastfeeding.

    Regarding toxins…you know…that’s a very good point. For me, I’ve kind of gone with “well, if there are toxins, then re-ingesting them will likely start some kind of cycle of healing.” While breastfeeding, does it make sense to you that the healthier and stronger you feel, the better?

    If you are entering the process of weaning, you are exploring both personal and “shared” options. So, what you do “now” is still “shared” between you and your child. BTW: I do know a doctor that sees the health relationship between mother and child as much longer lasting than just the breastfeeding phase. He says: “there’s no such thing as sick children, only sick mothers with sick children.”

    So, then, on the positive side: if you are healthy, so is your child.

    The main thing I advocate is really feeling things through. Moderation is a good option. What about drifting into a one day fast slowly with juice fasting to begin with?

    The thing is, because you are doing it yourself, you can always change. You can simply break the fast. Also, at some point, you begin to trust, sense, or intuit (and you can be wrong or right) what is going on with your body (and for women, likely, what is going on with their breast milk).

    Why would “toxins” come out? I mean, if you do a very soothing juice fast leading to a one day urine and water fast, and YOU feel greater than great, then why would your child not feel the same way? Move into a plan that you make for yourself, then monitor yourself and your child, and be willing to change your plan as you go.

    One of the goals of this website is to attract professional assistance in these matters. Essentially, all of us here are, for the most part, on our own, and your health safety (and the safety of your child) is in your hands.

    With UT, though, you are your own expert. That is, in my opinion, the strongest realization of UT. In a sense: I cannot help you, though I can guide you to listen in to your own inner guidance.

    Have you read about UT and breastfeeding? I think there may be some books that cover it. Do you have contact with experts who can help you? Can you find some experts, and is such contact even desirable for you?

    …looking forward to hearing how you proceed.

  231. I have a question: what’s the point of a “user name” if my actual name shows up in every post I make on the site?

  232. Im considering trying UT but i dont know how to start
    I drink only morning urine? And i hear you can do aged urine for your face. How do i go about storing it? Im 19 and im already inspired to start by reading this site

  233. I truly believe in God’s miraculous power and I do believe he created our bodies to be able to find healing – free of charge – through Shivambu.
    I would like to know if anyone has tried a cervical wash with urine. Is this recommended? I just found out I have HPV and am really hoping for a cure. The virus is contained in my cervix, but fear it spreading to my uterus. I realize this isn’t the type of question men want to read, but I am hoping to find peace of mind on this site. Thanks in advance for all your help.

    1. Dear Ellie, it’s a real challenge when we are following our intuition, when we don’t really have the kind of support network that would make us feel more secure in our inclinations. Belief may be more powerful than UT, though UT does connect you with the divine (at least that is my opinion). How much reading have you done on UT…would that help?

      1. Hey, thank you so much for your reply. My maternal great grandfather is a Spaniard and I know they would drink their urine, inhale it, use it topically etc. I have read many books and have been practicing on and off for about 2 years. I suppose my problem is more psychological…? I stress out easily and am a workaholic. I used to pray and meditate on God’s love daily, but now I just can’t seem to do it. I tried yoga, but I quit after about 2 months. From as far back as I can remember I exercised, but 3 yrs ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and have not been able to exercise or get a good night’s sleep since. I don’t take medicine – not even aspirin, but I do take several herbs for the hyperthyroidism. Is there some form of yoga that you could recommend practicing? It’s almost like I forgot how to relax…
        Thanks in advance for your help and kindness.

  234. Has anyone ever healed erysipilas using urinetherapy? I can’t find it on the internet or in any books, so maybe here is the experience?

  235. I started using this urine therapy about 6 days ago. I just used it on my face to help clear up my unbearable acne. It was working, it was going away very slowly though.
    I apply it in the morning when I wake up for school, then leave it on for about 15 minutes and then take a shower.Then, I wash my face and put it on when I get home from school, then before I go to sleep. Leave it on both times. It was really starting to clear up!
    But, the thing is, yesterday (Sunday the 10th) my face broke out so bad. Redness was everywhere. It was so horrible! And it was beginning to get very flaky. (More than usual!!)
    Anyways, I continued with doing the urine therapy, and this morning (Monday the 11th) it was still red. And it was still the same exact as Sunday.
    I did not have anything to eat or drink other than my normal food.
    Is it that I’m not drinking enough water, or is it not even about UT?
    I asked my school nurse today if she thought it was an allergic reaction, and she said she thought it was.
    And my face was burning and on fire most of the day today! It’s really bad! =(

    1. Try putting only warm urine right from the body. As you store urine the ammonia content increases hence the burning. And consider what you have eaten is coming through your system and is in your urine. Eat more live foods, I like green smoothies.

  236. Hello Everyone, I have been doing UT for three weeks now. I decided to give it a go, after reading about all the benefits. I’m doing it to clear my skin. I have seen great improvement, but am wondering if it’s recommended to do a UT fast, vs. still eating normally?

  237. Hi, I have been trying Urine Therapy for several months now, but have so many questions and medical needs, that I am wondering if anyone knows of a good uropath or practitioner that might be able to work with me. I live in Utah, so I would probably need to have long distance phone appointments.. Anyway, please let me know if any of you know of anyone that might be of help as I have been trying very hard to get my health back and feel I need extensive guidance. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


  238. I have just joined this informative forum. I have been involved in urine therapy for the last 3 months and have experienced overall well being and improvement with my skin, feet and hair. I also have gained weight within this time. Does anybody have an explanation for the weight gain ?

    1. do you feel you were a bit underweight? is it that you are better hydrated? do you like the extra weight? better digestion?

  239. Thanks for your quick response. According to my age, 47, and my height 5ft 9 ” i am approximately 9 pounds over weight. Much of the excess weight was gained during my religous practice of taking urine everyday for at least the last 3 months. I am not too disturbed by it at this stage as i dont have any negative side effects along with it. If i was to continue gaining weight at this rate i m sure i would be concerned. I usually drink between 2 – 3 pints daily (morning and early afternoon). Would it be helpful if i reduced this amount ? . Also do you know on average how many calories are contained in urine ? Thanks for your kind assistance.

  240. Thanks for your quick response. According to my age, 47, and my height 5ft 9 โ€ i am approximately 9 pounds over weight. Much of the excess weight was gained during my religous practice of taking urine everyday for at least the last 3 months. I am not too disturbed by it at this stage as i dont have any negative side effects along with it. If i was to continue gaining weight at this rate i m sure i would be concerned. I usually drink between 2 โ€“ 3 pints daily (morning and early afternoon). Would it be helpful if i reduced this amount ? . Also do you know on average how many calories are contained in urine ? Thanks for your kind assistance.

  241. Hey Dainis,
    I was wondering if you would be able to share with me how to get ahold of Steven Williams. His videos say we can get ahold of him, but don’t say how…? I would think that it would be okay to put his information on this website since he is trying to talk to people for his documentary. Also, is there a projected finish date for his project? Thanks.


    1. hi michelle, do try to contact him directly. i think he has a youtube channel, and if you look around, i gather you’ll be able to get in touch with him. i don’t know when his film will be out, though he told me he has A LOT of footage.

  242. hi
    i just stummbled on the urine treatment while browsing and am interested in giving it a go, can you tell me how much i should take to start with and how often

  243. I have been doing UT for a week or so, all to combat ACNE.
    Morning= Wake up, apply urine topically and then “take a slug” I also Oil Pull with Olive Oil (please, input on oil pulling for ACNE would be appreciated…
    Afternoon= if able, i will apply more topically
    Evening= Oil Pull, and apple more topically before bed…

    my acne is rather severe, as im a teenager, but i would like too know if UT will help me achieve a clear face, as that is all i can hope for. Please tell me your experiences with urine and acne, and a routine i could follow to help it, it really is killing me :/
    However, i do feel a rush when i drink urine…

    1. @J.S..M: my suggestion for you is for you to do your homework. read up on oil pulling, is olive oil right for you? listen in to your immune system…if you can’t, learn…read read read. build up a body of knowledge to support what you are doing instinctively. there are lots of UT and acne success stories…lots. let us know how things go for you…

  244. Hello all,

    i am not sure if this is an appropriate question or not. If one can’t drink one’s own urine as they might be sick, can they consume their spouses urine (opposite gender), without having any health ramifications.

    1. huh, when i am ill, i generally increase the amount of UT i consume…also, a few books cover partner UT stuff…i haven’t really explored the whole “other peoples’ UT” arena. my guess is that it could be quite informative…but not to be taken “lightly”

      1. Thanks for your reply. I haven’t tried increasing my own urine consumption when sick, specially when taking medicines. I am sure the “other people” or partner UT area is definitely a gray area with different opinions on it even within the UT world.

  245. I am new here. I’m not sure if this is correct place post and to ask questions. If it is not please let me know. I have been practicing UT for about 6 months but only infrequently until about a week ago when I started daily practice and multiple drinking during the day. Since then the results have been very immediate: increased energy, better concentration, much less depression, better sleep, increased libido and performance … I am interested in what other benefits may manifest themselves. I am hoping for better appetite control and some weight loss. Since increasing to daily I now find that I want to drink more each day. Is there an upward limit? I’ve heard that some people drink 100% of their urine. Is this true? How do people solve the “at work” or “in public” issue? How can we carry a glass with us all the time? Thanks for your answers and replies.

    1. For UT on the go, carry a shot glass in a padded satchel for use out in public. It is small enough to fit in your purse, but still big enough to drink some through out the day.

      1. That’s a great suggestion, but i guess it applies more to females (carrying it in purse) than male. Not sure how us guys can have somethign which we can use to drink the urine through out the day.

        For me normally it’s just at home, in mornings and in evenings, using glass. Is there a better way to drink it?

  246. my friend ken was a heart surgery intern when he started having heart attacks.ken is 47.smokes often.he read shivambu therapy.said it makes sense.he has had 3 heart oblations where part of heart muscle is killed to allow other parts of heart to beat in tune with his 3rd pacemaker defibrillator put in his chest.takes alot of meds.coumadin warfarin rat poison.many meds.he says if he drinks his urine he is reingesting his coumadin,which is precisley monitored,redrinking his other meds.please comment enough scientifically enough so he is willing to start with a teaspoon daily.he is due for another heart oblation december 2010.maybe he will give you,the big list of meds he takes.each oblation has 10% risk of death.ken is a precious soul.he has read urine therapy.but afraid of taking all his meds,,,plus redrinking urine w meds excreted.he has died many times already.God bless

    1. @william yates: one of the hardest things to do is to post on behalf of another. yes, we are concerned and we care, however, it’s ken’s life that is on the line, and his life is in his hands. we help, offer, we provide…yes…we do a lot for and with each other. his soul may not want to be around on this plane anymore…especially if he smokes. it’s up to us to honor that. he can come here and post, he can read the books, and he can do his best to improve his health and increase his human lifespan. he may not want to. if he can get into a space where healing and well being become priorities for him…if he includes UT, good for him…if not…i recommend that you enjoy his precious soul while he is here.

  247. This is my way of doing urine therapy away from home. I have found that a paper coffee cup (not a styrofoam cup) can be carefully folded flat with the round bottom folded up. This can slip into a jacket pocket. It can be open and shut many, many, time before it may start to leak. If you take a new cup every couple of days you should be fine. It works for me.

  248. To date, Iโ€™ve been extremely emotionally vulnerable to emotional and financial predators.

    THAT has finally shifted.

    Thank effing God.

    Dainis, This is the text to which I took exception as a Christian and which I assumed were your words . The words were written in reply to a person named Rob on 16 June. May I suggest that ALL ‘wee’ persons on the UT site refrain from comments that may offend someone’s religious convictions. I am not Muslim not a Jew but can easily accept their religious buildings in my neighbourhood. I ask they reciprocate with tolerant acceptance.

  249. Hi there! I really like your site and found it to be very beneficial as it provides detailed info on UT.I have recently started takin cod liver oil 1 cap/day for the omega 3 acids in it,i want to know if its okay to practice UT(internally) while taking CLO. thank you

  250. My wife is about to start chemo and I was wondering if anybody can offer some advise on UT during chemo. We have both started UT in early jan 2011 but are not sure if she should continue during her chemo. The chemo is 2 weeks on one week off for 6 courses so it might be possible to use UT during the one week off. Can anyone advise?

  251. Dear Friend
    Jai Shivambu
    I am a regular user of Shivambu for last 13 months and i have seen lots of Miracles after using this in my body. I have developed a Web site on this to help one of my friend whose wife is suffring from Cancer. Just now i have got you on searching web, and i am very happy to join u.

    Thank you
    Sunil Munot

  252. Haven’t we all heard about how the pee from those who take pharmaceuticals poisons the rivers & water table? If so, wouldn’t auto-urine therapy be dangerous for pharm med takers, cuz they could OD, or just not manage their dosages properly? It seems then that anyone would have to choose between phar-med dominated allopathy and the natural alternative route, at least when it comes to urine therapy

    1. Alex, my experience with vitamins is that the more they go through your body, the more “usable” they get. People report medicine working better if they practice UT, and yes, they often reduce their dosages. Choosing is possible, but I’d say people who practice UT let their bodies, their immune systems, and their increased awareness of what is good and bad for them…guide them. So, I’m glad at least a portion of the meds in our water has been filtered at least once by the human body. In a sense, it makes us not much different from worms that improve the soil.

  253. As input on oil pulling is asked for, I’ve never tried olive oil. I would think it’s too viscous, tho not sure. Traditionally to Ayurveda it’s either sesame or sunflower oil that’s used, depending on your body type. Coconut oil is also touted as good for oil pulling. I tried it once and was tempted to swallow it tasted so good. I believe urine can make a good after swish. From old family stories re before I was born I’ve heard my old great aunts would pee on mittens and wear them to sleep at night, of course to keep their hands soft & repair damage from house work, doubtlessly. So swishing in the mouth for a bit, letting it settle in before rinsing with water & brushing, I’d think would be a sensible practice.

  254. There’s a potential conflict I’ve found between UT and Oil Pulling Therapy. That is that they’re both called for 1st thing in the morning. I tend to have to pee once before daybreak. I’m a big drinker, i ‘spose. So i refrigerate my pee till later after i finally rise and have oil pulled. Why is cuz I know better why i oil pull in the morning than I do why the 1st pee is the best of each day. Due to FIT (Focal Infection Theory), which is so plainly obvious it’s only an appeasement of detractors (denial freaks) why it’s called a “theory”. Basically, it’s that any local infection sends toxins circulating systemically. And there’s no greater consistent source of toxins than from under our dental work and from within our mouths, generally, that’s ongoingly created and sent circulating throughout our system. Then after a whole night’s sleep & toxin buildup it for sure is better to oil pull than to drink down the toxins with whatever is our first drink of the day.

  255. I don’t know how many of you have actually read the dharva tantra or whatever it’s called but its reccomended that people wake up after 3 quaters of the night have passed in other words 3 am or so i figure its because melatonin peaks around that time but how many of you actually do this? i notice some people have benefited tremendously from ut and others only small improvement could that be the differents its said no salty bitter foods etc are to be taken always midstream and at 3-4 am is best could this be the differents between small benefits and godlike things which they talk about live as long as the stars and planets.. things like that?

  256. I’m just curious why it’s said the 1st pee of morning is best? Understandable, you cant pollute yourself while you’re sleeping. Your body goes into reparative mode. But what about after I take my good food-sourced morning supplements (nothing pharmaceutically derived)? Does the stress of the day sour the mix in our pee?

  257. Hello – very new to this site. Sorry to not carry on the conversation, but really need your help. Please could you tell me why i am so tired? I have been doing UT now for nearly 6 weeks. first pee – mid stream. Thanks Julie

    1. julieglobal: of course i can’t tell you. i have no idea. i could venture a few guesses like: your body is working through illnesses and symptoms. But that might be wrong. It could be: your body is working through old scar tissue from an accident. But I could be wrong. It could be: you’re just exhausted and you’re finally catching up on the rest you really need, so just sleep more. You could have toxins or parasites. UT has a significant impact on the body. 6 weeks is very short. Usually, UT gives people “gifts” early on, and people wind up feeling like they on the right track. Maybe with you, UT is just getting right down to business and you just need more rest. Again, even with more info, I simply cannot say. UT is a process of self discovery. Let UT and entering into a meditative state tell you what is happening and why and what your next steps are. Move forward from knowing, and not guessing. You can “know” to try something and not “know” the outcome. You can also enhance your knowledge by reading books.

  258. Thank you for getting back to me. It’s just that I am only really tired when I do UT Therapy. Just wondered if, Maybe I had too much melatonin in my pee. I won’t give in though. So thanks Juileglobal

    1. juileglobal: read read read. experiment. feel. read some more. experiment some more. feel some more. … and do go for the results you are looking for… ๐Ÿ™‚

  259. Hey dainis ive had a question thats been bugging me for a very long time.. please can you tel me your diet how much urine do you drink per day and is it midstream.

  260. Hay Robert. My diet is okayish. I still eat meat, and probably have one coffee a day, Can’t break the habbit just yet. I did find that If I drank just under a cup that it made me too tired, but now I’ve cut back, and feel a little more alive. I suppose i need to build it on up.

  261. From a few sources — one, a doctor — I’ve heard mercury & other heavy metals are excreted thru both, the urine & feces. …. I’m getting to know that, in the balance, it’s ok. That the opportunity cost of drinking our urine has benefits outweighing whatever costs. Though I’m still doubtful in the case pharmaceutical intake. Mercury is different, in the sense that if you, like I, have mercury amalgam dental fillings, the miniscule amounts recycled thru drinking may even cause the body to excrete more at other times when peeing but not drinking. Here the body’s wisdom takes over. And this can also be seen as why to take the same first pee every day you feel like UT’ing it up. This way the body will know when to & when not to let the bad stuff go. I guess maybe I’m just a believer in Body’s wisdom.

    It’s just I believe we should come to terms with what all is involved when we’re drinking our urine.

  262. Does urine therapy only help diseases caused by bacteria and viruses? What about deficiencies caused by something wrong with the digestive system, like absence of essential digestive enzymes? Or absence of enzymes needed for steroid metabolism caused by, I don’t know, pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals always have side effects because they play around with our body’s hormones and/or hormone receptors and what not.

  263. I was testing something. We don’t need an account to comment here obviously. If we sign up, I just saw we needed a username and password. No payment. Is this site free?

  264. Ofcourse it will help it helps everything because everything works in accordance with each other if one thing improves naturally it helps everything else to but one thing that i highly reccomend is diet! this is not emphasised enough with urine therapy in my opinion i was doing ut for 6-8 months on a “standard western diet” you know high in salt etc i did recieve some benefits but after some research swapped to a vegetarian diet which naturally for me was low in salt if im vegetarian i dont see the point in still eating shit (sorry if im not aloud to say that) but within a month on the new diet the benefits i recieved in a month were that what i attainted in 6-8 months so it just shows what you put in your body gets recycled good food = good urine bad food = bad urine (although you will still benefit tremendously on a standard diet it is still much better to go with the vegetarian or atleast low in salt) peace out.

  265. And im sure dainis will back me up on this he always says UT teaches you your diet and i suppose that is what happened for me you learn as you go along.

  266. Robert,

    My diet borders flawless, if not flawless. I eat whole foods, rich in grass-fed meat, grass-fed milk, free-range chicken and eggs, and wild-caught fish and shellfish. Along with the usual sides of organic fruit and vegetables and whole grains and potatoes. If you’re vegetarian, make sure you’re consuming raw whole grass-fed milk and free-range eggs. You need pre-formed vitamins for a diet to truly be ideal. Though I also think you need grass-fed meat and/or free-range fowl and/or wild-caught fish or shellfish.

    I’ve been eating like this with few detours since April 2010, with no improvement whatsoever. I have a speech problem that arose ate age 24 in late May 2008, nineteen days after starting Propecia, the hair loss pharmaceutical, and two days after starting drinking massive amounts of soymilk and soy protein isolate. No noticeable problems when on Propecia alone. My speech, which was always my best quality, has been dysfluent, choppy, slow, since then. My writing isn’t affected. I can’t describe the cesspool I’ve been in. It would blow your mind. I’ve seen various neurologists, undertook expensive Chinese medicine therapy with a supposedly really good doctor, which literally broke my bank, along with many random consultations. I tried urine therapy for a couple weeks in August 2010 with no improvement, but stopped it when I came across evidence showing unrefined salt (which is essential, by the way) resolves everything. No improvement on that. I started urine therapy a little over a week ago, so today would be day ten I believe. No noticeable change with my speech. I’ve been drinking my morning urine everyday. Though only one day did I have diarrhea shortly after. A Mongolian guy on YouTube, after telling him of my problem, told me to drink my mid-stream morning urine for seven days and it will give me diarrhea each time, which will purify my body, but I’ve only had the diarrhea once. Maybe I’m not drinking enough, or not fast enough? That one day I had diarrhea I drank the most. That was two days ago.

    My problem is so nebulous, so mysterious. And apparently hard to treat, like Lyme Disease. I don’t know if Propecia or soy or something in the soy caused this, or both, but I’ve been off Propecia for almost three years and soymilk for about a year and a half. And soy protein isolate for almost three years. Many of the problems I read about seem easy. Aches, toothaches, sore back, acne. Lyme Disease, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s seem hard. Some things, like cancer, should be able to be cleared up by diet. The difference between me and most people is that they continue to eat like shit and want urine therapy to help whereas I eat almost perfectly if not perfectly and it still doesn’t help. I’ve also had facial tics since 2002, ear wax buildup since 2002 (my left ear has been clogged for 28 straight days), and poor eyesight since 2001-2002, a time when I was taking antibiotics for acne and had several vaccines before college, as well as my wisdom teeth taken out (general anesthesia). One silver lining is that my over a decade acne problem disappeared quickly when my diet became better. Easy.

    So with all that in mind, how long do you think it might take urine therapy to work? Any tips to speed it up?

  267. Dainis,

    By the way, why is your hair dark in your avatar here but gray in your videos? Nonetheless, it looks very thick in both. Perfect hairline. No thinning whatsoever.

  268. Cool story derek, Hey DAINIS i wanna know what you think about meat/protein in the diet with urine theapy, in my experience it is not excessive meat/protein that can be a problem its too much salt and white flours/sugars including all types of processed and refined foods and if ones ph levels are too acidic, I think the whole meat is bad on urine therapy actually stems from its acidic effect on the body not the meat itself so i think if you can counter balance the acidifying effects of the meat/acidic foods by including many alkaline based foods in the diet potatoes with their skins on are very good for this. If one includes these types of foods in the diet then i believe it will be ok to include meat and protein because really.. i feel much better on a non vegetarian diet and another thing is.. in the ancient scripts where it states the wonders of urine therapy it says to abdure from salty/pungent foods i do not see anything about meat or non vegetarian foods. I will look forward to your reply.. and really man one of the rules is consistancy and your last post was near on 3 weeks ago correct me if im wrong. Lots of love, Robert.

  269. Robert,

    I think there’s also a big difference between unrefined salt and refined salt. Unrefined salt is essential. Good quality meat is not a problem. In fact, it’s part of every healthy diet in history. This whole acidic versus alkaline stuff borders bullshit for me. If you look at cultures that are heavy meat eaters, but healthy ones, they age very well. Compare that to anyone in a vegan restaurant.

    Dude, I’ve been drinking about a liter of my morning urine for 11 days, with no improvement. Only had diarrhea once. Am I doing something wrong? Some people say to dilute urine with water and put it under the tongue. Maybe my problem is permanent.

    1. hi derek
      in my years as a therapist i can tell you something very powerfull that i learn from the dalay lama
      that nothing is permanent !!!
      it may take a sometime but you did not get where you are today(with your health) overnight .we are talking about years of improper food habit and emotional story so give it a chance and be patient,
      best luck to you

    2. the people i see in vegan restaurants, at least the ones who don’t just eat crackers and soy, have a healthy glow, and VERY good muscle tone.

      saying things like “good quality meat is not a problem” then using foul language…

      …incessant insistence that your diet is flawless really deserves to be looked at more closely.

      11 days on UT?

      to me, your problems do not sound nebulous.

      your diet is not flawless, and neither is mine.

      11 days is very short

      vaccines, antibiotics, emotional trauma, diet, all these things can take time to unravel.

      i suggest looking at your health from a broader perspective and including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial levels at least, and that can include proper therapy in those areas and more, in order to improve your health.

  270. Robert,

    One other thing. Did you resolve your problem(s)? If so, how long did it take? I honestly can’t convey the angst I go through everyday from my speech problem, especially since my speech was my best quality for all my life. I’m so desperate, dude. I really need something — this — to work soon.

  271. Dainis,

    I don’t believe a vegetarian or vegan diet are ideal. Vegetarian, so long as it’s rich in grass-fed raw milk perhaps. I think this view is objective, not just my own view, if you look at real-world data. If I don’t agree with your being vegetarian, does this take away anything from urine therapy’s power? Some people might view your eating habits as false which could also make them think anything else you say is false.

  272. Anyone who claims: “My diet borders flawless, if not flawless” would likely do well to examine further. Really? Are you sure about that?

  273. Dainis,

    Really, it borders flawless, if not often flawless. Vegetarian is not the ideal diet, though like I said, if it contains grass-fed raw milk and/or free-range eggs, it might be. Why do you imply my diet is not ideal? Because eating meat is not ideal? You should re-examine your diet. Thousands of years of history show otherwise.

    1. allow UT to guide you. i also suggest studying “projection” as well as sound logical thinking. a good way to begin with sound thinking is to study logical fallacies as such. it really helps. many many commonly held beliefs are, upon closer examination, untested assumptions, and some, quite frankly, are based on logical fallacies that “seem right” but just aren’t. it takes a while to get there. most don’t even breach the subject.

    2. I strongly dis agree. ๐Ÿ˜€
      And there is no one diet that fits all. I am a raw vegan, and would not change that at the moment anyway. feels good1

      1. I eat low fat (80/10/10) raw vegan, which means mostly fresh, organic, seasonal, local and ripe fruits and green leafy vegetables, with some (raw) nuts and seeds occasionally. In my opinion this diet is the best.

      2. i have been considering transitioning to 8/1/1 raw vegan for a while now…it does seem to be a very good choice ๐Ÿ™‚

  274. Dainis,

    I’ll absorb that information. By the way, why is your hair dark in your photo here but gray on your videos?

    I’ve been doing UT now for almost two weeks come Tuesday, with no improvement with my clogged left ear, facial tics, relatively poor eyesight, and my speech problem. Is wanting something done in two weeks asking too much? I hope we’re not talking many, many months or years. Maybe it depends on how much urine we’re drinking everyday. For all of the alleged miracles of UT, I haven’t seen anything that stands out. Didn’t you say your tinnitus wasn’t even cured after years of UT? That doesn’t seem too miraculous to me.

  275. Dainis,

    Your hair does look really thick though, and you look pretty young, though not sure how old you are. By the way, when you say you’re vegetarian, you don’t mean vegan right?

  276. One last thought for now. Are urine therapy and the salt water flush interchangeable? Both seem to elicit diarrhea. Maybe urine’s diarrhea effects are due to its salt content. Perhaps UT and the salt water flush can be used in synergy, in conjunction with each other?

  277. Dainis,

    You mentioned you expelled a three-foot worm because of urine therapy. How long after you started did this occur, and do you think those with more chronic problems would be better served drinking most, or all, of their urine everyday instead of mid-stream urine in the morning? Maybe faster results would ensue.

  278. Started a urine fast as of Monday night, so now is the end of day two. I won’t update as I go along as that’s information overload, but will update when I finish. I’ve tried water fasting before, about a handful of times, ranging from two days to 7.5 days. Two stark differences I note. Urine fasting seems easier. At the end of day two water fasting I was very hungry. I feel fine right now. Second, with urine fasting I think I’ve cleaned out my colon. Urine seems to stimulate bowel movements whereas water fasting causes constipation. On Monday I drank raw milk and my last meal was a bowl of rice, and today I found a grain of rice in a bowel movement. Some say urine therapy works best on an empty stomach in the morning, some say to drink urine throughout the day, and others take the empty stomach tenet to the extreme, going on a urine fast. There’s definitely something in urine that stimulates bowel movements. Urea perhaps. I wonder if the benefits in urine therapy are the urine itself or the urine cleansing the digestive tract, creating a blank slate that absorbs food better when the fast is finished.

  279. Oh my God. I just put about ten drops of urine in my left ear, the ear that’s been clogged for thirty-four days, and after about five minutes, used a tissue to clean the urine out, and my ear is unclogged. Wow. I knew that urea from urine was one of the two main ingredients in ear drops, carbamide (urea) peroxide, but this is sensational. Now if this only works as well for my speech problem, this would be the best week ever.

  280. As I am completely new to this as of last night when I saw UT listed http://www.shirleys-wellness-c.../urine.htm , I am full of questions:
    I get eczema/dermititis on hands and face and am almost crippled by it.
    I need answers fast really to find out how to do this protocol. Any tips?
    I think I am getting a herxeimers reaction to drinking olive leaf extract so I dont think its a sickness just a detoxing going on, as my skin isnt normal this flared up, but I am wondering if UT would be good to do as well.
    How much do I drink? Is it only morning urine and before bed urine? How often do I drink it? What signs do I look for to read my body? How long can it take to see results?
    Many thanks and appologies if you are repeating yourself. I have read some of the posts but in regards to this condition I would appreciate specific.
    Many thanks!!

  281. Now let’s focus on my speech. I did a urine fast from last Monday night to Thursday night. Drank nothing but urine and some water, spring then distilled, though not sure if distilled is the most natural choice. Urine definitely promotes diarrhea. By mid-day Wednesday, I had no solid excretions. On Thursday, it was all gel-like. Sorry to be so forward, but it’s essential. I broke the fast on Thursday night with a meal, much of which was undigested when I used the bathroom the next day. Olives, spinach, onion. Also, any meal I was eating created a lot of churning in my stomach and gas, which makes me believe urine cleared out my gut bacteria. As of now, Monday night, my excretions are not regular. Not diarrhea, but definitely on the loose side. This would be a perfect time to consume a fermented food, like raw kefir, that’s already pre-digested. I’ve felt various dull aches and pangs in my head, and I’ve also felt more muscle spasms all over my body. I’m debating doing another fast this week, just consuming urine on an empty stomach in the morning, or waiting for my gut bacteria and stomach to return to normal. But urine seems to most certainly be a strong diuretic and antibiotic. By the way, what do you mean urine therapy might not give you what you want when you want it?

  282. Hi Nick!
    Miself I drink two cups or more every morning for the last 10 to 12 years. 15 years ago I did start with about half a cup but i was in very good health when i did it. I sometime advice peolples to just put 5 to 6 drop under the tongue, its the homeopatic way and one of my client got great result with nasty skin rash on her hands just after 2 days with this method.
    an other way is to take 1 onces at the time and increased as you go.
    But the most important thing to know is that there is no perfect way to take it, just follow you instinct!!!
    Another client mix it with pinapples juice and its working well for her .She has been doing that for
    3 years now and still love it.
    Even my kids drink theirs urine when they get sick. I just mix it with whatever juice we have in stock.
    and sometime my 10 years old come back to me and want more juice in the mix because he can taste the urine and does not like that. but after i remix it He drinks all of it.
    best luck to you sylvain

  283. Hi Derek 1
    What did you mean by (cleared out my gut bacteria) what it friendly one or nasty one ???
    UT will take care of the nasty stuff but would not destroy the intestinal flora just keep in check
    like when peoples have yeast infection (its friendly stuff that got out of line and your body gets overwhelm by the overdose of it.)
    good luck with your healing.

  284. hi nick again .
    Try to soak or apply some urine or your skin do it slowly and monitor closely how you are reacting
    sometime its get worse before its get better.
    best luck to you
    bye sylvain

  285. Sylvain,

    I’m guessing you’re from France, eh?

    After I broke my urine fast on Thursday night, I had a pizza. This might sound repugnant, but most of the toppings from the pizza were still in tact when I went to the bathroom the next day. Plus, everytime I’ve had a meal since, my stomach has churned, as if the food is not digesting well, I’ve had a lot of gas, and my bowel movements have been relatively loose. And it’s smelled pretty bad whereas normally it smells earthy. I’ve read when gas or feces smells bad it means you’re not digesting the food properly. So, in my opinion, it seemed urine really took out all the bacteria needed to digest food, good and bad, assuming I had bad, or good, bacteria to begin with.

    Why do people do the homeopathic way? I put several drops under my tongue throughout the day almost two weeks ago and felt nothing. Maybe some diseases are much easier than others. Why not just drink urine? If a person is desperate enough, why wouldn’t they drink as much urine as they could?

    I think I might do another urine fast tomorrow through Friday or Saturday. You think a urine fast is better or drinking urine in the morning while eating regular during the day? Why not consume urine right before or after a meal? Any tips to give? I’m pretty desperate, man. If you want to know more, check out my comments above.

    1. maybe your body does not want to digest the pizza, and maybe your body is “right.” i personally can’t figure out a way to “argue” with my body. if it can’t digest something, it can’t. you are very early in the process, and you may have gunk built up that needs to come out. you’ve described a diet very heavy in meats…smell what is coming out of you. at one point, i smelled chicken, i even smelled an old old glue from way back when…that glue smell was in the UT for a while too…and out it came.

  286. hi Derek
    nope not from France but from B.C Canada
    the way your describe your your bowel movement tell me that you are forgetting the first principles of proper eating habit !!!
    this been to chew your food over and over the best way is to count to 30 times before swalowing food without meat and up to 60 with meat produce.
    About the homeopathic way !
    not everyones that are doing UT are desperate or in bad help, most of them are dealing with little problem or want to have a better health.
    one of my client got great result in two days for very dry hands and ecxema.
    but we all react in different way
    I do not beleived in perfect diet but maybe you could give a break to your guts and stop meat or make yourself some chicken broth, not the one from the store but one made from scracht
    i have be on urine therapie for a long time and if your idea about the destruction of friendly bacteria was true them me and a few of my friend would be dead by now!!!
    also you may want to have a look at your emotional well being at the moment.
    Are feeling good about yourself?
    are you frustrating about something that just happend?
    Are you angry at yourself or other?
    are you in grief?
    theirs is no bad intention in my question but its a pattern that keep coming back to me at the clinic
    most of us when we get sick we are doing well emotionally before we do get sick
    so take 5 minutes and look at your sense of happiness or frustration!
    best healing to you

  287. correction on the last comment
    it should have read as (most of us are not doing well emotionally before we get sick)
    In eastern medical philosophy theirs is always a connection with the quality of our thought and how our body can fight disease.
    bye again

  288. Hi ,
    I saw a video that said just start with a few drops of urine and then work your way up, I did that this morning and got a charge of energy…makes me tempted to drink more right away, is that safe or should I remain on a slow increase..The video also said to check the PH of the urine and not to drink it if it is too acid or too alkaline…to eat better then drink when you have regulated your ph levels…

    1. hi carol, do your homework, read, and gain a sense for what your body is “asking” you to do. it could be “let up a bit,” or it could be yes yes, i want more. it will vary.

  289. Sylvain,

    You’re from Quebec originally though, right? I sense a French heritage in your name and writing.

    A meat diet is completely natural. I digest meat fine. Plus, I get most of my protein from grass-fed raw milk, which requires no chewing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I rarely, if ever, eat pizza. One thing about that urine fast is that I was craving pizza, something I rarely eat. It doesn’t matter whether I ate pizza or not. My subsequent meals also looked half-digested. Remember, I did a urine fast, meaning I drank nothing but urine and water for three days. I didn’t just drink urine in the morning. Though I’m wondering if that would be a better idea? Do you drink a large cup of your own urine in the morning? If so, does it give you diarrhea, and do you wait till you’re done with the bathroom to eat?

    I’ve read about people applying several drops of urine in their mouth or under their tongue or diluting urine and applying it under their tongue or others who can barely stomach an ounce. Some “recipes” say you might work up to several ounces in a day. This bothers me. Assuming urine therapy actually works, it blows my mind that people are not willing to absolutely chug their urine in order to find improvement. I would do anything within reason to have my speech return to normal. It bothers me when people don’t seem to have the same motivation as me, finding more than a few drops of urine repulsive. Maybe those people don’t have the same health problems as me. Maybe they just have body aches or a toothache or acne or some other minor problem.

    By the way, I’m actually very happy but for my speech issue. And facial tics and clogged ear. I don’t subscribe to the psychological stuff. If being positive is all it took, I would’ve solved this two years ago.


    In the recent past, when consuming pizza, which I rarely do, my digestion seemed fine. Consuming pizza, and other subsequent food, after the three-day urine fast was different. The food looked half-digested. Even today, eleven days after my fast, my food looks half-digested. Though I’ve been doing this unrefined salt/water (or milk) thing, which seems to have similar diuretic effects as urine. This guy Martin Lara says that urine is the best antibiotic/vaccine there is but it won’t solve a salt deficiency, or protein, fat, vitamin, or mineral deficiency for that matter.

  290. Hi Derek
    Yes i am from Quebec originally but i have been leaving in B.C for the past 21 years.
    I miself drink Two cup every day i cannot eat breakfast since i do not feel the needed for it
    many time i wait past lunch time to have a meal because i am too busy but i nam doing fine.
    my feces is sometime more liquid i never knoe what to expect
    the only special thing i do is to drink urine all day when i start feeling a little sick and by the next morning its over.
    regarding psychological stuff !!!
    I do not say to be positive in life (it help)
    I am talking about old emotion that are hiddens from our memories .
    In my work i call them the old monster and many get memories that come back to them that they never believed has been theirs before.
    I miself remember a very disturbing time in my youth that was gone form my memories.
    I almost died in india when i was 24 and went for 12 days of total delirium and got down to less then 100 pounds (my regular weight is 155) i was just skin and bone.
    When i came back to life i had all to old story that were very clear to me for the first time since i was 9 years old.

    Why get bother by what other people are doing or not doing.
    take care of yourself and let other go theirs own path.
    the only person in the world that you can change is you!!!
    you can only help changing other by examples.
    I really wish you a strong recovery.
    and can assured you that whatever you think about the importance of the emotional body
    its real and very powerfull.
    when i have a new client i can tell them what is going on in theirs life by knowing the area that they are having trouble or injury.

    best health to you

  291. I’ve started UT ten days or so ago. Dont feel much difference yet.
    What are the white flocks in the urine btw? Is it good, bad, normal?

    I read its good to drink the urine from 4Am, I usually am awake arond that time anyway but since the urine tends to give more energy, I dont like to drink it at that time because I still want to sleep, but usually keep it for when I get up later in the morning.

    Is it better to drink as much urine as possible or just the morning urine?

  292. Hello everyone,

    I hope you donโ€™t mind me posting to your community but Iโ€™m just getting in touch because Iโ€™m working on a travel documentary for British television where weโ€™ll be taking a British presenter on a journey across America.

    On his journey he’ll be learning about many different aspects of American culture and one area that we are keen to explore is alternative medicine. I think alternative health care and the concept of achieving wellness through natural remedies is fascinating, but it is something that often doesn’t get much airtime in the UK.

    When I came across urine therapy recently I was fascinated to see the positive effect that it has had for so many people. I am still at the early stages of my research but if you could spare the time I would be very keen to speak with anyone who may be able to share their experiences with me and help me find out more.

    You can get in touch with me by email at Weโ€™re quite a new company so Iโ€™m afraid we do not yet have a website I can direct you to.

    Thank you so much for your time, I very much look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,


  293. Hi dainis,

    Three days ago i cut my hand quiet badly and had some stiches on my thumb, knuckle of my ring finger and my pinky i was prescribed antibiotics and have been taking them for two days but i really dont want to take them anymore, i read ut is just as effective as antibiotics and since ive doing ut for almost a year now i wont need them, My mum insists that i take them and im pretty sure i would be in some trouble if she knew i was not. I thought i could put them down the drain and ut would be enough i also take vitamins everyday, As the antibiotics were to prevent an infection from bacteria could putting fresh urine on the cuts help with the healing? Could you please get back to me ASAP? Thanks.

    1. topical application of urine only helps. it is very good. wounds heal quickly. if you are comfortable stopping the antibiotics, then do so. if you are a minor and your mom says you must, then you are in a unique legal situation. i’m not sure what to recommend or say about that. do you wish to take it further? the procedure i recommend is read read read, experiment, and do what you find right…make your own decisions. ut will help whether you take the antibiotics or not, so, beyond that, you’re on your own ๐Ÿ™‚ oh, it may help you to focus on results. for example, a ut gauze on the wound is just SOOOOoooo relaxing, helpful and healing, and you can just feel how much better the wound is healing. less scarring, all that stuff…however, some people just AREN’T at all awake or open to such results or techniques.

  294. Thank you for the quick reply,

    You have given me confidence now to do it. I turn 19 in june so i can make my own decisions hehe :), I stoped the antibiotics last night and put some fresh UT on my cuts ill update on how it progresses, thanks allot for the help.

    1. If you have your own confidence, ok, however, your decisions and their repercussions are yours and yours alone. Reward, responsibility, liability…yours. Only people who take full responsibility for their health and actions are welcome to participate here. If you truly find that I “gave” you confidence, then you might reconsider. It is not my role to “give” confidence. You either access the confidence im yourself or not. This website is not a crutch. Be able to come into powerful personal knowingness regarding your decision, and use science, experience, proof, reading…use those as evidence and wellsprings of confidence, not “some guy on the Internet said…”

  295. Ok so I have been drinking my morning urine and evening urine for 2 weeks. I have also been doing acupuncture and chinese herbs so I really cant tell what is doing the work right now. I was treating severe eczema on hands and face which is almost gone now.
    I am considering a urine fast soon.
    I want to comment on the eating of meat. The admin said he could hear the animals pain at one stage. I respect that BUT I believe from Kerlian photography and also other tests on plants that they too have a consciousness and are just as alive as an animal so we are still killing life by eating vegies and fruit in my opinion. Personally I think every thing in moderation is fine.

    1. hi nick, investigate the soul of the plant. are there fruits that do not “wish” to be consumed? let UT inform you, don’t listen to me at all…allow your own investigation to bring you to truth.

  296. Did you know there is much evidence to suggest that the unifying principle of the alchemical tradition implicitly represents the substance of our urine? Moreover it seems to represent the transformation of the gross matter of urine, which circumscribes its healing power, to the quality of its sublime essence. Our urine certainly warrants comparison with the alchemical tradition by virtue of its unique and hidden transmutational qualities. It is necessary therefore to go beyond the definite scope of urine therapy and to learn to understand the alchemical operation of our urine; to offer a true explication of the symbolism of the alchemical tradition and to posit the existence of the elixir of life as a universal attribute of humanity.

    1. hey stephen, well it might not be “necessary,” but it is certainly possible. can you tell us more about “the alchemical tradition?” what’s that about? where does the terminology come from?

  297. Hey Dainis, it is certainly possible like you said, but I believe it is also necessary because as proponents of urine therapy we should be constantly striving to unravel such a profound mystery otherwise our understanding will remain fragmented and incomplete. Alchemy is a tradition that has been at the very heart of world religion, philosophy, science and medicine from their beginnings. Comparative world religions and ancient civilizations clearly have alchemical origins. In fact, the alchemical tradition is an all-encompassing totality that is pervasive in all of human history. It is also believed that medical practice has alchemical origins in early prehistory. The physician was regarded as the alchemist of the body, producing the ‘arcana.’ Medicine and alchemy were interwoven and continually nourished each other and flowed into each other as a continuum. An important legacy of this continuum of alchemy and medicine is seen in the Ayurvedic tradition of the Indian Subcontinent. An interesting clue to the alchemical origin of Hinduism is the Soma-Rasa, a mythical substance from the legendary Soma plant believed to confer immortality and is mentioned in the RigVeda (the oldest known religious text still in use). Rasayana, which has the same meaning, is the alchemical tradition at the very heart of the dharmic faiths of the Indian Subcontinent, particularly Tantrism in Hinduism. Amaroli itself comes from the root ‘amara’ which is synonymous to the mythical Amrita, meaning immortality and is often referred to as nectar. I hope this is of interest to you and please feel free to let me know if you wish for me to expound more upon this.

  298. Hi Dainis,
    I have been using UT for 3 weeks now, I had a history of Kidney Stones, Hyper Acidity, Meningitis. I am underweight. With UT I started regaining my health. I do yoga & meditation regularly. One thing is bothering me, I usually drink around a cup of morning urine, but I feel dehydrated and my body demands lot of water intake. I also feel pain in the right and left sides of my lower back (or say over the kidneys). Because of this I tend to skip the urine intake for a day. I am unable to figure out whats happening? Kindly help how should I continue my UT

  299. is there a suggested treatment plan for HIV? I am healthy but would love to see this gone. Also for Eczema on hands. its much improved but I want it gone. Any links or suggestions?

  300. Hi Dainis, any feedback on my comment? It would be interesting to know what you think of this hypothesis. No feedback simply means I do not know your thoughts on it. I am hoping this would be of some interest to you and it would be seen as somewhat groundbreaking for urine therapy. After all, as we already have an understanding of the mysterious healing power of urine, we are further called to lose sight of the shore and to move on from the rudiments of simply drinking our own urine. This is my admonition for all proponents of urine therapy.

  301. hello I am new to this therapy and recently saw a video about urine therapy and decided to try it. I think I made a mistake because although I am a vegetarian and drank the first urine in the morning I left it standing for a few hours to reach room temp before i consumed it. I started developing a fever and stopped and since than i have had bladder changes. can’t hold my pee and it gives a heavy feeling after i pee, I also have had some kidney/muscle pain. have i developed ammonia or something? please could you help me

    1. here’s my take: if you need medical attention, go and get appropriate medical attention. UT can and will activate cleansing processes. you may want to reduce your intake. you may want to increase and go on a fast. it depends on how you “feel into” your situation and how your immune system guides you. in my opinion your immune system includes your brain, your thoughts, so…read read read, get the UT books, feel into your body, and take appropriate steps. you may have kidney stones. you may be chronically dehydrated and with the addition of UT, your body can begin to clear out some stuck nastiness. get a wonderful massage. stretch. get medical attention if you need it. inform yourself about ut. that’s the best i can say. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ahh, maybe you missed the actual spam messages. There were real estate, pornography, and gambling related posts. I needed to keep deleting those users and their posts. I appreciate your posts and participation and of course you are free to use or not use this site as you wish. Best wishes, Dainis

      1. sheesh, just deleted a group called “women’s dresses” and a bunch of spam comments left by robot-users. if you see a spam comment, please be sure to report the user to me.

  302. Hi!

    Finnaly I found a community about this incredible therapy! This site is wonderful, congrats, Admin. Well, I’m doing UT for some time now, but I have a few questions to ask. If you could answer me (and any members of the community too) I’ll be very grateful. First of all, sorry for my bad english, it’s my second language. Now I’ll tell you a little about me and my story.

    My name is Andrรฉ Luis, I’m a 26 years old guy from Brazil that was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal reflux disease, gastritis and a little esophagitis two months ago. I started to depend on medication to eat and digest properly, and the heartburn was terrible sometimes. Well, I know that diseases are not the end of the world, but it bothered me. Looking for some natural therapy to help me, I found UT, and I absolutelly sure that I’m cured! I don’t feel any heartburn or stomach problem, and with just 3 weeks of therapy! But something entirely different is happening now.

    Four days ago, I started to feel pain in my left ear. I thought that it was because of earbunds, so I stopped with them. But the pain increase, my ear became like when we are with a otitis externa, very swollen. So I get to a doctor, that said that I was with otitis media (a more deep in ear inflamation)! I took some medication, and now it’s almost cured… except that my hearing is not so normal… i’m feeling some ringing (very little) in my ear, and the ears a little “compressed”. I return to the doctor, and he say that my ear still a little swollen, but it’s healing.

    Well, the case is that I think that this is an effect of UT. Because I had rhinitis all my life on, and on my allergic crisis I expelled much phlegm, and that always affected my ears, with some pain in the ears few days after crisis. So, maybe the UT is “healing” my ears, expelling that accumulated phlegm on them. My question is.. is this possible? It have sense? Because I became very worried when it begun… I never heard about any case like mine’s, so I thought that a specialist in UT or a long time practicioner could reassure me a little if they know some case like mine’s…

    Well, that’s it! Maybe my bad english difficult a little your understanding of that! But I will be very grateful if you can answer me.

    Best regards,

    P.S.: I’m drinking almost 2 liters of urine everyday… eating a little (it diminished my appetite), but mostly vegetables and grains. I also putting urine in my ears (four-days old urine) and in my nose (in fact… i “drink” urine with my nose… not all the urine I drink, just a very few. It’s a advice I saw in a book from the Waters of Life of India).

    1. Dear Andrรฉ,

      I am having the same reflux problem; and I was prescribed Omeprazole for 4 weeks. Having stopped it after 4 weeks I am having bad heart burns. I have already started Urine Therapy; and would like to know from your experience about the details of your therapy (amount of urine consumed; time of the consumption, etc.)

      Your response will be highly appreciated.



  303. Dainis i have some great news,

    I had been doing urine therapy for 1 year or so with minimal results my diet was quiet average high in salt proteins and highly processed foods. Recently i changed my diet to a 100% raw food diet nuts fruit and vegetables only along with some supplement to prevent risk of mineral/vitamin deficiency’s and now…. wow…. my urine taste just like warm water and imediately after making the transition my skin started to shine like never before my hair looks much healthier and my energy has increased quiet significantly as i am only 1 week in with this new diet i cant wait to see what the future holds for me! Thank you.

  304. Hello Dainis and others
    it has been a while since Ive been here.
    I have a question:
    how was it with homeopathic medication? Is it ok to drink the urine while on homeopathic medicine?
    Blessings to you all,

  305. Dainis i got a question for my friend. I remember you telling me you attained “mega strength” from urine therapy i can tell you i would definetly like some of that for me to hehe :D. My question is how much strength did you actually gain and how long into the practice did you start to notice its effects? Was it an immediate thing you woke up and bam strong man in the house or was it a gradual thing? Thanks mate :D.

    1. i had not been working out for about 4 years and was about 4 years into UT. i am now about 8 years into UT and have recently started a more thorough exercise routine. i assume the shift was gradual, but i only noticed it when lifting heavy suitcases about 4 years into UT.

  306. Hello everybody:) and thank you admin for so much useful information!

    I have psoriasis, and im doin urine therapy for almost 5 weeks;)
    I get very bad really i have never been so bad before, but i read alot and i know it’s normal! So i will not give up..I found out that i have candida also and i know that candida can be one of the many reasons of psoriasis…so now im taking olive leaf extract, i was wondering if i still can drink my urine? or do i have to wait to get finish with the olive leaf extract? I really need aswer;)

    Thank you

  307. Hey, I don’t really have a question…I’m just new to all this and am so relieved to find this community as I haven’t found alot of information on the internet about UT, and I certainly can’t talk to anyone about what I’m doing.
    As I mentioned in my profile I’m an Essene fruitarian, so my diet is pretty pure. I don’t eat salt or drink alcohol, but I may have a little coffee today mixed with raw goat milk. Looking forward to how urine tastes tomorrow since I haven’t had coffee in over two weeks, which is about how long I’ve been doing this.
    Since I don’t really have any physical problems I’m just looking to better myself and hopefully one day introduce people to UT. People do come up to me out of the blue and ask me about my diet and if I can help them with their health problems, so I really feel that I stumbled upon UT for a reason, like I’m being led and need to get to the point where I can be open about it without fear of repurcussions.
    When I’m alone I drink my urine all morining. 1st time was terrifying for me but I felt I was supposed to do it. I diluted it 50/50 w/ water but now drink it straight. I love the taste, but as I said in my profile I won’t touch it if I’ve eaten badly the day before.
    I can tell the difference in my skin and hair after just this short time. I washed my hair with urine and baking soda yesterday and it looks great.
    I don’t drink water anymore because I don’t need it due to my diet. I just drink some in the morning (preferably rejuvelac), but only if I don’t pee enough to get 16oz. I’ll mix it in so I get a pint of liquid ‘cuz I get a little dehydrated when I sleep, but otherwise I just keep recycling urine all morning.
    I guess maybe I am hoping it’ll help with mood swings and emotions. It’s rare, but when something crops up that bothers me in my relationship I can’t let it go (I WANT to, but can’t) and it makes me and my guy miserable.
    That’s all. Sorry so long. Good to be able to talk about this with likeminded people!

    1. Wow Debra, what a wonderful story and UT is a significant and very “protective” step, especially if people ask you about health issues. For me, when I say things like “oh yeah, I used to have allergies,” often people don’t “let me go” until I tell them about UT.

      I totally understand the fear of repercussions, many of my best friends don’t know I practice UT. Still, I am not hiding it (obviously), and essentially, when “their” health declines, that’s when I often encounter questions and curiosity.

      You really don’t need water? Hmmm…

      UT and baking soda for hair…had not tried baking soda…thank you.

      Relationship stuff: My experience is that the UT strengthens you, and you are thereby more able to seek appropriate help, let go of certain emotions, etc. I certainly advocate seeking help where there are issues. Mediation, psychotherapy, these kinds of things can seem intimidating, but in my opinion, very healing.

      Good to chat ๐Ÿ™‚

  308. hello,
    I appreciate if u tell me if I can aply urine on my skin (for diminuated wrinkles, especially the one from my eyes) if I smoke.
    thank u!

  309. Dainis, thank you so much for responding.
    I’ve alway drank a ton of water, but with all the fruit I don’t want or need it anymore (except, like I said, in the morning or if I eat SAD foods). I don’t get dehydrated, constipated, anything…and I used to before.
    I’ve gotten rid of shampoo. I use baking soda/lemon juice or baking soda ACV. The urine was just on a whim, but I’ll keep doing it.
    I do actually have a question today, and I know this may sound really out there, but what about things like poison oak and bugs (mosquitos) not affecting me anymore? Okay, I live 3/4 time in a cabin on a commune (look up the book “Siesta Lane” by Amy Minato…that’s our cabin) and it’s seven acres of tall grass and poison oak. You have to stay on the trails when going to different buildings. Anyway, I was taking care of the chickens this weekend when their owner was away and I lost one. These are special, rare chickens and I was frantic looking for her and spent 1 1/2 hrs running everywhere and through all the tall grass/poison oak with shorts and sandals on. Last night we lost her again and when my guy (G) went to look he stopped short and said “Don’t come over here…look at all this poison oak.” I’d been through that spot and all the others repeatedly but am fine.
    Also, sitting of the porch reading all weekend with mosquitos all around me and on me. Last night G joined me and they were driving him crazy. He said “Aren’t these guys bothering you?” as two big ones landed on my bare skin and did not bite me.
    Is it possible that UT is making me impervious to these things, or am I just an alien? I really think I do have healthy pee…it tastes great.

    1. Debra, your results are described in the ancient Sanskrit texts. Good for you. Keep observing, go swimming…see what you notice…you may want to read the ancient texts.

      Also, you may want to “be gentle” and experiment a bit. Grab some poison oak and test it a bit. Just a wee bit. Not enough to hurt yourself…carefully, gently…see where you are at.

      Stay safe n play ๐Ÿ™‚

      …and definitely read.

  310. Hello

    1. Is a UT fast really better then a waterfast? why? because when you fast alot of your toxins are gett expelled through your urine.

    2. Has anyone cured edema by UT? how?

    3. Is it really the Urine or the diet that is curing people? i know UT diet recommends no dairy, no meat etc wich is the problem for alot of diseases.

  311. Hello to the group. I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this question. I’m a holistic M.D. in USA that administered auto urine injection therapy to one patient who was getting it for over 10 years from a doctor who’s office I took over. 5 years after I kept this treatment available for her, she turns me in to the medical board for doing a quack treatment. (Maybe one of her other doctors convinced her it was bad.) Anyway, now I’m having to defend myself against a very conservative medical board, and i’m trying to find any scientific literature from either past or present, that supports the theory and benefits of specifically injecting urine.

    So, I am wondering if anyone has any leads, pointers to articles or websites, or knowledge of scientific papers that were presented at any of the International Congresses on this? Anything will help.


    Dr. Ron

    1. hi dr. ron,

      ahh, you are continuing a treatment started by another doctor, administered over the course of 10 years, and in accordance with the patient’s wishes, you continued to make the treatment available and administered it for another 5, and now you are being asked to defend yourself?

      there is something completely absurd in just recounting that.

      it’s such an incredibly dumb sequence so deeply rooted in logical distortion it’s hard to really even summarize.

      i mean, somebody else started doing this treatment. you are not even being held accountable for a decision you made. it’s like getting a diagnosis of kidney stones, from DoctorA, and then SurgeonB does kidney stone surgery. Turns out the patient never had kidney stones, but SurgeonB gets the blame. that’s at least one of the logical distortions.

      i’d suggest getting martha christy’s book on scientific evidence and UT. however, my first summary ought to be enough to make any normally operating “board” roll their eyes and dismiss the case.

      i’ve known of docs losing their licenses to practice over these kinds of issues, and often, yes, a patient is scared bullied, convinced and sometimes even PAID to file these kinds of suits.


      if the patient has a life-threatening illness…umm…maybe this patient is already way past “death date” without UT.

      is the patient alive?

      can the medical board prove it’s not because of UT?

      …well…that’s the “dumb logic” that we come across a lot when trapped into toxic foods, meds, and products sold by the ton, but natural and effective treatments and substances wind up needing to “prove” something with “scientists” refusing to give the 1st step of the scientific method a go.

      anyway, you could consider flipping the script.

      can you, medical board, prove that it is not because of UT that this patient is alive?

      uhh…no, of course not. proving negatives happens to be a very elusive task, but hey, may as well send the medical board into a logical void and use it to your benefit.

      you could also give them a lecture on the scientific method until they get so bored or angry that they just dismiss you. observe, postulate, investigate, corroborate, repeat! something along those lines.

      van der crooen’s book has about 10 hypothesis as to why UT works. i came up with an 11th. it would take you about an hour to go through each one. start writing papers if you like and present them. ask them if it would help them make their decision better if you used UT injections on a small pilot study of 50 patients. that ought to scare them off, especially if they are not so dense as they might appear.

      “sure, i’d be happy to gather more evidence for you in a small self-funded, scientific study on injecting UT. since these hearings are going to last about 18 months or so, i could certainly gather a group of oh, about 50 volunteers, and we would do an eval on general health, symptoms, blood work, bioresonance this and that”

      … whatever diagnosics you do plus some totally standard tests…i’d go for just monthly injections or something like that and see what happens. if you hand the patients some books and send them to this website, then you may either be kicked out of the country or left alone.

      you may also consider really looking within and doing some work on yourself. so, if you have not injected UT yourself, you might try it. i’ve done it several times. at one point, along with UT injections, i passed worms. came right out into the toilet. it’s a really amazing feeling.

      strengthening yourself could help you weather whatever happens to come your way. and yeah, i’ve heard of docs needing to leave the USA because of their application of natural therapies.

    2. Hi Dr. i know they use to do this in Austrlia as Medical test were run for weight loss by injections, worth looking into the collages in Meblurne thay may have some info.

  312. Hello everybody,

    Im very happy and appreciate the sharing of information on this site. I, ve been practicing UT for about 10 months and have seen changes in all apects of my life i.e. physical, pychological and spiritual. My energy levels have improved tremendously.

    A friend of mine who has practiced UT in the past feels that he may have a sexually transmitted disease. In the UT books i have access to, it does not clearly state how to to practically administer UT in this situation.

    Can anybodyt help ?

  313. hi Admin!
    I am suffering from vaginal candida. I drink urine 3 times a day. I dont eat sugary foods and fruits. but i have been taking brown rice, eggs, oats and milk. Is it ok for me to take these foods and will ut be still effective. or do I have to fast on urine? if yes, then for how long? please let me know as i m desperate. thank you!

  314. Hello

    Is everybody on a holiday?ha ha I’ts been 12 days ago sinsce i ask my question. maybe i’m to impatient? Offcourse it’s ok, but i ‘m wondering if everything went ok …

    I started to drink urine again for 12 days now and i take 1 or two zips every morning. And now this morning my joints start aching…something tells me it’s part of the detox, but i could be wrong..did anyone had the same while drinking urine?

    Bye for now

    1. interesting Annette, joints seem to “do something” for a lot of people early on. i had a “feeling of light” in my joints right when i first started. if “something tells you” it is a part of detox, then i recommend you look into that intuitive feeling. what is telling you what, why is it not arthritis or some other condition. how does this ache feel different from other aches or pains you’ve experienced before. can you develop a trust in your feedback system with your body. can you do it safely? i highly recommend reading and getting the support of professionals to guide you on your path. love and light, dainis

      1. hi admin! do u have any suggestions for me plz?

  315. Hi everyone!
    Im Anneli and Im doing research for a tv-documentary in Sweden. I came across urine therapy myself when I did yoga at the Agama yoga center in Koh pangan Thailand. Many practice UT there but when I read about it here in Sweden I have understood that it is viewed as quite controversial.

    Now Im looking into finding someone who practice UT preferably in Sweden or our neighbouring countries. Or at least in Europe since we canยดt travel too far. Is there anyone of you guys here who would be interested in participating, perhaps you have practice it for a while with interesting results that you would like to share. Or are you planning to start?

    We are making 6 documentary in this series called “Outsiders” and in every show we follow 3 people in their everyday lives from a choosen theme.

    Please contact me via email if you are interested or knows anyone who might be!
    Appreciate your help!
    All the best!

  316. I had an amazing experience with UT. I had sun damage of light red blotches and light brown spots on my chest for the past 8 months. I applied my urine to the affected areas for the past 3 days now and it has almost completely disappeared. It should be completely gone in a couple more days.
    On another note, I have recently been diagnosed with atrial flutters….can ut be considered to prevent or treat ?

  317. Hi
    i recently started this therapy with massage and using fresh urine to wash. i also have used it like oil for ‘oil pulling’ and noticed that the first few times i did this i experienced a slight cleansing reaction – i guess the urine was being absorbed into the tissues under my tongue and mouth.

    this feels very right to me to use my own fresh urine. i have also been using it to clean my skin and hair and it seems to work better than anything else i have found. after using it to wash my hair i do a dilute ACV rinse and this seems to neutralize odors – but just in case i spray some orange flower water on my hair and skin.

    my question is this: i am a diabetic on insulin. i do not use much insulin because i have a very good diet, only meat and vegetables (no grains) and since i am a type 1 diabetic there is no way for me to stop taking the insulin if i want to eat and i am only 115 pounds at 5’8″ so it is not a good idea for me to do a fast i wouldn’t think.

    so do you think that me using the urine in my mouth and even taking a few drops of it will be a problem with my insulin use? i haven’t seen any problems so far and i feel great.

    thanks for any info

  318. does anyone know if UT can help with either or both of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis?
    and if so, how much does one need to drink and how quickly will results be seen?
    also, is it even possible for distorted joints to re-establish normalcy like they had before?
    thanks to anyone who can answer.

    1. Hi Mels It dose help with Rheumatoid, One of the ladies i know has been drinking for 20 years she has Rheumatoid Arthritis in fact she got tested a few months back and was 101. that is off the chart! yet she feels no pain and even dose zuma dance classes, Urine therapy helps kill pain . so she is waking and working so no problems there.

  319. My question is can I imbibe to much/too often? I should say I have acquired a taste for this golden elixir. Thanks.

  320. Hi. I didn’t see my old post where I asked about urine therapy for a child with autism. Just wondering if anyone had some insight. Thanks in advance.

  321. Hey appreciating the answers, still loving ut but encountering some problems. I noticed some cognition improvement in the first few weeks i seemed to become smarter but as i have continued to detox, i am now crippled by brain fog, unclearness and a decrease in cognitive ability. Needing some support and education as to why?

    I know about healing crisis but if you could explain what could be going of physiolocically that would be great.

    1. hi ace. the way i see ut going is: it gives you a “gift” in the beginning. something where you go “wow, i can’t believe this is actually working.” then, it’s time to get down to business and take care of some underlying health issues. i sincerely recommend consulting with medical professionals about your progress. still, certain professionals can only “give” you certain things. you seem to be using “cognitive ability” as a form of measure. is that just a “feeling?” feelings matter, however, they often require testing to see if they are true. you can truly and honestly say you suffered a decrease in cognitive ability? on what grounds?

      i recommend the following:

      resolve physical issues through medical attention and/or physical therapy
      get proper counseling or therapy
      do your personal work
      and build a good social network

      those guidelines can help you gain a settled experience of well being.

  322. i am wondering about urine therapy and heavy metals in my urine. am i reintroducing heavy metals into my body with the urine?

    1. you may be reintroducing heavy metals, so if you are doing some kind of heavy metal cleanse and upon tasting your urine you go “holy cow that tastes like metal,” then you may want to reduce your intake. if you taste the ut throughout the day, you’ll notice when certain things are happening. i postulate that when certain harmful toxins like heavy metals are reintroduced in small quantities through ut, that your body gets a signal to eliminate the toxins via other means (breathing, skin, defecation). if just the smell of the urine is repulsive due to a cleanse you are doing, then you can listen to your body regarding whether you want to ingest that ut.

  323. Been a while since i’ve been here, but it’s all looking good. One comment i wanted to make is that I have recently been grounding myself( walking barefoot in ocean and on wet grass or just on the hard ground and using grounding technology at home as well, and I notice it makes my urine tastes much much more mellow. I thought that was pretty energy affects even the urine.

    Cheers Dainis, doing a great job on the website!

  324. I just started UT for my acne, PCOS, insulin-resistance, and depression. I feel like my vanity has backfired because orignaally I had pretty clear skin but a few odd pimples every once in a while and so I decided to do UT so I could have “perfect” flawless skin and what happens? I break out in massive cysts on my jaw and forehead, and I NEVER get pimples on my forehead. I have been applying it topically for over a week and drinking about a cup or more a day (whenever I feel like it) for 4 days. I have been telling myself that I just need to push through it and that it will be worth it in the end…I just need to be consistent and have faith. But it is hard because I am actually quite pretty and I feel like I have to live up to a certain image and having these pimples is so depressing to me. It is vain and superficial and I’d like to not care about how I look but I am hoping the UT will help with this. I did recieve one gift so far though–after doing urine enemas I’ve been excreting this really foul, sticky stuff that looks like it’s been hanging on the walls of my colon. Gross I know but I am so so relieve to just get it all out. I’d love to be able to do colonics but they are so expensive ๐Ÿ™ Any thoughts on some of my detox symptoms?

    Thank you,

    1. Dear Whitney, I hear how tough it is for you, and I also sense that you have a deep awareness as to what is going on with your body and vanity. It’s very impressive that you would call them detox symptoms, how did you learn about “detoxification?” Vanity is quite toxic, and though you can be pretty on the surface while vain, it is an ugly characteristic. Is it possible that you are detoxing on an emotional level as well, that vanity itself may be flushed from you during this process? Also, you are very very early in the process. Just a week…and you’ve begun with quite the rigorous protocol: a cup or more a day with urine enemas. Many people start with just a drop or two in a cup of morning tea. You see and feel what is happening, and getting that foul stuff out really feels good. In an interview about UT once, i said “do you think that without incredible, and i mean incredible health benefits regarding my strength, and how i feel, and immunity — i mean without powerful immediate health benefits — that i would continue to do something as unaccepted, ridiculed and seemingly crazy as practicing urine therapy? the thing is, you can feel it. likely when that nasty stuff comes out, you just “feel” more clear. it’s such a relief!

      here’s something interesting. i connect with your post quite a bit, because i think i’m uncovering a pretty powerful “self image” pattern with me. i mean, personally. the thing is that i really do not like breaking out. i’m 40. and well, it’s not like i do, but here’s the thing. i’ve also done some cleansing that may have led to some breaking out — and well — i think my self image is so powerful that the break outs happen within my sinuses.

      it happened a week ago.

      a large cyst wanted to come out. and well, it came out within my sinuses and really really really hurt. relates to this story: https://utcommunity.wpmudev.ho...o-humility

      the thing is, right now, i feel i either have some long-term latent infection that wants to come out, or maybe there is something else going on…

      but i guess what i want to relate is: hey, at least you are not “so vain” that the cysts are coming out inside your sinuses, cuz that really hurts. A LOT!

      i’ve read that toxins often find a “weak area” of the skin to come out. if you scrub and pay attention to your face a lot, you may have weakened the skin there. sometimes i wonder what would happen to someone’s shoulder, if they rubbed and scrubbed and essentially mistreated it the way people often mistreat their faces.

      i am glad you are doing the enemas, because that might give your body another direction to choose. if you “train” yourself to flush out the toxins that way, then maybe it will work.

      still, you are only a week in, your protocol is very strong, and you are getting strong results. might be the kind of thing you’d rather do while on a month long spa vacation.

      another thing is, people who “see” or “sense” the “direction” you are headed in, will be attracted to you, even with the cysts and pimples. i find that there is a resonance to healing. any character attracted to your exterior vanity, but not to your inner desire to purify yourself, including your aspects of your own character — can healthily be flushed out of your life.

      that’s a pretty complex thought.

      you can also heed yourself differently. you can just reduce the amount of ut you take in at this time and see if the symptoms subside. you can heed your desire for external beauty as a pure way of respecting yourself.

      you can also just dive into a full on cleanse and add more like saunas or fasting or massage or counseling or mudbaths etc. etc. etc.

      the choices are yours, and there are likely further areas where you will likely seek purification in what i would call your “life constellation.” is it relationships, finances, self image, … ?

      i do urge that you heed your body, that you read books on ut and inform yourself so that you are working from an integrated body-mind-spirit awareness. i urge that you get appropriate medical attention and therapy if you need it.

    1. Hi Abraham, for eyesight, you might want to look at something like a Bates program coach. There may be other eyesight methods. Talk with a loving caretaker, friend, parent, counselor, or coach about your research and intentions. Seek loving and stable support and not the kind that demeans you. Stick with people and friends and groups where you feel secure, loved, nourished, and cherished. Should you choose a path of well being and health, things like “wanting to be skinny” will recede and be forgotten, because you will feel well and be well, and thereby also, look well. Being “skinny” is often as unhealthy as being “fat,” and neither will “make you feel good.” Feeling good feels good. Being healthy feels good. If you approach things from “I want my acne to die,” then you, in a sense are commanding a natural part of your immune system to die. I’d think about whether that’s a good approach. Maybe try saying: “My glowing acne-free skin is just one of the many external signs that I am in a vibrant state of optimal health,” and see how it feels. If food, people, looking at yourself in the mirror don’t coincide with that statement, then you can go seek appropriate help and do appropriate safe and healthy activities to move you into the healthier state.

      So, it’s not a matter of “how long do you have to drink UT until…” It is more a matter of reorienting yourself to cheerful health and well being.

  325. hi, i am a 15 year old in tulsa oklahoma/ ihave very poor vision/ I need advice on how to rebuild my esesight with UT as quickly as possible

    1. i’d say my previous response is a good start ๐Ÿ™‚

      good luck with your eyesight Ibrahim. you’re welcome to post here on your experiences and progress.

  326. Iโ€™ve just gone thru all the messages. A negative thinking to UT is bound to be there โ€˜cos of decades of โ€˜for Allopathyโ€™ canvass imbedded in the minds of people and we all know who โ€˜the huge beneficiariesโ€™ are!! Itโ€™s but natural for them to slam the โ€˜No costโ€™ remedy โ€˜cos it deeply cuts into their pockets which are otherwise โ€˜used toโ€™ ripping the patients by hoodwinking them to undergo a train of check lists @ an exorbitant sums even when the cause is known to be simple and when even the remedy is clearly known beforehand!!
    I have practiced UT in the past and can certainly call it a boon. But, I wasnโ€™t too regular at it. Couple of the UT practitioners in India advocate a bit of caution when UT is practiced by either Diabetics or Hypertension patients.
    I have been a Diabetic for over 10yrs now. Prior to that I used to practice UT on and off but not regularly. I do now continue to practice UT along with the prescribed medicines for Diabetes (Type 2). I felt the necessity to regulate my intake of Urine and I do it after my body rids of the excess medications if any: which is normally about 3 to 4 hours after consuming the routine medicines prescribed by the Doctors. I feel normal. Should any of the members have the experiences, please do share.

    For all those who are neither suffering from Diabetes or Hypertension, I can vouch that UT is indeed an Elixir of Life. It indeed is and….at no cost. Absolutely true. One can notice the changes in their skin, overall glow and rid of toxins from the body. But, all said and done, if one does not observe a sense of discipline in the life style, food habits or in being salubrious, then no remedy can work!! not even the fool proof natural remedy in UT. So as it is called, moderation in everything is the best principle, rest assured, UT will take care of one’s longevity and youthfulness.

    Having said that, I myself cannot say that I have been observing moderation or that the habits are clean. Yet, I am striking a balance of both. That’s where I am.

    What else can I ask for from the mother nature? As for those who donโ€™t wish to agree, itโ€™s upto them to to dole out tons of money and yet if they see the Road blockedโ€ฆ.UT can open the doors of life to them even at the penultimate minute!!

    Yet, due to a great amount of stigma attached to UT in society, I could not even express to my family yet. But I would love to do so. May be a News Letter from some positive minded members, to the Email IDs of my Daughters(one of them is a ‘would be Medical Doctor'(currently a Student of Medical Doctor) could make them give it a positive try. I would be thankful, if any of the female members of this forum can try and convince my Daughters to try UT thru email correspondence (without taking my reference). ‘cos I’m little apprehensive that they may have an outright negativity and may even translate towards me as well.

    Thanks for establishing this platform, which I’m sure would not only extend the lives of many but also give freedom for many from even the ‘Allopathy failed Patients of serious diseases’.

    1. Hi VPA,

      Thanks for your comments…i learned something valuable…that our body is rid of excess medicines after 3,4 hrs. of consuming them. I do take some for arthritis and was wondering…when should i practice UT .so thanks once again.

  327. Hi,
    I am doing UT for a month now. But for last 4 5 days m feeling constipated. Earlier my bowel movement used to be good. Is this some kind of healing process going in the body. I am not unable to understand. Please suggest.

    1. what is the UT telling you? you may need more water. maybe reduce or increase the UT amount. increase magnesium calcium vitamin d, copper — dunno. do you feel like your body is “using” the UT for good things in your body? listen in on the signals. is your water good enough (i mean the water you drink). do you drink beverages that actually dehydrate you and now your body is telling you?

      i suggest: treat UT like it is “smart,” like it is almost “talking” to you, and do your best to “listen” to what it is “saying.” sure, it might come in feelings, not in words, in cramps here and loosening there — but look at it as a conversation or a deep communication with your body, immune system, and well being.

      1. Thanks…I drink around 6 to 7 litres of water daily and I am regular with my yoga and meditation…constipation bothered me for a week and then got cleared. Now it again came after a month…I usually feel high in energy while doing UT….I drink tap water…i think healing process is still going on :)…

  328. I started using urine in the mornings for about a week. I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat followed by sneezzing and head cold conditions. I started taking antibiotics and stopped the urine.
    I am glutin and grain intolerant so vegetarian is very difficult for me to sort out.
    Can anyone give me some advise what to do next.

    1. Have you heard of the raw food diet? It’s perfect for people with allergies, and intolerances. Especially if you eat a lot of greens. People rejuvenate and heal with this diet. Many people eat too many nuts the key is more veggies, sprouts and fruits and a small amount of nuts and seeds. is one of my favorite experts and you can google raw food for free recipes.

      1. thank you so much for the link. i signed up for frederic’s eZine and am considering signing up for his monthly program. i feel i would benefit from coaching.

    1. Hi cliff,
      You can practice UT wherever you are. No need to come to India. I live in India and came to know of UT only recently!!

    2. First one has to take back control of their own health . This is putting the power of healing in your own hands and keeping the responsibly , unlike hospitals we had it over to other people and have no control or duty of care . In most cases people get sicker in a hospital environment as to the higher level of diseases a common problem ,

      So being around other sick people can have its dangers ,

      The cow urine clinic was just that a clinic , you make an appointment there is no beds or accommodation , you tell them your problem and they asses the right pills or liquids for the illness , thus you take little responsibility as you allow other to do it for you.

      Healing is a personal journey and it is you that hold the power to control oneself as alternative healing you heal the body , mind and soul first ,

      Urine therapy is an aged old practice and Egypt also has scriptures on this dating back 5000 years or longer,India is only one of the many location like Tibet , no one know where is started but we have been don’t it for the beginning just like the animals .
      It is ok to ask for guidance as their are many therapist who can help, and you can do this from the comfort of your own home with mo risk of getting other illnesses from other people .

      Sudarshan is a UT helper in India , I know of many their is two in Australia , brazil Japan Germany etc

      1. Steven, I too would like coaching, help, and guidance. When I started UT, I sought out a doctor who was willing to examine my health before and after UT. It is almost absurd to recognize that we currently live in a culture where doctors can lose their licenses to practice medicine based on recommending or applying UT, that it is seen as “alternative” and even “crazy enough” to be grounds revoking the custody of one’s children, if the parents practice UT — and that the most basic steps of the scientific method are not publicly recognized when considering UT (observe first).

        I am here. I use my real name, as many at this website do.

        However, beyond Sudarshan, I don’t know of any UT helpers.

        If it can be personally dangerous to publicly disclose one’s practice, support, or facilitation of UT, then it makes sense that only certain individuals will be willing to do so.

        I started this website to document my journey, and was and am totally open to posting scientifically valid “de-bunking” of urine therapy — but such arguments are usually boringly accusatory, purely theoretical, obnoxiously unscientific, and quite unpleasant to read. They usually go “I am a doctor and I know that UT is quackery.” The logical fallacy is arguing from position. Do you have personal experience with UT? No. Why do you claim something is bunk when you have no experience with it?


        But urine comes OUT of the body, what part of “waste product” do you not understand?
        Breast milk also comes out of the body, so do you find your association of “stuff that comes out of the body” with waste to be appropriate?

        Oh ha ha — do you eat your sh*t too?
        – No, I don’t.
        Well then why do you drink your piss?
        – Because drinking urine helped me heal from allergies.
        Why don’t you eat your sh*t then?
        – Likely because I haven’t uncovered reams of scientific evidence that eating sh*t would be a good idea — and because the concept does not appeal to me.
        Are you saying that the concept of drinking urine appeals to you?
        – No I am not, and it does not. I found and still find the concept of drinking urine to be completely strange, however, I like not having allergies and especially in the beginning it was an immediate and direct effect that I could feel immediately. I still took Claritin when I started UT — and the UT extended the effects of the Claritin. It was amazing, horrible, disgusting, repulsive — but it helped — and what are you going to do when something works?

        …maybe that will help us engage the conversation in a healthy way…

        Now with regard to finding people, therapists, doctors, etc., that one can go to or call and ask for help, I do not have contact with many individuals who have truly, openly, and honestly “come to the forefront” regarding UT.

        Is that because it’s still “dangerous?” Have times changed enough for doctors and therapists to come forward?

        Can we put together a list of people who publicly support UT?
        Is that even a smart idea?

  329. Dainis,

    Im not so sure about this urine “contains messages” why? Well because i practiced UT for 2 years with little or no improvement but because i researched ALLOT i found the problem to actually be my excessive use of vitamin d supplements caused me to have a severe vitamin k deficiency which leads to many many hormonal problems such as low estrogen low testosterone adrenal fatigue thyroid problems and many others, as soon as my deficiency was corrected or improved im still in the process of correcting but it is greatly improved now everything in my life has improved immensly and as i suspected my UT now is now giving me the results which all the sites promise, so if its the case that it has “messages” i would have had improvments regardless of my deficiency, now that my deficiency has been corrected for sure my hormones must be much better and in greater numbers in my UT thats why the better results, given my experience i think it is a strong possibility that UT is just recycling of hormones which pretty much control every aspect of a human, appetite, libido, mood, love, depression, stress and others, like for instance some people say that they feel they have more “presence” or people notice them more after starting UT and the thing is that urine has allot of the hormone called androstenone which is a pheremone sometimes used to attract women or give off an aura of dominance, or when the yogi’s use it for spiritual things meditation for example, because urine is full of melatonin and dhea-s this stimulates the pineal gland (the spiritual gland), increased muscle strength from testosterone and increased libido from the other sex hormones, maybe theres some mystical aspect to it i dunno but i reckon its the hormones that do it, what do you think? Cheers.

    1. Robert — very interesting points. What if we’re talking about the same thing? So hormones can be interpreted as “messages?”

      Your experience could be perceived as: you practiced for 2 years and finally with the “messages” from UT and your own persistence — you recognized the vitamin D and K situation in your diet and lifestyle and fixed it.

      Are there “messages” in urine?

      It sounds silly when we put it that way — it’s not like your urine is going to send you an email. Funny that to me, it does kind of feel that way. I will never forget the taste of my urine after I paused for 3 days. I had eaten some “commercial” potato chips — and I knew — directly — that those chips were extremely toxic, that there was some kind of chemical in those chips and that they were really really harmful to my health. So I stayed away from those chips and I still do.

      I like chips — so I’ve found alternative chips that don’t immediately cause my urine to taste like a toxic slew of chemicals.

      I think the whole “messages” thing can be summarized with: If you drink your urine daily, you don’t want it to taste bad, so you reduce eating foods that make your urine taste bad, and you increase eating foods that make your urine taste good.

      And those happen to be healthy foods. Many who’ve been practicing for a while know that your diet and lifestyle significantly impact the taste of your urine. It can taste really nasty if you have a bad diet and a toxic lifestyle. The better your diet and the healthier your lifestyle, the better your urine tastes.

  330. I have been on UT for 5 weeks. I started slow and now drink about 4 cups a day, and use it in my shower for my face & hair. There is sometimes an after taste or more of a sense of a smell of ammonia in the back of my throat a few seconds after drinking, that goes away after a couple minutes. Has anyone had this experience, and what could this be? I am eating meat, but have a pretty clean diet other than that. no sugar, flour, junk food… grass fed meat once a week or so… mostly chicken. thank you

    1. I’ve had that too, and I think it may have to do with consuming animal products. Check into it. Does it only happen the morning after eating chicken? Does it happen after a series of vegetarian days? Your post is very short — you mention eating meat — why?

      On my end I think I may have some kind of toxic chemical “pockets” or something — cuz when I fast or have UT and a lot of liquids and fewer solid foods — this nasty “chemical-tasting and smelling stuff” starts coming out with my breath — which can also be “ammonia-like.”

      1. That’s very interesting. I have also been experiencing this ammonia breath in the morning and similarly only when I’ve taken less food or have been fasting. I feel that it is probably as you suggest – the release of old stored chemical toxins via the breath.

      2. it can be really nasty. i don’t really call it ammonia breath, just “toxic” or “severe” or “harsh,” or “chemical” as you say. “chemical toxins” seems like an appropriate designation. things can temporarily go smooth again which is a relief. still it’s a real “nasty” release. feels good to get rid of whatever it is, but you do wind up asking yourself: “wow what is it that is in me and how did it get there and goodness gracious does ‘it’ want to come out!”

  331. Hello, I’m on a urine/water fast and starting day 5. Last night I had kidney pain, well I think that’s what is was. I used essential oils and it gave some relief.

    In the morning I had no pain (I stop drinking at night to sleep) But after the morning urine the pain came back. My diet is mostly vegetarian. I was mostly raw a couple of weeks before the fast.

    Does anyone have any experience with this or suggestions?

    thank you

    1. you may very well have stones. if you suspect kidney stones, you may want to have an ultrasound to check. i have passed kidney stones using herbs like marshmallow root and i can’t remember what else — but i drank a lot of cranberry juice as well ๐Ÿ™‚ that was well before i discovered urine therapy — but i’d had a kidney stone on one side and surgery to remove it and honestly, when the same pain happened on the other side, there was just simply no way i was going to go through the same procedure again.

      still, if you need to do what’s necessary to save your life then do it.

      one suggestion would be to feel into the pain. is it the kind of pain that is saying “ooh, that hurts and i am glad to be getting rid of the pain,” or is the kind of pain that is saying “get to the hospital now!”

      and with “saying,” obviously, it’s a different kind of “conversation” with your body.

  332. Thank you, this is helpful. I knew my kidneys and adrenals were low and have been so for a very long time. I never thought I had stones but will look into it.

    If I have stones I would use essential oil to dissolve them. The urine seemed to make them too painful but it was not a healing pain. I did 4 days on urine and maybe will do the next 3 days with only water. Then after the fast figure out if I have stones.

    That’s amazing that you passed that worm a yard long. How many days had you been on UT? It’s so great when we get freed up from these nasties.

    1. hi rhona, if you feel confident with the essential oils, that is great. good for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ve done mantak chia’s six healing sounds meditation and have used the color blue with rubbing the kidneys to invigorate them. maybe “just urine” isn’t optimal — but “just water” may not be optimal as well. it also depends on the water. i try to find something that hydrates me and sometimes that’s a tall glass of water with just a teeny bit of ut in it. it just seems to hydrate me better — whatever loosens things up, gives you that feeling of “light.” hydration makes you feel noticeably “great.” look into your water sources and maybe find some good, healing, wild or live water — like from a spring where lots of people go to drink water (i generally go to well known sources, cuz i’m not that good at wild water yet).

      and yes, the expression “walking on air” is really what it felt like to pass the worms. my feet, literally, were more sensitive to the delicious feeling of walking on grass. it’s an incredible experience. i respect those worms a lot and well — we are really not that different from worms.

      we have mouths, we digest, we pass “waste.” sure, we’re a bit bonier and have appendages. but well…

      1. Yes I have water from a well up north in the woods. Apparently all the water tables are polluted now but this is the best I have found. I googled the sore kidneys when laying down and people who have had tests don’t find anything.

        The essential oils aren’t helping much but I took Arnica 200ch and in 15 minutes was painfree and could sleep. But the lower back pain came back the next day (day 6 of the water fast) and so far the Arnica keeps it at bay. When I’m upright there is no pain. Only lying down.

        By the way how many days did you do UT before the worm passed?

        thank you

      2. you might want to vary your water sources a bit more. the well water might be contain “heavy stuff” contributing to calcification in your body. UT is helping you hone in on what is going on and the UT and your kidneys will likely “reward” you when and if you find an appropriate long-term solution.

        googling sore kidneys will give you good information — but until google has an ultrasound scanner it certainly does not replace proper medical diagnosis and advice.

        i am a big fan of using western medicine to test and verify. when i was “diagnosed” with a liver condition — i cleared it out using a hulda clarke cleanse. western medicine gave me info about the liver condition prior to the cleanse and after the cleanse. the medical practitioner did not give me instructions for the cleanse, but did confirm that the liver condition had “magically disappeared” after i did the cleanse. that gave me peace of mind.

        so, you may have “sore muscles” and you may have severe kidney stones that need immediate treatment — i do not know. also, “fasting through pain” is certainly a risk to be taken seriously. i have broken fasts where afterwards i thought “you know, i wish i’da hung in there,” and i’ve also broken fasts where i know i’da been crazy to stick to my initial plan of X days.

        “only pain lying down” is good information and you could check your resources on that.

        ideally, you would have a healthy mix of doctors, therapists and counselors around you so that you can gather input, make informed choices for yourself, and apply your chosen therapies.

        for me, for example, i don’t think i’ll want to do my next fast without having massage therapists around and maybe even a good counselor or psychotherapist.

        i passed a yard long worm on, what i think was day 9 of what was supposed to be a 14-day fast. i documented the day elsewhere. it may have been day 7 or 8. something like that. a year or so later, i passed a smaller worm, over a foot or so long, after a single day fast in which i drank organic raspberry “sturm” (a young raspberry wine) all day and nothing else.

        that was an odd experience, it was the fall and i went to go get breakfast prior to a day at my office. the organic shop had just placed these bottles of “young raspberry sturm” out and they had beads of cool water condensed on them. the bottles were clear and the color of the wine was so amazing and the liquid was bubbling like crazy. like really bubbling. and the color was beautiful and it smelled really delicious.

        i had read that people ’round where i live used to have either a whole day or 3 days where they would do nothing but drink the “young wine” — as a fast. i even bought some normal breakfast stuff but also bought the wine.

        when i got to the office, i went ahead and tried the wine, it was so cool and refreshing. i kind of ate some of the breakfast and realized it was not right for me. i thought my schedule through, cleared out all the “hard thinking stuff,” and only planned to do creative and “soft tasks.”

        then i put in a really wonderful day of work and drinking this ridiculously refreshing and delicious bubbling purplish dark pink violet liquid.

        the next morning — out came a worm. i have that one on video somewhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  333. Ive purchased 12 more gallons of Ozarka Spring Water, to make up for my acidic, toxic food addiction (even though when someone indulges in highly toxic food, you can still manage to keep your urine clear and mostly tasteless). I can’t manage to drink my urine if it is bright yellow and salty. My goal for winter break, which is ten days long, is to go on a fast for that period of time. Ive figured that doing this fast would give me a break from my highschool sophmore stresses.
    Im pretty shure that if I